1. The Holocaust Deception & The Railroading of Ernst Zundel https://tinyurl.com/h8b2ctk
2. The Zundel Trials (1985 and 1899) by Dr. Robert Faurisson https://tinyurl.com/hxjofow
3. Ernst Zundel (1939-2017) A Lover, Not a Hater https://tinyurl.com/y86b1mxr

The Joe Cell by Ken Adachi https://shorturl.at/ABPR8
Joe Cell Skeptic Encounters Donkey-in-MIrror by Ken Adachi https://shorturl.at/uCENY
The Joe Cell and Hydrogen Gas https://shorturl.at/egtzS
Water Fuel https://shorturl.at/dzBT7
Aussie Joe Cell Experimenter Runs 1983 Car on Water https://shorturl.at/blzOV

This video is well worth watching from beginning to end. It's 2.5 hours long but it's going to FLY BY, because what you will hear is both fascinating and absorbing. You WANT to hear what both of these guys are saying because what they're saying is IMPORTANT and critical to our survival as a freedom-loving, Constitutional Republic Handsome Truth (Jon) is an extraordinary personality. He's free-thinking, gutsy, highly innovative and an exceptional character actor. He can be extremely abrasive,foul-mouthed and insulting, but he's usually doing it for effect. Much of it is a put-on to dis-arm and trigger, at least for those who take the bait.
Ayo KImathi is a reasonable man, possessed of good will, who can think. I don't agree with every statement he made, but I agree with 99% of what he said. But he's a perfect match to the intensity of Handsome Truth, who wants to focus ALL of our energy on the True Enemy of Mankind, Subversive Organized Jewry. .I'm interested in reading his book, which he put together in only 3 months. Most people need at least one year to put out even a modest book of non fiction. I had no idea what "Thera-gripper" was until I heard Ayo's explanation of what it was. I'm glad he mentioned the TRUE role of PCR testing is to monitor your Death Jab poisoning AND to collect your DNA to put into a few thousand government, military, and Israeli computer systems for "future use" .
...Ken Adachi

From Ken Adachi ~ 15 years ago, the JWO Marxist Propaganda Machine always referred to these alien invaders as "immigrants" even though that term only applies if the individual enters a country and resides there LEGALLY. Now, they use the expression "migrants" to again make these invaders seem like innocent travelers who are merely "moving through" the country, instead of ACCURATELY describing them as "Illegal Aliens" which connotes both the CRIMINALITY of their unlawful presence in the country AND their TRUE status as non citizen, non-legal alien trespassers .

Three-Herb Mold Toxin Binder Can Be a Daily Necessity to Help Counter Environmental Mold Growth (& increased Mold Toxin release) Due to Ubiquitous WiFi Energy Fields

Audio only in case video won't play: https://cutt.ly/2wqOzL0K
Katherine Watt explains what has taken place in America in the past 3 years, what we can expect next, and how we can stop it (16 minutes, 23 seconds).
Important podcast with Atty Todd Callender mentioned in this video:
Todd Callender's Jan. 30, 2022 interview with Dr Elizabeth Lee Vliet https://cutt.ly/lwqPlyVt

May 25, 2023.
Posted today on Jim Rizoli's Bitchute channel. This is a well-edited, tight compilation of important, key elements in the deconstruction of the Holocaust hoax that every thinking truth seeker should become familiar with and commit to memory. Any intelligent individual who actually takes the time to LOOK at the mountain of verifiable evidence which proves - beyond all doubt - that there was NO attempt to murder or exterminate Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War 2. Period. You merely have to open your eyes and take off the Jewish Propaganda Blinders to SEE the Truth staring you in the face.
Original source: Shane St PIerre

The "Disinformation Dozen" from the Disinformation Machine at DailyMail.co.uk

(English narration of 2011 German documentary forwarded by Sylvia)
None of the information presented in this video was ever made known to any high school, university, or graduate student in America following World War 2. I remember well first learning of Hitler's unprovoked attack on Poland on September 1, 1939 as a sophomore in high school, when NO reason for the attack on Poland was given other than Hitler's desire to conquer the world (similar to Napoleon's thirst for conquest) Of course, the history teacher only knew what was being stated in the history books which he and the students were reading, so I can't really blame the teachers, but it does underscore the old adage that the victors write the history books, and not the vanquished. More to follow... .

