Adolf Hitler gives a speech at the Siemens Factory, in which he denounces the Jews.

It is important to note that even though it's pretty obvious who is was referring to, Hitler only dropped a simple "(((they)))" in this speech, while it was instead someone in the crowd announcing "JEWS!"
The speech about the "Small Rootless International Clique" is also important in pointing towards who the real enemy is.

There were several German Jewish soldiers in the Wehrmacht, and one of Hitler's bodyguards and friend (Emil Maurice) was also a notorious Jew

One of my favorite Walt Bismarck cover songs. It narrates the reality of the refugee problem in Europe.
Although most of my country's """""refugees"""" are lazy black Central-Africans and not Arabs, I can feel the pain that the Germans and Scandinavians go through via this clip


A no-more-anon named Robert Matthews has uploaded this greatness on his YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/1gcSHA0g2Us

Knowing that YouTube will probably delete it for some stupid reason, I decided to upload it here just in case

tmw you blitzkrieg through Poland and you gotta show your excitement


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