Just examining the differences in color and contrast of a couple of rucksacks. This UCP/ACU is new to me. I'm not even sure what to call it. It doesn't seem like its a good color scheme for woods and green places but throw a little snow in and it improves a lot. I wonder how it fares in arid regions? The B&W portions are an attempt to simulate low light conditions or how certain animals might see.

A comparison of the MOLLE sustainment pouch and the USMC hydration pouch. They are not the same thing, although I have referred to them interchangeably, nor are they the same dimensionally but both can be a good addition the your MOLLE or medium ALICE packs to increase your load carrying capability.

I would consider the Hydration pouch a slightly better fit on the ALICE pack due to it's being a little narrower than the sustainment pouch. Neither pouch fits as well on the large ALICE, the webbing that holds the top and bottom straps doesn't line up properly as it does on the medium ALICE.

Chocolate River by Silent Partner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Being unseen and unheard in the back country goes a long way towards being left alone. I threw together footage from several videos to see how well various bits of clothing and gear blends in different seasons. You don't have to dress in camouflage or go full tactical to remain unnoticed. It's no secret that bold bright colors are visible from a great distance, even camouflage in an inappropriate setting stands out. Neutral and muted colors and earth tones blend better. I'll likely add to and lengthen the video as I shoot more relevant video.

I'm not sure of the properties of the trail cam, is it IR, what part of the light spectrum is it showing? I'm sure someone will come along and have more specific knowledge. Anyhow in this video I'm checking out the signature produced on some packs with a game camera. Some of the gear has been dyed including the entire Large MOLLE ruck and the MOLLE straps added to a couple of the ALICE packs. From what I could see, it made no difference in IR visibility or reflectivity. Unmolested items like the sleep carrier and the hipbelts didn't appear significantly different. The signatures of the plants are very similar to the equipment. Your mileage may vary. I'm assuming the newer MOLLE equipment may have been produced with breaking up IR signatures in mind while the older ALICE gear may not though in this test anyway, no great difference was apparent.

I should note that in the first picture the pack on top on the upper left is a civilian copy of a medium ALICE in MARPAT camo and shouldn't be expected to have any "anti-IR "properties. It's only in that one photo.

Chee Zee Cave video classica by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

So I bought a HYPE I-FX video camera, this is a cheap $30 camera and I thought I'd do a review of it.
It is okay for what it is but my old camera, a handheld Insignia NS-DV720PBL2 is still a better camera in many respects especially audio quality and even some of the video is better which surprised me.
The new camera was set up for 1080p, the old one is 720 so I hoped for a different outcome. Video artifacts appeared or were magnified in the edited footage that weren't obvious in the raw footage. Both cameras were used in the review and you can see and hear for yourself the differences. I didn't adjust the audio levels to make them more even as I might with a normal video. The I-FX audio levels are considerably lower and Windows movie maker doesn't have great audio editing capability anyway.
Still, for $30 it's not too bad.

A quick and easy fine tuning adjustment to get a little more accuracy out of your sextant, per the manual too!

800 Lives by Everett Almond is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

I'm going to see if this pack will work with ALICE straps and no frame. Also a brief description of the large MOLLE rucksack. I've never used one before so it is all new to me. Suggestions are appreciated.

After I posted this I watched several videos about attaching the frame and other components. That answered a lot of the questions I had about it though I still think it is unnecessarily complicated (and time consuming) for a military rucksack. Nonetheless I'm excited to try this as I embark upon the exploration of a newer generation of carrying equipment.

I have seen that others have had success dying their packs. I chose apple green for my pack. I think it will work well in this area, though Kelly green and other shades seem promising.

I had to justify getting it somehow, so the new pack will be a 'get home' pack in case I have to go on foot from work or somewhere else.

I haven't gotten the pack all set up yet but I intend for it to be lightweight to allow fast travel. At most I'd be walking for 1 to 2 days so the gear, while light and basic, has to perform. I anticipate short breaks or abbreviated overnight stops en route. Gear selection of course, will be according to the season. A heavier pack may not be the best choice for this situation.

