Matching alcohol burners with appropriate pot holders and pots can be harder than it looks. They don't all work together like you would think.

Okey Dokey Smokey by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

One advantage of the Abrams compass is it works at night. This method involving a minor mod should work to allow the Bagnold compass to work likewise. I don't know if RAB ever thought to use his compass like this but if he did I'm sure it would only have taken him moments to figure it out.

Several years ago I downloaded the plans for this sun compass at: The last time I checked the site didn't work but this is my attempt at giving them credit.

Splashing Around by the Green Orbs is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Just in case you saw the incorrect version of the bagnold vs Abrams sun compass video, this should clarify the error.

A comparison of the Bagnold and Abrams sun compasses.
I hate when I make a mistake on a video then have to re-upload a corrected version. In this case I compounded the error because the original video (this one) was correct all along. All is well now.

Spoiler alert: The Abrams is the one you want to use if you only have a few minutes to learn how to use a sun compass. On the other hand if you are used to GMT, and can do celestial navigation you'll be able to handle the more demanding preparation the Bagnold compass requires.

I should have used a tripod on this video, sorry, I was rushing to get it done.

Lightfoot by Aaron Lieberman and GrandPa by Puddle of Infinity are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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A quick indoor demonstration of the night function of the Abrams sun compass. It's quite simple and appears easier than use in daytime. The tip of each gnomen has a tiny glow in the dark element, though after 77 years they no longer function.

I got my hands on an Abrams sun compass, a WWII era navigation device for use in the desert - it works differently from the Bagnold compass but I think once a person got used to using it they wouldn't find it much more difficult. This is a quick video on how to use it, omitting some of the more tedious details which wouldn't be of much interest to someone that didn't have one on hand. This compass can also be used at night. Video on that soon.

What I called local solar time is correctly Local Apparent Time (LAT).

I rushed through the time conversion so here's how to do it. Take your local "watch time" subtract daylight savings time if it is in effect. Now determine how far east or west (in degrees) you are from the center of your time zone*. If east, add 4 minutes per degree to your time, subtract if west. Now lastly, factor in the equation of time which you can find right on the date bar of your compass. Add or subtract that to your time and you now have what is called 'local apparent time'. Easy, the manual took 8 pages and 3 diagrams to explain that and I believe the example within is easy to misinterpret when using the time zone chart.

*If you are moving east or west for long distances you will have to adjust for the time zone factors more often.

I happened to notice a couple of the red sandstone rocks I brought home from Utah sitting next to a pack I had dyed. The match wasn't too bad so I thought I would post it for others to see. The red unfortunately doesn't show up as well on video as it does to the eye. Hope this helps someone considering dyeing their pack.

The water levels are lower now, I wanted to compare the high and low water levels and what might lie beneath the brown waters.

Lightfoot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

I encountered a swollen creek on my hike. I've crossed it alone before when the water was lower and although I wanted to ford it, the dangers of doing so after heavy rains outweighed the benefit. I offer a few opinions about the subject and continued on with my hike. I threw in a shot of one of my packs in the floodplain, it looks like it matches well though I didn't get in the 'same light' as the foliage.

I took the opportunity of a conditioning hike to check out how well the re-dyed packs blend with the spring growth. It would seem that I didn't hit the record button for one of them as the footage isn't there. Ah well, it was still a nice day for a hike.

I had dyed a couple of UCP MOLLE packs and they didn't work very well in my local environment so I re-dyed them with improved results. A little bit of a how-to on dying synthetic material.

No offense intended towards anybody, but I really dislike the bright orange, red, yellow and blue colors that so many wear in the field. It's not just about remaining unseen and left alone. All that unnatural color spoils the view for other people.

Just added some more footage and removed some that didn't seem worth repeating in another video

Not Without The Rest by Twin musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

-New Spring footage added-

I was hoping to get some hardcore winter snow footage for this video but it doesn't look like it will work out this year.

A mix of old and new footage examining the effectiveness of UCP in the fall and winter. New footage will be added in summer. I know some people will spray paint camo to get the effect they want, it is a valid technique. My preference is to dye the material. however.

It's always good to test out your gear in new or unfamiliar circumstances, especially if the conditions could be dangerous such as during winter. I've never used the Svea 123 on a winter camping trip, though I have used other stoves. The Svea has a good reputation in cold temperatures so I wasn't expecting trouble. Interesting how things sometimes turn out. Outside temps 11°f, winds about 20MPH.

Had this been a genuine overnight trek I probably would have gone to more bother to shield the stove from the weather. I could have used an extra pair of socks or some other ad hoc method to insulate the stove and get it running properly. I didn't want to go through all that for a casual hike however and the lighter was giving me trouble so it didn't seem worth the effort. Besides, it's better to have a solid method that works than to try and invent expedients on the fly.

This has given me food for thought. My pack is set up for conditioning hikes not actual backpacking. I had thought my emergency preparations for an overnight stay were adequate, now I have to rethink that.

Wish You'd Come True by the 126ers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

I couldn't leave the stove situation alone after yesterday's failure to operate. I did get it running today, not as well as in summer unfortunately. While there have been incremental improvements, there remains more to be done. Lessons have been learned though.

