Durham unseals an indictment

Another deleted video off of youtube.

Shapeshifting reptilains or demon possession?

The world is a stage

One of several videos of mine that youtube has deleted.

They weren't lying when they said this would be biblical, find out why!

Science is definitely not what it used to be.

Has JFK JR been secretly plotting to avenge his father?

Dr. Fauci's emails have been released, leaving him trapped like the rat he is.

Rand Paul ensures there is a [BOOM] week for all

Find out why there's a growing number of people who want "Dr." Fauci's head on a platter.

Trumps "Illuminati hand gestures" have had the masses puzzled for years. Is he one of us, or one of them?

BOOM week ahead.

Trump promised to drain the swamp.
Did he?

Lin Wood implies that he is Q, and suggests that Joe Biden may already be dead.

Series of clips to help understand what's happening

Most of us have realized at this point that there has been a problem with global human trafficking for decades, but what else is being hidden from us??

Find out why Dr. Fauci should at the very least be arrested

This video provides evidence that indicates the earth is a flat enclosed plane.

Donald Trump halts the funding to the W.H.O, find out why!

This video takes a look at who created the term "fake news", and why.


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