This is a good time for riders to make plans to visit the ATV/UTV friendly trails and businesses of the Black Hills National forest. Participation is trending similar to last years record breaking year for visitation in the Black Hills, so do not hesitate.

Research the Shanks/Schroeder Trailheads here:

It is the rocky nature of the Shanks/Schroeder Trailhead trails, which makes these a lot more challenging. Recent forest service planning has added new trails as indicated on the 2022 MVUM. Here also is a rock-crawler trail #6605, too extreme for most ATVs.

If not the favorite, probably one of the most patriotic destination in the Black Hills National Forest, is the Nemo Flag!

Perched above the city of Nemo on a rock cliff, riders can be seen smiling whether they are taking a picture of the flag, or with the flag.

Research the Nemo area ride here….

Riding will continue in the Black Hills National Forest at least until the trails close on December 15. Trails open again May 15. Some or our trails never close.

The STURGIS OFFROAD RALLY concludes its event this weekend.

Pine Grove has numerous non-width restricted forest service roads/82" trials. They travel from valley to summit.

Trail 6515 and 6528 are actually part of a small set of rock crawler trails. The trails are called Bikini and T-Back. Rock crawlers describe them as, "on the edge of a cliff with big stuff to climb over."

The Pilot Knob area is known for its rocky rides. These trails can be a nice challenge for your Black Hills National Forest visit.

Research Pilot Knob ride here….

The Pilot Knob Trailhead is also your starting point for the Bogus 62” Trail System.

82” TRAIL OR FOREST SERVICE ROAD? Some riders like to call them 82” non-width restricted trails. On the MVUM the Black Hills National Forest calls them “Roads.” More specifically Roads Open To Highway Legal Vehicles, or Roads Open to All Vehicles. But they are trail-like, so ride them like a trail. You usually see them on the map as a three-digit number like 170.5e.

For some, an 82” trail includes those Roads Open to Highway Legal Vehicles, Roads Open to All Vehicles and Trails Open to All Vehicles. That means over 3,000 miles of trails are available to ride any vehicle, and especially for those vehicles wider than are allowed on our designated 62” trails.

Trail 170.5E on the MVUM is designated as a Seasonal, Road Open to Highway Legal Vehicles Only. Trail 170.5E is an out and back trail, which is part of a small group of trails open in the Camp 5 area, this year, for the first time at least since 2019.

Sometimes to really enjoy the beauty of the Black Hills National Forest you have to climb to a higher level. The 62” Trail 6800 takes you out of the historic valleys of the Redfern Ride into a place of height and overlook. This trail is part of the Nugget 62” Trail System.

Research the Redfern Ride here…

Trail 6800 is close to the silver and gold ghost town of Silver City and just west of one of the most popular Black Hills lakes, Pactola.

62” Trail 6821 is part of the Summit Trail System of 62” restricted width trails. This area also has, 82” non-width restricted, forest service road, trails. This trail is in the Palmer Gulch area just South of Hill City SD, and is part of the larger Palmer Gulch ride.

This ride has numerous evidence of mining history including visible mines and historic cabins.

Research the Palmer Gulch ride here…

If you are willing to do some off-ATV UTV hiking, you could experience a beautiful waterfall and even more historic mines.

Trail 126 is one of the few trails that provides access to Black Hills National Forest ATV & UTV trails from off Interstate 90.

Research the Piedmont Trailhead trails here…

Trail 126 is a non-width restricted, forest service road, 82” trail. The Piedmont Trailhead area is known for its railroad history.

The area has numerous 82” trails with scenery and historic sites.

Research Gold Mountain/China Drive here….

A somewhat challenging ride located just outside of Hill City, South Dakota. The area also has numerous 82” trails with scenery and historic sites.

Research Gold Mountain/China Ride here….

When you ride trails in the Black Hills National Forest, roads and highways become part of the ride. Licensed vehicles can ride from trail to highway and back to the trail. No ATV UTV Destination has more to offer.

Research ATV UTV Destinations here….

Many riders leave the trails just long enough to drive up to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. When you ride off-road trails in the Black Hills National Forest you can visit some of the same sites, that each year attracts over one million tourists.

Research Destinations to Visit here...

Riding the trails will continue, at least until they close on December 15. Trails are scheduled to open again on May 15.
Research other sites here...

Just above the Piedmont Trailhead is a memorial to an enthusiast who died in a four-wheeler accident. Your respect for this monument is a tribute to all those off-roader’s who have been injured or who have passed on the trail.

The CUSTER STATE PARK ride is popular because of the scenery and the wildlife. Make plans to visit during the free access weekend.
Research the Custer State Park ride here...

Each Spring Custer State Park celebrates the beginning of the summer season with the annual Open House Weekend. The Open House free access weekend this year is May 21-23.


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