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This is the SAME Mike Westcott from Leprechaun fame.
He sang 'The Biltong Song'
and 'I'm Just a Shumba Drinker'
and most famously 'It’s a Long Way to Mukumbura '

Journey Into The Unknown (1998):
White South African farmers risk everything to start a new life in the Congo.

The Congo was once the 'bread basket of Africa', and now white South African farmers are selling their homes to build a new life in the DRC. But will this new colony of expats overcome their prejudice and find the land of opportunity they hoped for?

Bloodlands: The complex question of land rights and expropriation has long blighted South Africa. With attacks on white farmers on the rise, many believe the aim is to terrorize them off the land.

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Much of the farmland of South Africa remains in the hands of the white population. This has been touted as one reason for chronic violence across the country. “There was a lot of blood lying on the floor here and I immediately realized that something is wrong”, says white farmer Jo-An Engelbrecht, recalling the discovery of his parents’ bodies. “Their throats were slit. They were tortured here”. However, some raise doubts whether these murders, and those of many more white farmers, are not simply a product of a wider issue. “We have a real problem with violence and it’s expressed in various different ways”, says Gareth Newham of the Institute of Security Studies, “And then suddenly there’s international attention on the murders of white farmers. It just sort of seems completely disproportionate”. On the other hand, radical politicians are not afraid to offer force as a solution for reclaiming these lands. “The white minority took our land by force”, declares Julius Malema, charismatic leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters. “You must say enough is enough. We are taking the future into our own hands”.

From Journeyman Films here:

Fatherland is a controversial coming-of-age documentary set in the remote South African bush. It follows a group of Afrikaner boys over 9 days at a military camp in the spirit of their fathers before them.

However, what starts out as basic training, fitness and camaraderie soon intensifies as the true nature of the camp is revealed and the boys are forced to question their place in the ‘New South Africa’.

These camps are designed to recreate a sense of Nationalism amongst the next generation of Afrikaaners, though as their training progresses ideological elements emerge revealing the stark realities of their training.

The film follows three particular boys and Col. Franz Jooste -an ex-SADF soldier that fought for his country pre 1994 – and focuses on the conflicting views developed by the boys. Under the strict leadership of their camp leader, they struggle to find their identity within their own communities and within their ‘rainbow’ nation at large. The children are forced to participate in a physically and mentally grueling process that tests their values, beliefs and identities on every level.

"However, we do urge you, brothers, to go on making even greater progress and to make a point of living quietly, attending to your own business and earning your living, just as we told you to, so that you may earn the respect of outsiders and not be dependent on anyone "
(1 Thessalonians 4:10-12)

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Totally left wing representation. As always, read between the lines.

"Some 27 years after the abolition of apartheid, there are still communities of white South Africans who refuse to mix with their black fellow citizens. It's the case in the town of Orania, where the only language spoken is Afrikaans, the tongue of the first Dutch settlers. In Orania's schools, students are taught an alternative version of history. "

This was one of Vincent James' first interviews on the now defunct Pewtube, when he was just starting Red Elephant.

He is interviewing a young South African living in the US who was helping a South African group go around the US and speak to people about the plight of the Boer.
Apparently recruiting young whites from the ALT-Right to come and fight in South Africa. The whole interview ends up in a bit of a weird place lol

This is an interview with RedElephant interviewing Vanessa Carlyle. Truly fascinating stuff.

In Episode 2 of Genocide South Africa, Vince sat down with Karin Smith to talk about the atrocities that are happening in South Africa with regards to the killing of the white farmers by the African National Congress and the intentional starving of white men, women and children by the African government.

Karin Smith shows a side we have never seen or heard before due to the media suppressing most of these stories. Not only the American media but the South African media as well. With South Africa being a communist country, most citizens fear for their lives to speak out about what is happening.

This was posted on the now defunct Pewtube in August of 2017

Fatherland: The "terrifying extremist" groups preparing for race war in South Africa

In rural South Africa the far-right Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) is training thousands of white youth for a war between the races with military-style bootcamps where the Hunger Games meets Hitler Youth.

"God, our people, and Fatherland". This, according to the Bernard family, is what the AWB stands for. A deeply religious family, they form part of the small but determined minority of Afrikaner people who still wear their apartheid-era politics on their sleeve. Now for the first time their 15-year-old son Sparky will attend Kommando core, an AWB 'endurance' camp for white youngsters. By day, the young attendees are pushed to their physical limits, while by night they are subjected to lectures on white supremacy, sowing the seeds of old hatreds in a new generation. "Burn, bastard burn", they chant as they set alight the South African flag.

..of course brought to us by the left.. read between the lines

In May of 1987 Donald S.McAlvany addresses an audience of nearly 1000 People in Johannesburg, South Africa. Patriotic South Africans produced a videotape of that message which has been re-edited and released for American Viewers.

This video is very left wing but I am posting it none the less because I know you guys can read between the lines.