Experimenting in the house, I found the stove wasn't quite running properly, whether this was caused by bouncing around in my pack for 6 months or trying to light it in the cold 'dirtied up' the mechanism, I don't know. Some carb cleaner added to the fuel has helped though. That may well have been the trouble. The lesson: test your gear before leaving the house.

Exhale by unknown is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

I have dyed and set up 3 MOLLE rucksacks for seasonal use in my area. A brief explanation of this.

Heavy duty (and just plain heavy), durable, relatively inexpensive, readily available, expandable, modifiable and fun to work with. There is a lot to like about these packs.

I bought this Brunton mirror compass years ago. I'd heard a lot of good things about mirror compasses but had no experience with them. Unfortunately the instruction sheet that it came with was poorly written and didn't explain how some of the important features actually functioned nor even how to properly use the compass. I finally got around to researching the subject and this video is the result.

At this point I still prefer a lensatic compass but I understand why these are popular. A little bit of practice and a person should be able to use a mirror compass quite easily.

Hiiltop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Some simple ideas to pre-position basic camping/survival tools.
If the authorities are looking for you, odds are they will have some idea of where you, your family and friends live or frequent. Going someplace else in that case would be important to avoid capture. If you are careful, you can use your vacations to scout possible places to go in advance. The country is full of state and national parks and BLM land. Pay cash for everything, don't spend too long in any one location. A well placed cache in some of these locations might provide you the tools to remain free and your excursions places may pass undetected years later when you have attracted the attention of big brother.

A movie idea that may have some merit. A compass attached to a rifle for faster direction finding though with some loss of accuracy due to the metal of the firearm. It seems to work well enough if you are moving in a general direction. I could see a fast moving patrol using this while traveling through jungle or thick woods where quickly getting to an area or large landmark is more important than finding a specific place.

Grange Party by Huma Huma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Changing the unpopular UCP camo on another MOLLE rucksack. This time I tried blending some colors. It didn't come out too bad. Just in case you wanted to color compare, I included some stills of the packs with a white piece of paper so you can color balance.

Folk Round by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Just examining the differences in color and contrast of a couple of rucksacks. This UCP/ACU is new to me. I'm not even sure what to call it. It doesn't seem like its a good color scheme for woods and green places but throw a little snow in and it improves a lot. I wonder how it fares in arid regions? The B&W portions are an attempt to simulate low light conditions or how certain animals might see.

A comparison of the MOLLE sustainment pouch and the USMC hydration pouch. They are not the same thing, although I have referred to them interchangeably, nor are they the same dimensionally but both can be a good addition the your MOLLE or medium ALICE packs to increase your load carrying capability.

I would consider the Hydration pouch a slightly better fit on the ALICE pack due to it's being a little narrower than the sustainment pouch. Neither pouch fits as well on the large ALICE, the webbing that holds the top and bottom straps doesn't line up properly as it does on the medium ALICE.

Chocolate River by Silent Partner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Being unseen and unheard in the back country goes a long way towards being left alone. I threw together footage from several videos to see how well various bits of clothing and gear blends in different seasons. You don't have to dress in camouflage or go full tactical to remain unnoticed. It's no secret that bold bright colors are visible from a great distance, even camouflage in an inappropriate setting stands out. Neutral and muted colors and earth tones blend better. I'll likely add to and lengthen the video as I shoot more relevant video.

I'm not sure of the properties of the trail cam, is it IR, what part of the light spectrum is it showing? I'm sure someone will come along and have more specific knowledge. Anyhow in this video I'm checking out the signature produced on some packs with a game camera. Some of the gear has been dyed including the entire Large MOLLE ruck and the MOLLE straps added to a couple of the ALICE packs. From what I could see, it made no difference in IR visibility or reflectivity. Unmolested items like the sleep carrier and the hipbelts didn't appear significantly different. The signatures of the plants are very similar to the equipment. Your mileage may vary. I'm assuming the newer MOLLE equipment may have been produced with breaking up IR signatures in mind while the older ALICE gear may not though in this test anyway, no great difference was apparent.

I should note that in the first picture the pack on top on the upper left is a civilian copy of a medium ALICE in MARPAT camo and shouldn't be expected to have any "anti-IR "properties. It's only in that one photo.

Chee Zee Cave video classica by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

So I bought a HYPE I-FX video camera, this is a cheap $30 camera and I thought I'd do a review of it.
It is okay for what it is but my old camera, a handheld Insignia NS-DV720PBL2 is still a better camera in many respects especially audio quality and even some of the video is better which surprised me.
The new camera was set up for 1080p, the old one is 720 so I hoped for a different outcome. Video artifacts appeared or were magnified in the edited footage that weren't obvious in the raw footage. Both cameras were used in the review and you can see and hear for yourself the differences. I didn't adjust the audio levels to make them more even as I might with a normal video. The I-FX audio levels are considerably lower and Windows movie maker doesn't have great audio editing capability anyway.
Still, for $30 it's not too bad.


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