Scene outside of a hospital in Brooklyn.

It’s noteworthy that Mong Kok are venues where pro-democracy demonstration take place.

According to Cable News, a fund was granted by the previous Yau-Tsim-Mong District Council to install 4k lens in the surveillance camera at the height of Sai Yeung Choi West Street by April this year.

Introduced 11 years ago following acid spilling incident in Mong Kok, the last District Council further expanded usage of surveillance footage from investigating falling objects from height to any criminal cases. The video footage will be kept for 30 days and police can apply to extract footage of up to six hours before and after an incident.

The Operational Guidelines of the Home Affairs Department state that the video is shot at a fixed angle and range and will not point to any apartment unit. They said facial recognition will not be applied.

* A Russian transport plane landed in Italy a few minutes ago with tons of medical equipment and dozens of doctors to help Italy go through the biggest crisis in its history *

In remembrance of 15-year-old Chan Yin-lam who was found dead in the waters 6 months ago, citizens held memorials at Tsuen Kwan O and Kwun Tong.

Amer Al-Fakhouri, “Butcher of Al-Khiam”, while being extracted by the Americans in Lebanon, after they pressured Lebanese Military court for his release threatening with sanctions on the personnel in-charge for the trial.
Thread below introducing who he is.

A terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for firing the Katyusha rockets at the US base at Tanf, Iraq.

On Wednesday, the Syrian people demonstrated their opposition to the mullahs' regime. Avoid rallying though recommended because of Corona, but many young people have lit the fire.

The Italian airforce gives a big emotional lift to their nation with Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma (let no one sleep) and where lyrics say venceremos (we will overcome). They have their planes dramatically facing and overpowering the single plane (virus) with their National Flag!

Chaharshanbe Suri is an Iranian festival celebrated on the eve of the last Wednesday before Nowruz (the Iranian New Year).

Chaharshanbe Suri is an Iranian festival celebrated on the night of the last Tuesday before Nowruz (the Iranian New Year).

Jerusalem Flowers and Hanan Avital resident of Hadar Ganim at a balcony party in Hadar Ganim

Initiative of Hadar Ganim activists


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