Rhodesia to Zimbabwe: c. 1890-1980 From the arrival of the Pioneer Column to Independence. Part 1 of the history behind the flight of tens of thousands of Zimbabweans into South Africa in 2008. (2hr. 14mins.)
1. Questions 00:00:00
2. Conquest 00:04:39
3. Missionaries. 00:48:25
4. Commercial Farming and the Landless 01:14:55
5. Uprising 01:37:11
Credits: 02:11:46

A video sent to me from
of the wonderful website

Malema denying White Genocide in South Africa

Eugene Terre'Blanche and betrayal in Bophuthatswana.
The 1994 Bophuthatswana coup d'état was a popular uprising against, and subsequent removal of, Lucas Mangope's regime in Bophuthatswana; a South African tribal homeland installed during apartheid. The coup d'état - which was formally completed by the South African Defence Force on March 12 - resulted from wildcat strikes, a wave of support for the African National Congress then sweeping the territory, mutiny in the armed services, and Mangope's refusal to participate in general elections. It has been remembered largely for the public shooting of three right-wing Afrikaners by a black officer of the Bophuthatswana Police. This proved to be a public relations disaster for the far right and demoralised Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging militants hoping to preserve white minority rule.

Controversial land reforms in South Africa are raising tensions as the nation's white minority arm themselves to defend their farms against government seizures. One America's Kristian Rouz has the story.

He never said he loved her
She never said she cared
He’s out on the ship somewhere
And she’s still running scared
She never thought to ask him
And he never thought to say
Now they’re both out somewhere looking for
The love that got away
She changed her name to Venus
He got a job in Spain
And she’s living alone in Denver
With a cat that has no name
And once he though he saw her
In a Spanish Cabaret
But it was just another stand-in for
The love that got away
And it’s no fun being alone
And she’d sell her soul for someone to call her own
He’s been waiting for a reason to head for home
And it’s no fun, with no one
It’s no fun being alone
He never Said he loved her
And she never said she cared
So they lived alone and never knew the life they might have shared
She never thought to ask him
And he never thought to say
Now they’d gladly trade their freedom for the love that got away
And it’s no fun being alone
And she’d sell her soul for someone to call her own
He’s been waiting for a reason to head for home
And it’s no fun, with no one
It’s no fun being alone

(Transcribed by The Ghost of Ian Smith in January of 2020)

We will never forget about you Rhodesia..
From tjokkie the tjokkstar
on Youtube

The body of Hannah Cornelius was discovered on Saturday morning just outside Stellenbosch. The 21-year-old was in the car with a friend when she was hijacked on Bird Street. Gang raped and then her head smashed in. Carjacked in broad day light off the street by four Blacks just to rape.

Happened right here.,18.8576462,3a,75y,132.01h,77.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sufzQ5Q-mzYKNrqxtOAb7Jg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Well Mel Ve had this video and her page taken down on Youtube.
Thank goodness I saved this. Mel is the official Spokesperson for the Khoi nation.

Goto 37m55s if you want to get to the meat of it.

05m03s [Start]
08m30s [Dipuo Mahlatsi on Blacks owning country, whites not welcome]
11m16s [Who does South Africa belong to ?]
13m59s [Terra Nullius and Pope Urban]
16m46s [Bushman's concept of ownership and how it affects South Africa]
18m15s [We are ALL Slaves, white slavery included]
19m25s [Why South Africa needs your Taxes, Keeping it real]
21m47s [South African listed on US Stock Exchange, individuals as well]
24m19s [We are all Slaves, but we have to feed ourselves]
26m20s [Mandatory Poisoning]
29m22s [Educational Indoctrination]
32m51s [The Media]
37m55s [Apartheid - What was it REALLY? (The start of the Apartheid talk)]
39m03s [Apartheid was about Separate Development and preservation of the Native People]
40m13s [Henrick Verwoerd Explaining what Apartheid really was]
47m54s [Why was Apartheid beneficial to Blacks?]
48m30s [Compared to Canada]
55m41s [Compared to Australia]
58m22s [All the tribes are adapted to South Africa and deserve to be preserved, Whites included]
1h1m55s [Genocide of Natives in Australia, Canada & America]
1h2m46s [Vorwoerd tried to preserve the Bantus culture. Who is Verwoerd? Central Bank shenanigans]
1h5m45s [Bantustans - Self Run African Homelands - Preserving Black Culture]
1h8m05s [Kaiser Matanzima leader of the Transkei - Mandelas Nephew - Supported 100% Apartheid]
1h9m28s [Chief Matanzima interview stating how Bantustan Independence was better than 1 Nation]
1h11m20s [Why were Bantustans actually better for Black Africans ?]
1h13m42s [Why was Mandela imprisoned in 1964?]
1h15m31s [Amnesty International's Mediation - Could not give Mandela the name "Prisoner of Concious"]
1h16m59s [Was Mandela a man of Peace ?]
1h17m31s [Vorwoed 1st Assassination Attempt; The International Bankers]
1h19m41s [Video about the Assassination and commentary]
1h22m20s [Vactican Assasian Dimitri Tsafendas (TWOBYTWO Cult) Tapeworm Possesion]
1h22m59s [Reaction and Dimitri Tsafendas interview]
1h29m34s [The Anti-Apartheid Movement]
1h30m30s [Whites were not allowed in certain areas as well under Apartheid]
1h32m02s [The Famous people get in on it! It must be important. Virtual Signaling]
1h33m40s [The Sanctions Start - Rand becomes worth more than the US Dollar]
1h34m18 [Freedom Propaganda - Freedom Buzzword - Nuerolinguistic Programming]
1h35m51 [The dude who sold out White South Africa - F.W. De Klerk - He was PAID!]
1h38m32s [Mandela Freed - Becomes Knight of Malta (Papal Knight)]
1h42m20s [Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic]
1h44m07 [Unholy Alliance - Peter Levenda]
1h45m [Franz Von Papen - Knight of Malta - Got Hitler into Power]
1h46m32 [The Roman Cult]
1h47m09s [World of Manipulation- Words Synonymous with Control]
1h52m30s [I am African - No Matter what my Skin]

