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Dating single mothers? Just say no!
The post that earned me the most death and rape threats, by far.
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Yeah This will backfire as usual: Twitter

Dammit, Janet! Jailbait and the power of young women

Wow the color is a mess on this. Sorry. I still suck at videos.
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And here is that Forbes article - I was wrong, too. It's not 70% - it's 84%

Here is what I uploaded to HitRecord in response to Gordon-Levitt's request that I explain what feminism means to me. Shoutout to Bremstone for the editing and effects!

The first episode of JudgyBitch TV

A talk about the First International Conference On Men's Issues in Detroit, Dean's role at AVfM, his personal history, his views on the men's movement, and anything else she wants to ask him about.
At the time of this video he was a "recovering alcoholic". (15:23)
Dean's mental soundness has since diminished.

also a great introduction into the ideas and positions of the Men’s Movement as a whole.
Streamed 2014-4-25

Recorded 2014-4-17


Not So Impromptu MRA Live Discussion on Live 365

opics of discussion are of course chosen by the Director. They include the following:

1) Melody Hensley’s super scary PTSD and how she damsels to shut down discussion with which one disagrees.

2) Adele Mercier and how she uses biased research, false stats and false claims to promote a feminist agenda, and then uses borrowed credibility (academia) as a means of attempting to marginalize dissenting viewpoints.

3) The segment on the 640AM Oakley show from this morning that starred Susan Cole of the Canadian NOW and how her and her cohorts advocate against free speech and embrace the use of governing authority to silence dissent.

4) Cathy Young and how she continues to use shaming tactics to silence dissent and possibly competition for an audience.

Published 2014-05-11

Published 2014-05-11

About the history of the women's movement, domestic violence, Erin's struggles, and her hope for the future.
The most incredible thing about this interview, for me, was listening to Erin talk about where the money goes – jobs for girls. The Domestic Violence Engine is a way to pay women to do administrative jobs and has nothing to do with protecting anyone from any kind of domestic violence anywhere.

I think she’s dead right.

A woman commits suicide after losing access to her children in a custody battle.
Chris Mackney’s ex-wife says she owns his words. Would we be more outraged if it were a woman who took her own life and then her husband claimed ownership of her last thoughts?

Let’s see….


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