Eisenhower, Bradley, and Patton inspect a concentration camp.

This is horrifying.

Today Congressional Territorial Delegate San Nicolas decided to celebrate the Ides of March by ordering the Guam National Guard to march on the offices of Representative Marjorie Tailor Green (Q, GA).

It seems that Green, as part of her general policy of saying shameful, retarded shit, had inquired as to why there were foreign soldiers from someplace called "Guam" in the U.S. Capitol. The Delegate from Guam was justifiably offended...and, being a Democrat, decided to fight ignorance with a horrifying, evil affront to civics and military discipline.

The Guam National Guard Troops The Retarded MTG asked about are activated and stationed in the Capitol because Xo Bai Din is returning everything to totes normal. Delegate Nichols ordered them to march on Congresswoman Greene's office.

He then bragged about this on Twitter.

And took video of it.

A few problems here.

Congress, whether they be Delegates, Representative or Senators are TOTALLY outside the chain of command. They do not give orders to troops.

Using the military to intimidate a congressional representative of the opposite party is about as junta-like as one can get.

Participating in a political action in uniform is a major UCMJ violation. When I was in, we could have faced discipline for this...given the added context of following unlawful orders from outside the chain of command might have resulted in a tour of duty at Leavenworth.

The GNG troops were either ignorant of the rules and basic military civics or did not care to follow either. Whatever the reason, this speaks to frighteningly poor training.

The same goes for the Delegate, who used the troops to make a political statement illegally, though I doubt that ignorance was a factor here.

This is terrifying.

The seal...Stop it.

I probably couldn't post this on You-Tube now.
From Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. The OTHER good movie that came out in 1977.

This video was originally posted on a You Tube channel named Inconvenient Truths, but it was pulled recently. There are other videos of excerpts from this lecture, but I think this is most of it in one spot. It is an 18 minute lecture by Ji Dongsheng, the Vice-Dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University discussing Chinese influences on U.S. policy. This is surprisingly candid and exceedingly important footage IF the subtitles are accurate.

Jennifer Zheng's Inconvenient Truths Channel:

Jennifer Zheng on how the video was obtained.

N.Y.Post story on the video.

The protestors in Seattle are annoyed by the moniker that the media has assigned them (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or C.H.A.Z.). And to be fair, CHAZ is silly. To rectify this public relations problem they have demanded that they be referred to as C.H.O.P. (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest). This did not seem like an improvement to me but it turns out that C.H.O.P. has the advantage of honesty, as this fellow explains. “Does anybody here know what happened to the people who did not get on board with the French Revolution?” to which the crowd cheers "CHOP!"

I've got a degree in History. Trust me when I say that this is "bad". No doubt you are now reading up on The French Revolution, particularly The Terror. However, I suggest you, gentle viewer, also read a bit about the Spanish Civil War, Maoist Cultural Revolution, and Salem Witch Trials. This movement has similarities to each of those manias, which all were catastrophic for the affected populations.

Original video source is Shelby Talcott's Twitter:

Pictures of the Chinese Cultural Revolution:

Here's a primer on the Salem Witch Trials (or how a town in Massachusetts suddenly became Twitter)

Here is a sobering article from 2019 on the Spanish civil war. It is actually an editorial, but it focuses on the similarities to our current situation.

Here's a VERY cursory overview of The Terror:

...and for those who think this can't affect those of us in the hinterlands if these people win, here is a Quillette article on what for us is a relevant subset of the Terror...the Rape of the Vendee':

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I have no idea about the reliability of ALL NEWS Noticias, but the situation looks grim, much like early videos out of Wuhan or Northern Italy.
There's no winter in costal Ecuador. (see: ) This has ramifications for the notion that the pandemic in North America and Europe will dissipate come summer.

The Source Channel is here

I don't speak Spanish but this doesn't look good.
A lot of hope is being pinned on the virus behaving like the flu and going away in the summer. The Ecuador situation does not seem to support that hope. Ecuador is on the actual equator (hence its name and Guayaquil is the countries main port (not up in the mountains).Costal temperatures are moderated slightly by the Humbolt Current, but average temperature in Guayaquil in March is still 32.2C (about 90 degrees Fahrenheit) .

This video was posted by a German News Agency on YouTube but seems to have been pulled.
There's CNNi coverage here:

Listen to Middle Management.
Unless they tell you to come to work sick while current the Kung Flu from Wuhan is about, then just ignore them.

Allegedly this is an internal Google training video that is required viewing for all senior managers. It seems to imply that one of Google's long term goals is to use big data to make Lamarckianism work. It gets rather disturbing about halfway through the video.
Originally reported on at The Verge last year...
...I'm putting it on BitChute because it needs to be seen and not disappeared.

Linux users...They're FUN!
You will enjoy the freedom of Linux...oR ELsE!1!

Original video by firexq

Another test of the Bichute channel :
Footage taken 7 years ago in Washinomiya Japan.
A brief video of a walk from the Tori (gate) at the great Shinto Shrine of Washinomya to the first set of altars..just to give some idea of the scale of the place.
Note that because of Lucky Star, this place is is ocassionally a nexus for Anime fans. However, it is important to remember that it is a very significant shrine to the Japanese so please be respectful if you go there for an anime related trip..

It's the oldest Shinto shrine in all of the Kanto region and a very impressive and beautiful complex in its own right

Test Post.
Original drawn by 宝丼 NorthwoodsInside


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