Biltong is a form of dried, cured meat that originated in Southern African countries.Various types of meat are used to produce it, ranging from beef and game meats to fillets of meat cut into strips following the grain of the muscle, or flat pieces sliced across the grain. It is related to beef jerky in that they are both spiced, dried meats; however, the typical ingredients, taste and production processes may differ.

The word biltong is from the Dutch bil ("buttock”") and tong ("strip" or "tongue").

When the dust of the day had parched your throat, nothing restored your faith in your fellow man faster than downing a few ice cold 'chiboolies'. Shumba Drinkers at the time were known to "drink a dozen a day.
This peaked at #3 in Rhodesia on August 27, 1977. Mike Westcott was a popular DJ and TV presenter.

[Verse 1]
Have you been reading the morning papers?
The Cold War's coming back in style
And there's general's here, advisors there, and the Cuban intel everywhere
The Cold War's filling up with red, we make big bucks when we blow off their heads!

They got ripped up, scared as blackness, time to go to war (Back in Rhodesia!)
Massive headlines in the papers, we want total war (Back in Rhodesia!)

[Verse 2]
Drooling fingers, panic button
They finally get to try new toys
The war's big bucks for embassy
We can't afford to lose another economic colony
Bring back the draft under our wing!

[Chorus 2]
Cuban oil and no more hotrods when we go to war (Back in Rhodesia!)
Massive headlines in the papers, we want total war (Back in Rhodesia!)
Call the army, call the Navy, time to play with guns (Back in Rhodesia!)
If they risk uneven battle and play rotten, we can play spy!

[Guitar Solo]

As soon as we have flexed our macho colonizer abs (Back in Rhodesia!)
We want oil and we need money drugging people
Back in Rhodesia
Back in Rhodesia!

August 6, 1977. Terrorists supported by communist nations blow up Woolworth's department store in Salisbury Rhodesia. 11 killed and 76 injured. Rhodesians suffered. The world was silent.

Composed H. R. MacDonald.
Words by by E. M. Willar. The Regimental March of the Depot, The Royal Rhodesia Regiment.
The chorus is sung by National Service Trainees.

(17 Jan 1973) Rhodesia and Zambia's border bridge, across the Zambezee river, is closed to all traffic except for a few tourists

The RAR was the oldest regular army unit of the Rhodesian Army earning battle honours through 2 world wars, Malaya and Rhodesia. They were eventually merged in to the Zimbabwe Army after Independence.


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Remember Rhodesia - Help me keep it alive ! I'm aiming to be your one-stop Rhodesia shop.

First Angola (the Portuguese were murdered en-masse, many cut in half vertically in saw mills) and then Mozambique went, then Zambia and Rhodesia and finally South Africa. It's the story of a colonial country that was built from dust into the bread basket of Africa, promised dominion (like New Zealand) by Britain if it federated (which it did) and then denied it - unless it gave the country one man one vote. The only problem was that 70% of the country was still in the neolithic-bronze age. They were denied Dominion by Britain and so like America, they declared their Independence. The Western Nations plunged them into total 100% Sanctions for claiming independence. Worse sanctions than Iraq ever had. Only South Africa, France and Portugal supported them. At the same time Russia and China trained and armed rebels in the countries around them and the rebels attacked.

They held on against incredible odds and were always victorious. The never lost one battle EVER. They acquiesced to one man one vote with ONE stipulation. NO Communist majority. Small concession right ? During their second election, the populace was terrorized to vote for the Communists and Robert Mugabe took over. That was 39 years ago. Mugabe was the Dictator for 37 years, until November 2017. Meanwhile he stole all the white farms and plunged the country into starvation after killing 10's of thousands of Blacks and printed so much money that a loaf of bread cost several quadrillion dollars. That obviously killed anyone's life savings.

Now South Africa. When will we learn to stick together ?

My YouTube channel got deleted.
I have ALOT of really rare Bushwar and Rhodesia videos and music recorded to cassette tape during the 70s.
Not all of them are from my personal files. Sorry if it takes a little while to post the music.
I am hand writing out all the lyrics as I can.

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Bles Bridges - The English Album (South African Singer

Carl Klang - Selah (Christian Identity Singer)