IT appears that Henry Cavill is getting his hands dirty in another franchise, he seems so well positioned to do it, is this an indication he giving up on Superman?

#HenryCavill​ #MassEffect​ #Superman

JJ Abrams, known as the destroyer of Franchises, given a half a billion dollars before the Rona situation occurred, hires Black Racist Writer, in an effort to Race Swap Superman?

#JJAbrams​ #TaNehisiCoates​ #Superman

Letita Wright, was she NOT terminated like Gina Carano due to the color of her skin? She came out on a position, that was not popular and nothing happened!

#LetitaWright​ #BlackPanther​ #GinaCarano

This is my thoughts and opinions on the situation with Disney, Gina Carano and the issue of what i see as being nothing more than Blacklisted by Hollywood over groupthink? Her interview and my outrage from her interview on The Dailywire show. However, Hollywood says nothing and ignores the

#GinaCarano​ #Starwars​ #Dailywire

This is a discussion about a Rumor that Warnerbros when it comes to the Villain Scarecrow, standalone movie?

#Warnerbros #Superman #Scarecrow

IT appears that the Doom and Gloom of the coming Shutdown of DC Comics. Is the coming DC Comics FINAL Nail coming?

#DCComics​ #Superman​ #Batman

It has been reported the Hasbro is dropping the "Mr." out of Mr. Potato Head an going with a more gender Neutral, at the creation of this video Hasbro seems to be back peddling or in damage control?

#MrPotatoHead #Hasbro #GenderNeutral

My review of Episode 1 of Superman and Lois, NO Spoilers just my thoughts on Superman, DC in general and how well i think that this first episode was done. CW done very well and like i stated, i am very please, i loved it!

#SupermanAndLois​ #Superman​ #TylerHoechlin

We are on the verge of the upcoming release of SnyderCut of the Justice League and it is what people have wanted, it is what they deserve and the Fans made it happen while the media claimed otherwise. To the disaster that was the recreation of Snyder Vision!

#SnyderCut #JusticeLeague #WarnerBros

This is my opinion as to why as a Normie and a Batman Fan, why Robert Pattinson is wrong for the role. Why i think he is bad casting for Batman, to my opinion tht i cant take him series as Batman, but on the other hand i could accept him as Bruce Wayne, just not the Dark Knight!

#RobertPattinson​ #Batman​ #Gotham

First episode of a Series of around 40, reviewing the Villains of the TV Show Gotham, to that of their Comic-Book Counterparts, a review, opinion and perspective on and by someone that has never read the comics!

#DCVillains​​ #Firefly​​​ #Gotham

This is my opinion on the Cancellation of Gina Carano and what will come of this entire situation. I cant see things going back to normal, this is going to send shockwaves through Hollywood, Disney and Starwars franchise under the Mouse House. Could it lead to the End of Kathleen Kennedy Rein?

#GinaCarano​ #Starwars​ #Hollywood

It appears that Robert Patterson and Zoe Kravitz got it on, on the set of Batmobile, so much so that the director was utterly disgusted and it is further being reported that Patterson who portrays Batman and Kravitz playing Catwomen in the new Movie under DCComics is also Pregnant during this hot passionate sexual encounter.

#RobertPattinson​ #ZoeKravitz​ #Pregnant​ #Batman

In this new Series we are working on, we will be exploring all the Villains from the TV Show Gotham and how they match up with their Comicbook Counterpart, this is an opinion, perspective compare and contrast of the TV Show Villains and the Comicbook Counterpart. We are also looking at doing some LIVE episodes, if you would like to participate and counter my arguments, please email me. Every Episode will Drop Every Two Weeks @ Wednesday @ 12:15PM PST as a Premiere Episode and ill be present in the Chat.

#Gotham​ #DCVillains​ #DCComics

IT appears another Franchise is heading towards Micheal B Jordan?

Really? Disney Marvel is going to allow a DARK and what that means or is that just NOT a big deal?

We know that Bobafett might be getting Bounty Hunters that we all know and love in the Book of Bobafett?

Discussion about the Sparrow Academy and the Umbrella Academy come together in the next season?

Another rumor, is it true or what is going on when it comes to the Startrek Franchise?

It appears, that Startrek 4 is a go, but WHY? Another Rumor?

TV shows, that we are going to be reviewing.

IT appears that things might be changing in terms of Pattersons Batman and moving towards a TV Series?

This is a review of the Movie "The Dig" on Netflix

Another great Franchise that again, Disney has NO idea what to do with!

After the recent situation with Gina Carano, will this be the end of what we saw in Season Final of Mandalorian?


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Some calls us Normies, yes i am a Normie but a Normie that is critical of what is happening to our Culture, our Franchises that have been ultimately destroyed by Cultural Disgard by people that, have never experienced anything, they think they are writing on things that ppl want, when in fact that is not the case. It is why i created this channel, to focus on that which has been destroyed, exploring other things, to alternative entertainment and much more....

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