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This video is a cinematic recreation of the Iconic film Jurassic Park using Jurassic World: Evolution. This is fan made with sounds and licensed music to give original ambiance.
This was done using ShareFactory on PS4.
(Soon to be:, March 2020.)


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Prime Geek Culture started as a forum in June 2018. Many people felt with current way of politics that opinions, freedom of expression were becoming a forethought of the geek community. With that, Prime Geek Culture was born.

Through the mist arose many members who suddenly felt peace knowing a intellectual conversation wasn't turned into a argument. Prime Geek Culture endorses all forms of geeks, we will not suppress you or ban you for your opinions.

This is a community, that in time that could be as close to a collecting family. Prime Geek Culture specializes in giving updates on News, Movies and Collectibles of Pop Culture Icons. Our front page is periodically changed to newest Movie or Stream trailer, while our forums discuss you likes, dislikes and collection.

To those who already joined us, we thank you! And those who lurk please feel free to join.

Anyone who would want to advertise, sponsor or affiliate with Prime Geek Culture:

Please contact us @ [email protected]

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