Youtube toke this video down before,


Here is the game, play it! ---
More info on the game here. ---

If you have any thoughts on the game after playing it, please tell me. I would love it see if anyone else likes this game as much as me. Have a great day and see you later baper.

My DA, where some fan art is posted. ----

Here is the game. ----

Please play it. I'm going to make more videos about it, it's so good.
Really, it's so vary under loved.

Hear is the main page to the website.
Thank you for watching this crappy video on something I care deeply about. I know it isn't that good but hey, this is my first video after spending one year on the platform okay? I'll get better... Maybe. Even if I don't I'm having fun.

Hear is a little poem from the website that I copy and pasted for you. :-P
Hear is where that came from.

okay, have a nice day everyone.

What a poor little boy.

Thank Jeff for the help making this trash video.

Had a hard time in the begging.

There kind of cute.

Just a little taste before we get to episode 4.

Texas and New Mexico doing stupid stuff.
They needed a woman's touch.

Я понятия не имеешь, что я говорю сейчас.

It's a really good movie ok?
Just go watch it please.

worst video ever/.

Ha ha, funny cover

PaLLen is a sci-fi story I made up a few weeks ago.
Hear is some drawings of the characters on DA...

It's about this lizerd man named PaLLen, and how he wants to sell dogs to other planets instead of just earth.

oh mein dummes kleines Kätzchen ist unter meinen eigenen Bus gefallen. Und wenn ich mehr über meine Heimat erfahre, desto weiter bin ich von meiner Liebe entfernt.


My baby brother is playing games far away.

how sad, too bad.


Connecticut is coming all the way over from he's newly
won land to take a look at the new
Fort Nashville!
There he meets James Robertson and he's wife.
Native Americans have been attacking the
fort even more as of late, but now the they have
planned a big attack on them.
Also their Connecticut meets a strange new
boy he's never seen before.
James says he'll become a state one day,
but Connecticut has second thoughts.

To learn more about the characters in this comic, and more about your own state, please to learn more hear.
Most characters are done, but will need time to finish.

If you are from one of the states hear, and you fell I did't do that character right, then please tell me why? And how I can do them better in a funny- but kind way.

Note: The art in this video changes a lot, because I'm still figering this comic out. Next one will be more fine. But may not have color, like last time.


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Hello, I'm Just A Little American.
I have a youtube, but things are getting weird over there right now so I'm making a back up just in case something happens to my youtube because of how my art looks like something children may like.

Have fun.