I hope you like it, I wish more people like you used this website.


this got taken down from youtuber, so watch it here please.

Youtube toke this video down before,


Here is the game, play it! ---
More info on the game here. ---

If you have any thoughts on the game after playing it, please tell me. I would love it see if anyone else likes this game as much as me. Have a great day and see you later baper.

My DA, where some fan art is posted. ----

Here is the game. ----

Please play it. I'm going to make more videos about it, it's so good.
Really, it's so vary under loved.

Hear is the main page to the website.
Thank you for watching this crappy video on something I care deeply about. I know it isn't that good but hey, this is my first video after spending one year on the platform okay? I'll get better... Maybe. Even if I don't I'm having fun.

Hear is a little poem from the website that I copy and pasted for you. :-P
Hear is where that came from.

okay, have a nice day everyone.

What a poor little boy.

Thank Jeff for the help making this trash video.

Had a hard time in the begging.

There kind of cute.

Just a little taste before we get to episode 4.

Texas and New Mexico doing stupid stuff.
They needed a woman's touch.

Я понятия не имеешь, что я говорю сейчас.

It's a really good movie ok?
Just go watch it please.


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Hello, I'm Just A Little American.
I have a youtube, but things are getting weird over there right now so I'm making a back up just in case something happens to my youtube because of how my art looks like something children may like.

Have fun.