There is one thing for certain about any foundation: it is only a matter of time before it moves. Unlike a slab foundation cracking, a pier and beam foundation has the additional flexibility to dip and rise like a roller coaster. When it comes to repairs, you want to choose a pier and beam foundation repair contractor who can spot the source of the problem and get you back to level. Many of these also apply to slab on grade foundation repair contractors as well.

1. Try to know where the problems are in your pier and beam foundation before picking up the phone.
2. Get recommendations.
3. Get more than one bid.
4. Make sure you are on the same page as the pier and beam foundation repair companies.
5. Make a checklist for each company you interview and ask this same set of questions. I've included our checklist along with an explanation behind why we asked each question in this blog post:
6. Expect it to cost more and the damage to be more extensive than expected.
7. Go with your gut.

These points should prepare you for choosing the right pier and beam foundation repair contractor. Hopefully, yours goes well without any project creep. If not, at least you picked a good one.

I also realize my lips were super chapped after I took the video. Sigh. That’s life in the wintertime for me.

Also, there was some major drywall dust on my shirt and face. We’re working on selling the house above the crawlspace and I was sanding some drywall repairs (caused by the foundation repairs) prior to this “break” involving a video shoot.

Minimize drywall repairs when you use a flexible drill bit to run new electrical through studs and fire block.

Here is the blog post mentioned in the video for more tips:

As with many of our projects, we did some research, but discovered (the hard way) some of our own tips to use a flexible drill bit. Use these sanity saving tips to make your drop easier!

A flexible drill bit is also known as a flex shank drill bit, bell hanger drill bit, flexible installer drill bit with an auger tip. Whatever you want to call this kind of drill bit, it is a lengthy piece of steel that you attach on to the end of your drill and then attempt to hit the stud (not the drywall). When you encounter a fire block half way down the wall you generally want a 72" drill bit to handle the distance and give you some flexiblity coming from the top or side.

Tip #1 Wear safety gear.
Tip #2: Angle is the real game changer when using a flexible drill bit.
Tip #3: You’ll need a hole big enough to work with.
Tip #4: Push as hard as you can horizontally so the tip of the flexible drill bit is angled down.
Tip #5: Drill in short spurts.
Tip #6: Have a spotter inside.
Tip #7. There are two very useful holes on a long flexible drill bit.
Tip #8: The fiberglass glow stick will probably need to be longer than the flexible drill bit.
Tip #9: You'll need a bullet nose attachment to run new electrical through studs or fire block with fiberglass glow sticks.
Tip #10: Pay attention to which end of the glow stick extends to the line you want to fish.
Tip #11: The long flex bit with an auger tip needs to be wider than the mechanism used to fish the wire.
Tip #12: Did I just make a hole in fireblock? Isn’t it supposed to be sealed? --definitely check out the post for this answer.

Flexible drill bits are one of those esoteric tools you rarely use, but are really necessary when you need them. Whether you choose a
flex shank..

Repainting a front door is more than just grabbing your brush and new color.

To make a old door with peeling paint look new you have to:
* Remove the old layers of paint first by stripping off the old paint.
* Then add two layers of primer.
* Next, sand the primer for a smoother color coat.
* Roll / brush on the first layer of paint, sand in between, then add the final layer of paint.

With these steps you get a professional grade finish that will last far longer than the last paint jobs combined.

This timelapse is the first video in a playlist to give you the overall idea for what it takes to repaint a fiberglass exterior door.

If you do not have peeling, chalky or otherwise failing paint you can get away with sanding and painting...more details in next week's blog post!

Full disclosure on the thumbnail: the "after" photo also looks better because the screen door was also refreshed from beige to white. A future video / blog combo to come...

Is water leaking down into your ceiling and walls because either:

a. Your main condensate line froze on this hot and humid day.
b. Your main condensate line is blocked from insulation dust and other debris.
Your emergency drain line coming off the catch pan below the A/C unit is clogged.

Do you live in an area where there is a mud dauber population? If so, that clog may be the result of a mud dauber nest. Made of hardened dirt, a mud dauber nest can easily block an entire 3/4" drain line.

Since your backup line is rarely used and has nothing obstructing it from the outside, it is the perfect home for an insect nest. However, the mud dauber nest is especially dangerous because it is hard and has few holes, unlike a bee or wasp nest.

There is a fast and easy way to PREVENT this from happening?


The Dauber Stopper is your answer.

You can check it out here: https://amzn.to/2LGyN4j

Yes, that's an affiliate link.

For more information and pictures:


Please add the results of what's blocking your emergency drain line in the comments below!

Did anyone notice the mud dauber nest right on the wall next to me? Bonus points for you!

This video is not endorsed by Modern AC products in any way, other than they gave us a Dauber Stopper as a sample at the Houston Home & Garden Show. They didn't know us from anyone else visiting their booth and had no clue we'd do anything other than put it on our house. However, the law concerning video content reads "and/or where that third party's brand, message, or product is integrated directly into the content." Yup, this video takes a good look at the Dauber Stopper as a good solution to a problem. So despite the fact I am not compensated for this video, I've added the "includes paid promotion" popup despite a lack of pay in order to CYA.


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