This is a good time to get ALICE gear if you haven't already done so. Don't worry if its used and has some wear showing, repairs aren't usually hard to do and as long as its serviceable it will work just as well as new gear.

Added a set of improved straps to the get home bag and thought I might go over some of the differences between the old and new. These are NOT MOLLE straps.

South of the Border by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Hardly a comprehensive list of what you'll need, but some of my thoughts about hiking while on the trail. Feel free to do it the way you prefer.

No this isn't about dropping food on the floor. I came up with the 20 minute rule as a way for me to positively reinforce the pleasant aspects of exercising while minimizing the negatives.

A person is much more likely to maintain a lifetime of exercise when it is a pleasant experience instead of a chore one must do to stay healthy.

Video of a trip I took with a friend to Mackinac Island back in 2001 during my flying days. Originally shot on video, it was converted to digital some years back so the quality isn't up to today's standards but isn't bad for the time. At least the camera had a focus function!

This is mainly a flying video, I shuttle through a lot of the scenic island footage. Much of the touristy stuff has been misplaced in the last 17 years.

Sticky compass dial? Before you take it apart, give this a try. Just loosen 2 screws on the back. You gotta watch the video to find out which two. :)

A sunny day and a new compass, who could resist the siren's call to try it out. 80+ degree temperatures and a sleepless night, I should have known things wouldn't go well but still, a new compass, right?

I don't actually feel too bad about this since as much as 5 degrees of "lateral drift" is considered normal when following a bearing on foot. Generally I don't fare so badly but I think one of the lessons learned is to "aim off" to one side of some of my objectives.

Some generic thoughts about the classic old compass and comparisons with others. Many people like them, others not so much. This is my favorite style of compass. It is generally accurate (enough), rugged and reliable and if it has weaknesses (as all devices do) they are generally not so bad and may be made up for by its strengths and what fun to use.

Went for a hike in 90 degree weather looking for some refuge away from the firecrackers and rockets and a little bit of cool. Nothing like the shady woods on a hot day.

465 miles on these Wellco A.F. boots and still going strong. This will likely be my last update. I'm not as meticulous at logging my hikes as I once was. I'll try to keep an approximation of the mileage going and let you know when they finally wear out.

I was bored so I threw this together about protecting your privacy while out and about. My basic philosophy is, if they can't see you, they won't bother you. Who is they? Anyone you don't want around when you are doing your thing.

I was going to practice setting up my hammock, instead I did a quick demonstration of the Sawyer mini water filter.

A quick video asking for suggestions and ideas on how one might modify a camp cup cover. I saw some pictures online of one such mod, but the details weren't clear.

By the way, the gray stuff on the rim of the cup is some epoxy intended to prevent burning the lips on the hot metal. It works more or less.

A much longer than necessary video about using your 'gear' in real world conditions so you'll be ready when you really need it. Most of us practice using the stuff at home but as my burnt fingers and spilled drinks demonstrate, there is no substitute for getting out in the woods and using it away from the comforts of home.

Features a Svea 123r stove, some Mountain House foods and various other bits of kit and whatnot. I had wanted to practice with some of my other gear but this was getting lengthy and time was short. Just another reason to go out again and do the rest of it next time.

Who knows what depths of political correctness facebook or youtube may sink too. Who knows what will offend them next. Maybe the Shadow knows, for the rest of us there are alternatives.

My BitChute channel

My MeWe groups

Bittersweet by SYBS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Some tips for the CelNav hobbyist to save some money and still be able to enjoy the hobby.

Sailors Lament by Audionautix is licensed

Comparing emergency ration bars of different makers, one from Russia!

There is an bit of an aftertaste with the Russian Marine Pro bars, not unpleasant though. I've been trying to figure out what it reminds me of and I realized today that is similar to the creamy feel and taste you get from yogurt covered raisins and nuts.

Bittersweet by SYBS and Seagull by Everet Almond are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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