We discuss the latest rumor about a potential spin off, when it comes to the #Witcher when they have drawn us in, but will Season 2 suck like all the rest of the crap they have been putting out lately? #Witcher #HenryCavill #Spinoff #Superman #JusticeLeague

WE discuss the rumor about the next installment of Startrek Strange New Worlds, including Khan, another way to pull people into it, but Trekkies are far more smart to know and dont care.

We discuss in this video, a few things the backing by the new BIGGEST stars in Hollywood that back Snyders CUT release and what we assume will be coming after? Both Henry Cavill and Ben Afflect are backing Synder, even so much so that Afflect is talking about Directing a Batman movie. Which i think would be awesome! #GreenLanternCorp #JusticeLeague #RyanReynolds #SnyderCut #GreenLantern #MichealBJordan #HenryCavill #BenAfflect #DC

In this video we discuss the latest information about the #Orville and what #SethMacFarlene has to say about it during the lock downs and why it hasn't been released on #Hulu yet.

We discuss the potential of #MichaelBJordan being another Green Lantern in Snyder's Justice League? #JusticeLeague #SnyderCut #GreenLantern

We discuss the return of Ben Afflect, IMO the best batman so far on screen to be honest! He just seems really rough, rounded and just a truly portrayal of what i think batman should be. #Batman #BenAfflect #SnyderCut #SnyderReturn

This is about the situation that is taking Theaters closure down, the beer-bug, but dont want to blame the #Liberal #Governors or #Mayors that are closing and never reopening Hollywood, Amusement Parks you name it! Instead they want to blame you, for NOT doing what you are told ! #Hollywood #Americans #Theaters #Closures

A new rumor claims that Marvel Studios has put Vikings star Katheryn Winnick on their radar for a possible Thor-related role.

Rumor: Marvel Studios Considering Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick For Possible Thor-Related Role

We discuss a rumor about Tron 3 coming, in part Disney needs proven properties but they have treated the franchise like a red headed step child, of we dont know what to do with it. #Disney #Tron3 #JaredLeto #Joker #Disney

Rumor from JustANormie, are we getting another Stargate Series? Rumors are about that we are indeed, or at least talk of it! Lets hope they dont destroy another great franchise. #Stargate #Rumors #SG1

Douche BAG Wil Wheaton thinks he knows what is best for the #Startrek franchise tht is in the toilet, so much so he told FANS to shove it!

#Netflix has been indicted on a criminal charge that alleges the streaming giant promotes “lewd visual material” of a child.

The lawsuit centers on the release of the French film “#Cuties” that has been mired by controversy since its release last month.

A Tyler County, Texas grand jury moved to return an indictment against Netflix on Sept. 23, Fox News confirmed on Tuesday via court documents.

Keanu Reeves is making his comic book-writing debut with #BRZRKR, a twelve-issue limited series set to be distributed through BOOM! Studios this October.

Today reports that Reeves has joined forces with award-winning graphic novelist Matt Kindt to produce the "action-packed and hyperviolent" BRZRKR, with illustrations from acclaimed artist Alessandro Vitti, colorist Bill Crabtree, letterer Clem Robins, and conceptual/cover artist Rafael Grampá.

A new rumor claims to reveal who the main character will be the long-gestating Judge Dredd: Mega-City One TV series.

New Rumor Claims To Reveal Main Character For Judge Dredd: Mega-City One TV Series

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We discuss the potential rumor that Blizzard Entertainment is looking to make another #Warcraft Movie made on the backs of the popular #MMORPG.

There was an article out about Dr. Disrespect in regards to him being on a stream for a couple of other people that were streaming on twitch, so much so that #Twitch changed there policy to further prevent or ban Dr. Disrespect, granted we dont know all the details but he might have told us something? #DrDisrespect #Twitch #Banned I dont follow him and i didnt know who he was until Twitch did what they did, this banning people......

Beloved Actor Rick Moranis from hits like #Ghostbusters Victim Of Unprovoked Attack Caught On Camera In #Manhattan, in the lawless city of New York! #RickMoranis #NewYorkCity

This is a discussion about the first two episodes, i am having a hardtime finishing this season, i am still on Episode 2 of Season 2. That and i am burned out of the Binge model!

Rumor Zack Snyder Wants Ryan Reynolds Green Lateran in Justice League?

CW Axes Supergirl over Declining Viewership after Going WOKE?

#Spotify employees were demanding direct editorial oversight over the recently-acquired #JoeRogan Experience podcast. That would include the ability to directly edit or remove sections of upcoming interviews, or block the uploading of episodes deemed problematic. The employees also demanded the ability to add trigger warnings, corrections, and references to fact-checked articles on topics discussed by Rogan in the course of his multi-hour discussions.

We discuss some of the issues that is going on with Disney+ streaming network and on the set of the Mandalorian. What is going on, what could be happening, we speculate about what will come and we need to ask will it survive? #Starwars #Mandalorian #Disney+

This is a discussion about Episode 3-5 and my thoughts and opinions on the latest episode. It is a brief overview, but not the latest episode which will come out later next week. As the latest episode was rather loaded. #AmazonPrime #Amazon #TheBoys

A #GoFundMe page set up on behalf of Hogan's wife says the Vancouver actor is unlikely to be able to work again after suffering a “life-changing” brain injury. #BattlestarGalactica #BSG #MichaelHogan

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We discuss a quick information about what we found out about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, however we are not sure what that means when it comes to them tearing down the Spellman Mansion. Will they go to the CW, will Hulu pick them up? The creator seems to be believe it will live on in REAL action vs. the comics.


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