Brisk windy morning, good opportunity to do a quick timelapse while out on a cycle ride.

Sony FDR-X3000: 5sec Intervals 900 frames
Rendered and uploaded: 1920x1080p(HD) 25fps

Download and free to use from www.taramai.nz

Really simple project. Arduino Pro mini, with an 8 LED WS2812 stick, a touch switch, finished with 1x 18650 battery all mounted inside a 2x 18650 powerbank charging case.

Tested duration in flash mode: 14hours
Time taken to complete project: just under 1hour
Time taken to edit video: 8+ hours LoL (not good at this really)

Camera: Sony HDR-CX405
PC: Optiplex 9010 i5 8GB Ram running Linux Mint 19

Artist: Lance Nelson
Music: The Breakdown
URL: https://lancenelson.bandcamp.com/

Simple setup; an Arduino Uno R3, breadboard, component tester, power source all combined onto a single plastic case that makes this an extremely versatile project

Ride was from Arise Centre, Petone to Hays Street, Naenae. 28.10km. (New Zealand)

Blog: http://taramai.nz

Music by Nihilore

Getting ready for today’s ride.

1st BitChute Exclusive video uploaded, experimenting on how to add/imbed this into my Blog. The video is only 1min 10scs long without any music sound tracks added to keep the file size down. Breaking completely away from YouTube is becoming a reality.

Camera: Sony FDR-X3000
Video Editor: Kdenlive on Linux Mint 18.2
Blog: www.taramai.nz

This is a fairly lengthy video, cutting down the ride from 1hr40min to 30mins while trying to keep the overall experience and atmosphere was the goal. Which is also the reason why I didn't overlay any music :-)

At the finish was told that close to 1800 cyclists attended this event, good going for a small community.

Annual local cycling event aimed at getting families into cycling with the course safely away from vehicle traffic. This is what occurs at the start.

This 4K action camera does not do internal rendering, therefore the images were copied over onto my Linux Mint 18 where I created a BASH script to render a 1080p50fps video. Also this is a direct upload to Bitchute, normally I just use a YT link.

For more details, visit my Blog: https://ptaramai2013.blogspot.co.nz/

I don't recommend carrying a cycle foot pump while riding over a decent distance, it was worth recording because I've never produced any uphill footage, and it was such a quiet morning (traffic wise).

Music: Bush Week
Album: Broken Parts
Artist: Nihilore

Cycle: Specialiized Allez 2016 Model
Action Camera: Sony FDR-X3000 mounted on handle bar

Nice easy ride from the Swimming Pools up to the Waterworks.

Action Camera: Sony FDR-X3000
Optiplex 9010 i5 4GB Ram 250GB HD
OS: Linux Mint 18 KDE
GPS Overlay by Peregin

Music: by Nihilore - https://nihilore.bandcamp.com/ Crux from the album Broken Parts https://nihilore.bandcamp.com/track/crux

The Sony FDR-X3000 produces a GPS Log file which allows you to add GPS overlays onto your video's through its Movie Creator Video Software. Unfortunately there is no Linux port, but with a little bit of internet searching someone has recently produced a solution...............

Youtube video describing on how to add GPS overlays on to a video

Software needed by Peregin

I think this is used to create the executable, not sure but is definitely needed
- it did take a long time to complete (not entirely sure but well over 5mins)
- installed using Linux Mint Software Manager

Help on how to create .gpx from various sources
- downloaded, unzipped separate folder, opened terminal in folder as root
- took well over 6 nours to render (best to do this over night)
- exports as 1080p

Software to convert SONY .log to .gpx
- installed using Linux Mint Software Manager

Use this to generate workout details, map route etc by importing .gpx file, then you can screencapture the map

This uses the same footage as the previous cycling video.

Music: by Nihilore - https://nihilore.bandcamp.com/
The Water and the Well
from the album Broken Parts

My Sony FDR-X3000 action camera creates images but doesn't have a built in video editor to create the video. So I created a simple BASH script file you can use in the terminal. Should work fine for all Linux Mint flavors, also this should work for any cameras that creates sequential images, including images from LapseIt Pro for android.

download script 3000.sh from here:-

chmod +x 3000.sh

This year I've really been slacking and haven't done much in the way of any types of exercise, and after this small 14km ride it really shows. New Pre-New Years Resolution, ride at least 14km every day. While I won't be recording every ride, creating content once again is always fun.

Sony Action Camera
Timelapse settings 600 frames 2sec intervals HD images (1080p)

Music: Liberalia by Nihilore CC License

Kdenlive Video Editor
Linux Mint 18 on a Dell Optiplex 9010

Got this nice glass trophy so I thought I would add a nice lighting effect to it. When it gets dark LED lighting comes on and highlights the engraving within the glass trophy. Idea to schematic to PCB design and fabrication finally assembly, then mounting in cardboard box the trophy came in.

We may be a small town where our floats are HUGE in our eyes, our community got together to put on a fantastic festive atmosphere on the streets of Wainuiomata.

1st time I've been involved in a project like this, totally enjoyed the experience. It was too good an opportunity to gather as much footage as possible so I did stray away (just a little bit) from the float I was supporting "Sport Wainuiomata Inc" but I'm hoping they don't mind.


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