No voting on WHO treaty or IHR amendments scheduled. David Martin shows patents on Covid and their vaccine that didn't work from 1992! Giuliani identifies Bill Barr as the problem in DOJ! Reps press conference on WHO. See the ineptitude and frustration. Don't fear speaking to them! Reiner and Vernon Coleman discuss Vaccines, Covid and censorship. He asks us to demand debates! Where are the Debates?

1. US congress Reps anti WHO press conference:

2. Paul Wallis : Yahweh overthrow. 1 Samuel 8

3. Paul Wallis: Female God Asherah helps humanity:

4. David Martin in Brussels May 3rd. Bioweopons and patents:

5. Rudy Giuliani on Steve Bannon calls out Bill Barr

6. How Google Broke the US Patent System | Facts Matter

7. History of the CIA part 3: The agency and organized crime.

8. Link to the committee of 300, John Coleman:

9. Reiner and Vernon Coleman:

Amazing info Revealed by Sepehr, Ehret and Wallis. And Asha Logos. It was and still is the diabolical Illuminatus. French Revolution is in Progress in my opinion. Asherah the Female God of Farming and animal husbandry has been "deleted" Paul Wallis explains. Sepehr shows Aryans in India.

1. What Durham Didn’t Tell Us

2. Why I Won’t Be Reading the Durham Report

3. French Revolution Intro:

4. Robert Sepehr: India Genetic history Aryan coverup:

5. Female God Asherah helps humanity:

6. Matt Ehret: multi polar reality: amazing presentation!

7. ISIS defined by Israel. 1990?

9. Dr Janmades: food exercise and sleep:

1. French Revolution Part 2 : Asha Logos :

2. Russell Brand. RFK on CIA.

3. RFK discussion on World issues:

4. Senator Cruz speaks regarding unqualified Federal judge nominees! First 10 min. Must watch.

1. Whitney Webb on establishment control:

2. Asha Logos: The Oera Linda book: subverting history :

3. Sepehr on the Oera Linda book:

4. Asha Logos : Oera linda book ch 5.2

5. Archaix: Yahweh was a murderous imposter! The great Deceit. part 3

6. “Moses epic is a fairy tale” The great deceit part 1

7. The Serpent code. Part 2 of the great deceit:

8. Tartaria: the missing 1000 years. Not!

9. Roguski Substack: exit The who!

Video got cut off at the end. Battery died. Too much info to put in the title!
1. David Talbot: the CIA, The devils Chess board!:

2. Dr John Coleman: Tavistock and the Committee of 300 lecture and Q&A

3. Cynthia Chung : Ukrainian nationalists bought and paid for by the CIA:

4. EU head hides Nazi past:

5. Codex Oera Linda book: Translation differences:

6. Paid mandate promoters:

7. Good Times bad Times guitar lesson: sped Spedding:

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1. Trial site news. FDA states vaccines do not need to prevent infection!

2. Groups Lobbying for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Were Funded by Pfizer

3. Alpha lipoic acid:

4. Dr. Andreas Kalcker : chlorine Dioxide lecture:

5. Kalcher website:

6. EMF and diabetes, mirrored:

7. EMF and diabetes: Original site:

8. Dr Lee Merritt : may 3rd. Ukraine:

9. Hospital nurse Reveals death protocol coverup!

10. Cheryl Pass Obituary:

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1. Dr Lee Merritt:

2. Matt Ehret: Documentary: Canadian patriot: origins of Americas Secret police:

3. Cynthia Chung: Matt Ehret’s wife in counter culture psychos and early psychology and the occult:

4. Matt Gaetz grills ATF head:

5. First republic bank bought by JPMorgan:

6. Glen Greenwald: Jan. 6th Riot Infiltration:

7. Jordan Peterson, Feminism and women’s studies:

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1. Sarah Westall: free speech conference: Friday night: Dr Kalcher: Corey Lynn:

2. Corey Lynn’s speech on Immunities and privilege:

3. Corey’s digs part 1

4. Tucker Carlson April 17th show: corrupt media.

5. Tucker and Kennedy on April 17th:

6. Kim Iverson and RFK Jr.

7. ABC cuts RFK jr. Comments on vaccine dangers: ABC Refuses to Air RFK Jr. Comments About COVID-19 Vaccines

8. Dr Nurse John Campbell: Brit debate on WHO treaty and IHR amendments!

9. UK debate on WHO treaty and IHR changes:

10. HHS whistle blower Children are being trafficked!

11. 5 docs:

12. Lee Merritt / Sarah Westall part 2 of 2 Frequencies:

13. Tucker speaks after he’s fired:

14. Robert Sepehr: Magic Square of the Sun:

15. Clif high on Khazarian language Pivot:

16. Dr Jamnadas: short chain fatty acids:

17. CBDC manipulation: short:

18. Sudan and US biolabs.

19. Jimmy page Metropolitan museum of modern art:

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1. Shadow wars! Clif high:

2. Bobby Kennedy about Tucker

3. Maria Zeee: No oaths of office signed!!

4. Trial Site news: Sasha Latypova Kathryn Watt: review of Brook Jackson case:

5. Hospital nurse Reveals death protocol coverup!

6. Tom Fitton Judicial watch: RICO Fauci Mutant Virus funding:

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1. Reese Report

2. Maria Bartiromo: Blinken orchestrated intelligence lies over the laptop!

3. Whitney Webb on Jimmy Dore Show. Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan and Epstein.

4. Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Anna Mihalcea:

