From Aleister Crowley to a fetus kept in a jar and JFK's assassination, find out the dark secrets the Bush Family doesn't want you to know!

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Who are the dark forces behind our drive for wealth, fame, and power?

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You live in a world of drug dealers. Only the drugs can be bought legally, and are perfectly priced to prevent you from inquiring into other areas.
Your society exhibits a wealth of negative side effects from these drugs.
Yet the bulk of your population still continues to use our products, even after they’ve shown themselves to be harmful.
You live in a population that continues to grow more restless, agitated, and depressed, in part from eating our goodies and treats. Treats that are called “superstimuli” as the stimulus it produces inside your brain vastly exceeds the natural stimuli humans received throughout evolution, from natural foods.

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Jacque Fresco has dedicated almost his entire life to improving humanity and helping us move from a monetary system based on scarcity to a resource-based economy. When the broken world we live in begins to fall apart it will be up to us to carry on the ideas of Fresco and others like him. Discover how future societies will live and how you can contribute to it by visiting The Venus Project.

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Sharing controversial information being shut down by big media corporations like Facebook and YouTube. Hosting videos from Max Igan, David Icke, and Alex Jones as well as documentaries. The globalists will stop nothing to prevent us from waking up to the reality of our world.
"It's easier to fool people than to convince then that they have been fooled." - Mark Twain