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A Phoenix, Arizona homeowner shot and killed two men who were attempting to break into the home #shorts #shortvideo #subscribe #short

GEORGIA GUIDE STONES WERE DESTROYED1 probably an inside job but, who else is thrilled about this?!

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80 year old store owner Craig Cope shot an attempted armed robber, the incident was captured on security cameras, it happened around 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning. Cope fired his shotgun in self-defense at the armed robber, the suspect was hit in the arm and fled the scene with four other suspects. Craig suffered a heart attack as a result of the traumatic experience, he returned to work Tuesday.

Choppers bad, a women cuts off her tattoo off and mails it to her ex, I don't feel bad for him, though, he was clearly all about that crazy b____ life.

The principle of correspondence.
We've all heard this quote before, but maybe you never knew it was Hermes who first coined it. It's closely related to the first principle of mentalism and states that what we hold in our thoughts and mind will become our reality. It explains the many planes of existence, including those of lower and higher vibrational frequencies and how they're connected.

The principle of mentalism.
"The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental."

The principle of mentalism states that the universe is akin to a mental projection. The is like manifestation 101, which is all about using your thoughts to shape your reality. For anything to be, a thought must precede it. Through this principle, it's believed that God is consciousness, or thought, and the universe is a manifestation of the mind of God. Using this law, we, too, can harness the power of our minds to create the life we wan

most humans won't make it...

we got to take a second and just be glad to be here! #shorts

unhinged plan to brainwash the world and place everyone else into containment camps! #shorts

if big brother cares why doesn't he encourage healthy food, meditation, exercise, etc...

The beautiful future of humanity gets a test run with cattle, what's really the difference these days?

What are we telling the children when we social distance and cover up our faces?

The theory that the internet is overrun by bots.

EVERYBODY (directly or indirectly) works for the .0001%, our Money Printing Masters, who own everything and everyone that can be blackmailed, bullied or bribed. Here are five things we can do to break free..

the drug addicted and homeless community in Kensington, a neighborhood in Philadelphia, social engineering and population control at its finest #shorts

link to our first video about Kensington

Shall not be infringed! Guns make us happy.

Project Blue Beam is some crazy stuff... Do you believe?

Seems like Billy boy might have a little something to do with this formula crisis...

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Why are feminists so big and angry?

GEORGIA GUIDE STONES WERE DESTROYED Who else is thrilled about this?!

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Is our world being divided on purpose? YES! we are being attacked... is it China, Russia or Iran? or is it our own alphabet gangs?

button pushers need to realize that the stupid little button at the crosswalk doesn't do a damned thing!

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Russia, Russia, Russia, etc... war, vote, buy, sleep, conform, #shorts

Way Back Wednesday - The cover up of the Hunter Biden laptop story. As the saying goes_ The difference between conspiracy theory and truth is about six months.
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A look into the Georgia guide stones and it's "Message to Humanity"

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