5. Mike Adam’s: Globalist war on Rice!

6. Transgender grooming Violent radicals!

7. Clif High: worst crash ever:

8. Margery Taylor Green:

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1. Farmed salmon: toxic! Most Toxic Food in the World? Farmed Salmon.
2. Really Graceful Gene edited foods!
3. Heavy Metal in spices:

4. Darpa Mind control technology:

5. Sentient Brain collection:

5a. sentient: sentient \SEN-shee-unt\ adjective. 1 : responsive to or conscious of sense impressions. 2 : having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge : aware.

6. Rep Cory Mills advised Lloyd Austin of impeachment articles.

7. Dr. Vernon Colman PhD.
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5. David Martin: reveals Covid origins :

David Martin mirrored on John Wayne Channel:

6. WHO Document “the world at risk” September 2019.

7. Mike Adam’s: crypto and the resist act:

16. Twitter: Dr Coleman WHO using vaccines to reduce population. Chilling! committee of 300:

17. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg discusses Trump indictment

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1. Clif High and John Galt:!

2. David Martin: reveals WHO Covid Fraud:

3. WHO Document “the world at risk” September 2019.

4. Zero hedge Brazil and China Ditch the Dollar: The Dollar

5. Epoch times: Brazil China currency deal: Brazil-China Yuan Trade Deal Not a Game Changer

6. Kim Iverson and Scott Ritter

7. Pregnant mothers: Tylenol and autism:

8. Kash’s Corner. 400 million dollar “royalty” to NIH from Moderna:

9. Adapt 2030: pt 1/2 climate cash and crisis:

10. Part 2 /2

11. Brooks jackson case dismissed:

12. Kathryn Watt on Brook jackson dismissal:

13. Rasmussen Poll on Vax deaths!!

14. Online Influencer Who Posted Hillary Clinton Meme Found Guilty of Interfering in 2016 Election

Mackey’s case is a historical first, in that alleged falsehoods are being argued as a form of election interference

Douglass Mackey, also known as ‘Ricky Vaughn,’ was convicted today by a federal jury in Brooklyn of the charge of Conspiracy Against Rights stemming from his scheme to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote,” reads a statement released by the Eastern District of New York on Friday.

Rand Paul and Fauci at link 9.
1 . American Thought leaders: Dr Sabine Hazan Gut biome: Covid immunity. “bifidobacteria”

2 . Dr Sabine Hazan with Sasha latypova guy biome bacteria revelations:

3 . Kim Iverson : Rand Paul questions Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel:

4 Moderna CEO:

5 Sen Kennedy questions Janet Yellin:

6 . Napolitano : comments on the AUMF:

7 Chip Roy: hammers congress about not restricting Executive orders:

8 Dr Jamnadas: gut bacteria:

9 Rand Paul and Fauci royalties and research Grants!

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1. Col MacGregor and the judge discuss Ukraine Xi and Putin :

2. Kim Iverson and Dr. David Martin:

3. Trump’s 10 step plan to dismantle the deep state.

4. Katherine Watt Righteous brutal analysis of the corrupt systems attacking the public:

5. Stephen Gardner Col MacGregor: Ukraine truth coming out:

6. Karen Kingston and Maria Zeee: Pfizer Liability and Patents show true nano Tech power:

7. Eminent domain: claim after police destroyed homeowners house. She wins!

9. Pascal Najadi speaks about NY case!

1. RFK Jr and Sasha Latypova

2. Scott Ritter and judge Napolitano:

12. Ana McCarthy:

13. Anna McCarthy: NY courts. Search Civil. supreme courts by Index number100197/2023 New York county

3. Dr Nurse John Campbell: world wide medical conspiracy: Congressional subcommittee:

7. USAF goes woke!

4. Karen Kingston and Maria Zeee:

5. Dr Ladapo Fl surgeon general: “vax has terrible safety profile”:

6. Dr Robert Malone: expoing the hi tech psyop!

8. Robert F Kennedy Jr. part 2

9. Zero hedge: Biden cash!

10. Biden Chinese cash!

11. Trial site news: MRNA platform may be dead:

14. ZZ Top My Heads in Mississippi:

15. Karen Kingston and Dr Paul Alexander:

16. Karen Kingston and Maria Zeee:

17. Harley Schlanger on SGT report:

1. J6 footage show FBI plain clothes led the riot!

2. Facial recognition show FBI provacatiurs doing Jan 6th

3. RFK Jr. on government

4. Benny Show major Rant:

5. Chip Roy speaks on Bidens policy and congress stupidity.

6. Najadi interview report German paper:

7. Najadi: Natural law Tribunal:

9. Electrons for energy:

10. Nitric oxide:

11. Corporate and government: ESG:

12. Kim Iverson. SBV

13. Brendan O’Connell SVB and New Hampshire: 500 Israeli start ups funded:

Really Graceful: Rockefeller!

Mikki Willis : Ivermectin smear campaign proven:

Mikki Willis: “Plandemic”clips:


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