Fanmade Trailer of the 2nd movie

A fanmade Trailer for the Hobbit

Old VHS from the game DragonStrike

Something I wrote that was partially made into a comic book

More Traditional Japanese Storytelling from 2016 Matsuri

From Matsuri 2016 in Phoenix

Traditional Japanese storytelling. This particular one is about King Enma. This is taken from The 2016 Matsuri.

Oni at the Matsuri

Taken from my time at the matsuri

Very short clip of a traditionalist Japanese candy maker.

My Advice to aspiring writers.

An advert for my collection of Dark Fantasy e-short stories.

You can check them out by following this link:

A story in veins of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

This is the amazon link:


Video promoting my forthcoming, a fantasy genre e-novel called Wurm's Blood.


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