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Joeylynn Mesaros says Biden-Harris staffers are suing her and her husband in federal court for participating in a Trump train and driving their vehicle next to a Biden Bus when it drove through Texas in early 2020. Mesaros says these staffers, now White House officials, are suing them under the Ku Klux Klan Law of 1871 for emotional damage and are seeking financial compensation.

U.S. Oil and Gas President Tim Stewart talks about Colorado and California passing laws that force Americans to adopt green energy as a part of their daily lives. “We have learned that there is no stopping point for them. There’s always one more crisis, always one more thing that needs to be regulated, always one more thing that needs to be taken away from the consumers for their own good,” says Stewart.

Missouri State Senator and GOP Candidate for Governor Bill Eigel slams MO Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s disparaging comments about veterans and veteran benefits. “I’ll tell you what, in an Eigel administration, we’re going to stand with our veterans,” says Eigel.

Ambassador Carla Sands, Vice Chair of the Center for Energy and Environment at AFPI, says the Biden administration is making a fundamental mistake in tying their woke agenda to trade and aid to our foreign partners. “The CCP certainly doesn’t push an agenda. They just want trade,” says Sands.

Ambassador Carla Sands, Vice Chair of the Center for Energy and Environment at AFPI, encourages voters to learn about their state elections and sign up for a mail-in ballot. “I think that doing the same thing as we’ve done the past few election cycles, where we’ve lost when we should’ve won with what’s going on, it is insanity,” says Sands.

U.S. Oil and Gas President Tim Stewart breaks down the core issue with President Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandate and liquified natural gas export permit pause. “Energy poverty is a real thing and it is really impacting American families right now,” says Stewart.

U.S. Oil and Gas President Tim Stewart says the Biden administration's electric vehicle mandate is essentially pushing Americans into accepting “a subpar product.” Stewart predicts the natural market force will force the administration to backpedal significantly on their policy.

Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) talks about spending negotiations and the best outcome for a continuing resolution. “What we’re talking about is a continuing resolution that actually has spending caps in it to limit Washington’s ability to continue to bankrupt the country,” says Rep. Perry. “It’s not a perfect solution for sure. We think we could do better, but we have to live in the world of reality that we’re in and many of my colleagues will go for something worse.”

Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) reacts to Special counsel David Weiss pressing charges against former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov for allegedly lying about the Biden family’s involvement with Burisma Holdings. “The same people that employed him, the same people that used his information, suddenly now are arresting him,” Rep Perry says.

Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) slams Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for expecting lawmakers to vote on large spending bills with hundreds of pages of text that they’ve only had three days to review. “What’s extreme is expecting the American people to accept the old Nancy Pelosi policies of ‘vote first, read it later’ to find out what’s in it,” says Rep. Perry.

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Dr. Peter McCullough, Chief Scientific Officer at The Wellness Company, advises Americans who have a hard time trusting the medical industry after COVID to be prepared and do their own research. Dr. McCullough goes on to talk about the biggest lesson that was learned during the COVID pandemic is that, "we should never wait for the government to lead on a medical crisis.” He continues the conversation by saying that our country would have been better off guided by independent doctors in rotating committees, not Dr. Anthony Fauci and a small group of people who never examined COVID patients.

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Representative Eric Burlison (R-MO) says presidential brother James Biden’s explanation for his loan repayments to Joe Biden stood out to him from his testimony to the House Oversight Committee Wednesday. “For him to say that he had too many student loan bills that racked up or that he had...Something with a home that they had in Florida where it was hit by a hurricane, those were very suspect issues,” says Rep. Burlison.

Dr. Jason Sorens, Economist at the American Institute for Economic Research, says taxpayers will bear the burden of paying for President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program while universities rake in more money. Dr. Sorens says students will end up taking out larger loans and then waiting “ten years” for the debt to be canceled.

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NetChoice Vice President and General Counsel Carl Szabo says Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is one of the best protections for free speech on the internet that would otherwise be too liable for social media providers to host. Szabo says websites would immediately remove any potentially controversial content, like questioning the effectiveness of masks, if Section 230 is removed.

NetChoice Vice President and General Counsel Carl Szabo explains how Florida and Texas’ laws that prohibit social media platforms from moderating users' content are similar to the Biden administration’s online censorship efforts. “If Florida and Texas can force websites to host content that they don’t want to host, you can be darn sure that states like California and New York are going to try the same thing. Except it’s not going to be good for conservatives,” says Szabo.

Representative Glenn Grothman (R-WI) debates whether Democrat and Independent voters will be influenced by House GOP’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden ahead of the November election. “I think America likes to have their politicians be honest,” says Rep. Grothman.

Representative Eric Burlison (R-MO) says James Biden’s denial of presidential brother Joe’s involvement in the family business contradicts significant evidence gathered by the House Oversight Committee. “Jim Biden can say all day long that his brother had no involvement. But when he’s literally getting the investigator fired who's investigating Burisma, who's paying his son millions of dollars, and some of that money somehow ends up flowing into his bank account, flowing through Jim Biden's bank accounts. You know, look, there’s too much evidence that outweighs...Their rhetoric,” says Rep. Burlison.

Just the News reporter Steven Richards says he hopes the House Oversight Committee questions presidential brother James Biden tomorrow about President Joe Biden's involvement in his family’s foreign business deals, the financial benefits he gained, and how the Biden family name was used to influence these deals. Richards adds that a new report found James Biden used his family name to further his deal with now-defunct healthcare company Americore and even proposed Joe receive a seat on the board.

Just the News reporter Steven Richards explains the importance of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer requesting documents from the DOJ’s investigation into Patrick Ho, a former CEFC China Energy executive and Hunter Biden associate convicted of bribery. “Patrick Ho was really at the center of this CEFC bribery scheme at the United Nations. And this is the same company Hunter was working with,” says Richards.

1792 Exchange CEO Daniel Cameron explains how the Biden administration’s electric vehicle policies are challenging and impractical to mandate across the country. “Whenever the federal government gets into pushing a mandate on folks, particularly when it comes to trying to tell you what vehicles to drive and what power source to use, it’s not a good place for the federal government to be,” says Cameron.

Just the News Now: February 20, 2024

Supreme Court declines to hear racial discrimination case regarding school admissions

White House vows 'major sanctions' on Russia after Alexei Navalny’s death

Ashley Biden pays off thousands in taxes owed since 2015, documents show

'Shark Tank' investor Kevin O'Leary says he 'will never invest in New York' after Trump ruling

Capital One to buy Discover in $35 billion deal

1792 Exchange CEO Daniel Cameron says the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) movement is trying to destroy America’s energy independence and bolster our foreign adversaries’ resources. Cameron explains how Chinese energy companies that used slave labor received better ESG scores from MSCI than American energy companies because they produced renewable energy.


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