When you ride trails in the Black Hills National Forest, roads and highways become part of the ride. Licensed vehicles can ride from trail to highway and back to the trail. No ATV UTV Destination has more to offer.

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Many riders leave the trails just long enough to drive up to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. When you ride off-road trails in the Black Hills National Forest you can visit some of the same sites, that each year attracts over one million tourists.

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Riding the trails will continue, at least until they close on December 15. Trails are scheduled to open again on May 15.
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Just above the Piedmont Trailhead is a memorial to an enthusiast who died in a four-wheeler accident. Your respect for this monument is a tribute to all those off-roader’s who have been injured or who have passed on the trail.

The CUSTER STATE PARK ride is popular because of the scenery and the wildlife. Make plans to visit during the free access weekend.
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Each Spring Custer State Park celebrates the beginning of the summer season with the annual Open House Weekend. The Open House free access weekend this year is May 21-23.


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