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Good day toot toot, Justin is still the Prime Minster and we now have a Minster of ill Legal imma gration

Does anybody have a play list of their favourite Justin Cringe videos? Please share the link if you want me to post them on my home page.

More leftist propaganda put through the cringe processer.

This is something a feminist would never say

This is unacceptable behaviour and Justin Trudeau needs to resign, he has fired people for the same thing. I guess he thinks is ok if he dose it because he is special some how.

We know what he did is wrong and for what’s left of the good in the Liberal Party he should step down!

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Please share your thoughts and memories.

This fake news reporter sounds just like Trudy

Justin Trudeau experiences technical difficulties with the microphone which made him confused and he forgot where he was thinking it was last night with Bill Marneau

A salami? I like em.

I don’t know some building got burned down I think.

Have a nice day everybody 😊👍❤️🇨🇦

Have a great weekend 😊👍🇨🇦

Justin the Cuck Trudeau fingers his friends while he roasts himself and preforms some disgusting magic tricks!

Kathleen Wynne gives up hope for wining the election and say sorry.

Have a great weekend everybody. How you all dong well. P,ease vote PCparty for Ontario that’s the best we can do.

There was a terrorist attack in my town Mississauga, and I just found out this morning! Thank you Justin Trudeau!


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