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The scam is nefarious and full of hypocrisy and shows how people's love of money is their ONLY value. To them, people do not matter. Love of other people does not matter. Only money and self. Sociopaths are control freaks and do not believe in consequences for their actions...until the days of judgement by nature herself casts them into the dark depths they love so much(and this has nothing to do with religious beliefs; simply cause and effect).

Attempted murder of the Human Spirit. It may work for some, for a while, but God, in us, love's freedom. We are not born to be slaves to elitist scum and AI. Now is the time to resist. If their datacenters just "happen" to be destroyed, their strangulation systems will fail.
See the culprits: https://equessurge.win/index.php?main_page=commentaryWEF

It's all about control(of you human animals) ... it is the foxes guarding the henhouse. The corporations are the ONLY polluters and environmental destroyers and they turn around and blame the public. They profit from us while they can, and then they blame us for the destruction that they initiated and implemented FOR PROFIT. Ultimate goal: Eradicate most of the human population and keep enough of the tagged, useless eaters to serve the new "God".
Follow the money, the grants, and the consequences. A good example is the Nuclear Industry that is touted as clean energy. Do they tell you of where they dump the nuclear waste? THE OCEANS. Oh isn't that special. So we end up with dead and mutated sealife and we consume it, and radioactive particles get drawn up into the atmosphere. And all these fucking "brilliant" scientists know what is good for us? Give me a goddamn mutherfuking break.
Berkeley Lights Enables Synthetic Biology: https://www.nanalyze.com/2020/04/berkeley-lights-synthetic-biology/
Stamping out: https://www.fao.org/3/y0660e/y0660e.htm
IBOL: https://ibol.org/
CBOL: https://barcodeofwildlife.org/cbol.html
Barcode of life: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genbank/barcode/
Supermice: https://www.heartsinhealthcare.com/changing-life/supermice-and-knockout-mice.html
Phylocode: http://phylonames.org/code/
Asilomar 1 and Recombinant DNA: The End of the Beginning:
Asilomar 2 conference raises issues for governance of tests and deployment of climate-controlling technologies:
Asilomar 3 AI Principles: A Comprehensive Guide:
The tests are the jests. The vaxes are the axes.
every breath you take, every move you make

Parallel societies are vital! WEF Cyberpolygon being executed in 2024 with "killware". Sustainable(Transformative) Development Goals and Global Policing will keep us useless eaters in line(or killed). Watch out for "your" politicians....who do they serve? Do their words match their actions?(rhetorical question)

Concise information and dire warnings.
See the list of the WEF partners/sponsors here: https://equessurge.win/index.php?main_page=commentaryWEF

42 year old Bukele, speaks truth(without teleprompter). Too bad he will have his life shortened by the NWO anti-truth WEF so let's spread his words while we still can.

When the criminals being exposed are the ones judging the ones who expose their crimes then you know that the rot of corruption is irreversible.

Me: Since Fractional Reserve/No Reserve Banking(fucking) is THE cause of inflation(currency devaluation) then the banks AND the governments owe the people. How they pay is their problem but they need amounts and time limits set to comply or face imprisonment plus asset forfeiture.; or, start jailing them first.

14 years ago and not a fucking thing has been done to stop this Ecocide and the WEF blames US!?? The corporate fascists behind it blaming the victims. We are killing ourselves with this shit? Give me a goddamn mutherfuking break! The "climate change" hoax/farce/scam is just part of their plan to kill us off for our own good huh. see who: https://equessurge.win/index.php?main_page=commentaryWEF Lucifer laughs at our stupidity at how easily we are manipulated.

Shows statistical proof of the mass murder committed, and ongoing.
Me: Heads up. They have announced Disease X. This will be renamed to some other bullshit when they roll out the next "pandemic".
To see the table of the WEF sponsors we are all funding with our purchases -> https://equessurge.win/index.php?main_page=commentaryWEF#AtoZ:

Eisenhauer and Churchill killed millions in their thirst/starvation camps after the war but nobody gives a fuck about that. Killing millions of civilians in Dresden bombings, no problem. Killing millions of Japanese civilians with fire bombs and nukes. Hey, not a big deal. Exaggerate the number of J's in Germany and OMG, the horror! multiply the numbers as it serves your purposes.
Isn't hypocrisy lovely.

People, or rather, people without souls who so loved the world they traded their eternal souls for mortal power and glory and live forever in infamy, pasted for all who come past the menageries, the sideshows, to be jeered at and despised until the end of history.

Posting this does not mean I agree with the whole but I look for the truths between the lies and forgive the lies because there is more of the truth than not. The lies indicate that a large degree of brainwashing cannot be overcome in our lifetimes, so the lies we cannot overcome are therefore forgivable if not told with malicious agendas behind them.
Let's keep the baby and give it a good rinsing before throwing out the bathwater.

Ties together the climate scam, covid, and digital ID/currency conspiracy with facts.

Died Suddenly
Dahmer is on the loose and targeting vaxed people bur he calls himself friend Pfizer .hmmmmm
duh.... wunder wye

Solitary confinement for life in a Supermax is too good for them. Many people. This is akin to serial killers who get away with their crimes for decades, or forever. But this is mass genocide, orders of magnitude greater than some petty serial murderers.

"What, me worry?"
They should all be forced to take their own injections from their hottest batches.

The mass murders being done by the MRNA covid weapons make autism from other vaxxes seem like the sniffles. If you believe in vaccines, the first step is admitting you are a brainwashic. This is a lifelong affliction but refusing to admit to your illness will prevent you from ever improving.

Excellent interview with the Florida Surgeon General by Del Bigtree

Jeff Berwick

Trent Reznor feat. Karen O - Immigrant Song
Plant and Page made irrevocable deals with satan but God is the arbitor.
Satan is just pissed....And Page and Plant hope they picked the winning side.

Geoengineering has been going on for decades and is an integral part of the WEF/NWO/UN plans being executed within the "Great Reset" agenda. "Summertime Sadness"
The degree of brainwashing is phenomenal and nefarious as fuck! And people think this shit is funny. If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes then your heart is dead.

Me: Well, as per Ron White: "You can't fix stupid"..


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