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G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happening
I'm talking about how I went about fixing the non-starting (just clicking) issue of this Honda TRX350 Rancher while I'm cleaning the display. Changed battery, solenoid, starter and cleaned cable connections (coated with dielectric grease).

Went through 2 episodes of depression. This is the first. Something I forgot to mention in the video is after I spoke alone with the preacher he made our discussion the topic of his next Sunday sermon we attended. He did not use my name but did stare at me throughout most of it. I was in such a dark place it felt as if he was putting a target on me and saying its open season.

It's not like x-ray vision, rather it's like seeing a reflection on a lake. I see the solid flat surface...but my mind is also seeing something else. When the lake is smooth and flat you see the reflection. When the waters are disturbed then no reflection. Really kicked in during college, about the same time I stopped astral travel. It changed over to this thing. Like I say in a lot of the strange happenings videos the best way to deal with this for me is to just take another step forward. Keep moving. Don't let it bog you down. Don't dwell on it too much, just keep moving forward with your life

(Update: Forgot to mention that past the five green apples are five pink lady apples. That's why there are more than five apples down that row mentioned in video.)This is just me walking around letting you know what kind of trees / vines are planted. Throw in a bit about where the crepe myrtles are planted (I don't plan on eating from these) as I just planted them yesterday.

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
I filled up both these five gallon buckets with sugar water last weekend and they have emptied them. The way these are setup with the holes drilled in the finger holes it always leaves about two inches of liquid when turned upside down. I went out this morning around 6:30am and opened them up. Sugar has settled on the lids so set those out and emptied sugar water into metal tray. Put sticks all around so bees can crawl on them. Bees will clean up buckets really good and I can refill them next weekend.

20 new crepe myrtles and 3 new sasanquas to plant. The video shows 10 out on the ground but I just pulled them out of truck and placed on ground during rain. This is not their final position. Trying to imagine how things will look 20 years into the future. Nice that short rain happened. Loosened ground and enough water until main rain comes in in a few days.

Just got back to "pink house" and bees have found the feeder. Won't take long for them to empty these five gallon buckets. These are juts five gallon buckets that I drilled little holes in each of the finger hold locations so when you turn it upside down the sugar water drips into the spaces. Key to this is to make sure lid is firmly sealed. Did not have it sealed once when I turned over and sugar water went everywhere.

Just did it today. This is just normal for me. Daily stuff. So as it happens and I realize this is just another thing that may not be normal for everyone I will put it on video. I don't know how or why this stuff works but because it does work I use it as needed.

I know there are others out there somewhat like me. Met one in college. I've "felt" at least 3 others while working in DFW and passed them on the sidewalk etc. I tried to figure this thing out by looking into various religions, witchcraft, older organizations like the Masons. The one thing that really clicked was a book called The Gnostic Bible. I knew/had seen everything in there and could have almost written the thing. So it seems I'm Gnostic. So that is "what" I am...Now "who" am I.

Family, this is what I'm sending you for Christmas so no need to wait to open. Just mailed out today. Use however you want. Love you.

I learned a long time ago that I cold "mess with" electrical systems. Including knocking out city lights to view meteors (briefly mentioned in meteors video). I finally grew up a bit and started to realize that knocking out power could hurt people so stopped. However I still utilize this strangeness to help people and did so often in the safety department at Bell Helicopter Textron. (At Bell I was an industrial hygienist, respirator administrator, hearing conservation program admin, worked for Textron 50% of time, ISO 9001 self-auditor, created some of first intranet pages at Bell and maintained for EHS dept, and on and on and on....so how can I take all this strange stuff seriously. Because it's been happening for over 50 years now.)

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
This is just an update of the onions I planted about 2 weeks ago on 11/16/2019 video. Did not really have a good place to put them in the ground at this location so just put them in flower boxes...mostly.

Crazy, Delusional...hopefully. Had too much to drink Thanksgiving night, got naked, pulled a star from the sky so friends/relatives could see. Worked like has many times before but usually don't have to be naked. Got naked this time because had been drinking and needed a better connection to what...nature...reality...God...Supreme Overlord...I don't know. Something

I finally setup my two five gallon bucket bee feeders. I need to get them more pollen. Camellias not open yet for them to get pollen. This was early morning with grey skies so I expect more bees but rain is coming in this afternoon. I have bees because they are awesome. Honey is secondary. Oh the paper on the front is just my laminated instructions for mixing sugar / water. As if I'm going to forget 1:1 in summer 2:1 in winter.

I'm talking about putting a mental layout of the area in your head and finding things / people. Not sure if people these days can picture layouts or maps in their heads now that GPS on phones etc are so available. Seems people can't get anywhere without GPS anymore. It's a bit sad that people are loosing some skills due to phones / social media. I'll admit though having the worlds knowledge available in the palm of your hand does come in handy when learning to fix things you have never done before.

G=General, CB=Country Boy, SH=Strange Happenings
Sometimes I see pictures in peoples heads. I try to keep myself distracted so it does not happen. People really like their secrets and this does not go over well, not even at parties.

I saw bees drinking old hummingbird feeder water so I dumped it out on plates for them to drink. Mixed up some sugar water as extra and they are loving it. Will setup my actual feeders when I'm back there Thanksgiving.

New battery and still not working. Replaced solenoid last time, tires before that, brakes before that, fuel line before that. I think I'm into the electrical now..lol. Always something.

Few onions left to plant. Just wanted to do something with them. Used ashes from firepit in the dirt. Onions love ashes.

Getting the place ready for Thanksgiving. Cousins coming in to stay for a few days and want it to be ready. Have limited time due to rain coming in and other "stuff". Mowed yesterday but can't upload videos while there. No cable, internet etc so all videos have to be recorded then uploaded once I get to a connection.

This is just something I do while driving everyday I don't even think about anymore. Its mainly situational awareness with a little extra kick. A way of knowing when someone in front of you driving is going to turn before they indicate they are going to turn.

G=General...CB=Country Boy...SH=Strange Happenings
Just getting the vending truck ready for the day. All these boxes are from one or two days of vending. I could not move in there if I let them accumulate for a full week. Best part is I own the machines and do not rent or contract with others.
Update: Got the gazebo cover up that I mentioned in the video. Came back later and installed extra wall mounted monitor so guards can better see security cameras, then got a call at midnight saying alarm at the business going off. Nope not going to respond like I said in previous video about incompetence.

There are everyday things you can do if you are like me that don't really interfere with peoples lives. Get good parking spots, moving drivers out of your lane etc. Stay away from doing negative stuff though. Give it a try.

I do get annoyed when people just refuse to even try. Come on people. At least try to think.

G=General...CB=Country Boy...SH=Strange Happenings
When very young started forming triangles on forehead to see other places. Was just a game so normal to me. Mentioned briefly about seeing whats in peoples heads and will talk about that more later. It was a bit hard growing up with these strange happenings. Took a long time to figure out everyone else was "normal' and I was different.


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This is just me. My life. Three basic sections. G=General...CB=Country Boy...SH=Strange Happenings.
General is just background and everyday stuff.
Country Boy is me working at the family homestead and loving nature.
Strange Happenings is about my crazy life, such as talking to reality and having it respond. Delusional stuff.

Intuition is telling me it's time to put the Strange Happenings out there. I don't know why. Maybe for someone else like me. IDK. The strange happening stuff is so far out there to be delusional. It's just not possible, but it's been happening for 40-56 years.