Dr Gerald Fredrick Toben was born in Jaderburg, Germany in 1944. In 1954, his parents migrated to Australia. Fredrick was a brilliant student, who gained a BA in 1970 at Melbourne, another BA in New Zealand (1968), and eventually a Doctorate in Philosophy at Stuttgart (1977). He also gained a Graduate Certificate in Education from a University in Rhodesia (1978). He taught at various schools until he was unfairly dismissed for incompetence and disobedience in 1985. He eventually won the case against unfair dismissal, mitigating his own damages. Fredrick was not only incredibly intelligent, highly educated, he was also extremely perceptive. He found the "Holocau$t" to be a nonsense and actively campaigned to have it exposed as a lie. In 1994, Fredrick founded the Adelaide Institute which he directed until 2009. The Adelaide Institute was highly effective, and soon Jewish supremacists, Zionist liars, and Holocau$t scammers were telling the docile "Australian" government to close it down. Fredrick was subjected to continual harassment by the above mentioned degenerates and their toadies. On a visit to the Federal Republic of Germany (FROG), in 1998 which seems to be little more than a Zionist lickspittle, Fredrick was actually arrested and sentenced to 10 months in prison.

Fredrick attended the International Conference about the "Holocau$t" lie in Iran in 2006. Fredrick was a brilliant, highly educated individual, who realized that the "Holocau$t" is not only a Allied Lie, a Jewish supremacist scam, but also an attack on Greek rationality, the origins of white civilizations Fredrick sadly passed away in 2020, aged 76.

Doctor Gerald Fredrick Toben (1944 - 2020).

May he rest in peace.

Mark Farrel narrates what happens to those people who dare to question the Holocaust atrocity lie. Those who have done so, have been murdered, crippled, attacked with acid, physically assaulted, their businesses destroyed, their names smeared, subjected to legal persecution, even forbidden burial, deported, sent to prison and informed that the "Truth is no defense". This video shows how evil and controlling Jewish supremacist thugs attempt to suppress the truth, by engaging in a desperate, vicious campaign of violence and legal persecution. Mark tells of those brave, normally highly educated and qualified persons who risked all to tell the truth. Mark also reveals the reality of the situation of those Jews interned by the Germans during World War 2.

May 17, 2023
This video, posted today by Jim Rizoli, debunking the absurdity of the "Six Million" Jews who were supposedly murdered in World War II German "Death Camps"' via non-existent homicide gas chambers, is probably being narrated by David Cole (who, by the way is Jewish). For people who have taken the time to read about the harassment, vilification, defamation, arson fires, and death threats endured by Ernst Zundel, Dr Robert Faurrison, Fred Leuchter, David Irving, and many other historical researchers and investigators of World War II German concentration camps, it does not take long to understand that the Germans were maliciously and FALSELY accused by Organized Jewry of intentionally murdering millions of Jews in German concentration camps, via gas chambers, when NO such extermination campaign was ever undertaken at any German concentration camp during the war. While many Jews, and even MORE non Jews, died in German concentration camps near the end of World War II, it was not due to intentional killing, but rather death from tyyphus infection, starvation and lack of medicine due to the obliteration of railroad lines by allied bombing in the final months of the war.

The links to other videos on the Holocaust deception can be seen from the links given below: :

Commentary by Ken Adachi, adapted from Stew Peters description, May 16, 2023:
The Biden Administration is engaged in naked, blatant treason to destroy the American Republic and her People. Walter West joins Stew Peters to detail the ongoing border crisis and how the FEDS - who swore an oath to PROTECT and DEFEND the American people from foreign invaders - are using WhatsAp to COORDINATE and facilitate the INVASION of America by largely military- age young men from South America, Central America and Mexico to enter this country illegally - by the MILLIONS - and then be flown or bused (at taxpayer expense) to ANY state of their choosing within the interior of our nation. Illegals are also being given taxpayer-funded Smart phones with unlimited internet access and data storage. Once ensconced within the interior of America and the money, transportation and the Goody Bag of Federal subsidies suddenly ends, these HORDES of young invaders will then turn into an ARMY of criminals to besiege and plunder vulnerable Americans from coast to coast. We will experience a CRIME WAVE, unlike anything seen in previous history, that will make the crime wave of violence seen in major cites of America during the Prohibition era, seem , by comparison, life a visit to Disneyland.

Stew Peters & Dr Bryan Ardis ~ Watch the Water, Part 2: Closing Chapter Feb 16, 2023

Dr Bryan Ardis & Stew Peters ~ Watch the Water, Part 1 Premiered Mar 22 2022


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