Anthropogenic climate change is real, but not for the reasons the green meenies claim. It is being done by the DOD of the US as well as other governments.

Ties together the climate scam, covid, and digital ID/currency conspiracy with facts.

Died Suddenly
Dahmer is on the loose and targeting vaxed people bur he calls himself friend Phizer .hmmmmm
duh.... wunder wye

Solitary confinement for life in a Supermax is too good for them. Many people. This is akin to serial killers who get away with their crimes for decades, or forever. But this is mass genocide, orders of magnitude greater than some petty serial murderers.

"What, me worry?"
They should all be forced to take their own injections from their hottest batches.

The mass murders being done by the MRNA covid weapons make autism from other vaxxes seem like the sniffles. If you believe in vaccines, the first step is admitting you are a brainwashic. This is a lifelong affliction but refusing to admit to your illness will prevent you from ever improving.

Excellent interview with the Florida Surgeon General by Del Bigtree

Jeff Berwick

Trent Reznor feat. Karen O - Immigrant Song
Plant and Page made irrevocable deals with satan but God is the arbitor.
Satan is just pissed....And Page and Plant hope they picked the winning side.

Geoengineering has been going on for decades and is an integral part of the WEF/NWO/UN plans being executed within the "Great Reset" agenda. "Summertime Sadness"
The degree of brainwashing is phenomenal and nefarious as fuck! And people think this shit is funny. If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes then your heart is dead.

Me: Well, as per Ron White: "You can't fix stupid"..

hmmmm if you don't laugh out loud at least a few times at Jim's truths then maybe you are retarded

Parasites have caused gangrene in the body of America's extremities but at least not EVERY politician is a scumbag maggot consuming and thriving on her dead flesh.
The few good ones are ALL slow to act in meaningful ways.

Thank you for this video, Tim Truth.
Me: I say DOX ALL the globalist mutherfukers

Me: The Disinformation Governance Board(DGB) should be named the KillTruth Governance Board(KGB). When this biddy(pictured) is an old hag she will make Pelosi look like The Prom Queen.

Episode 263 - Risking It All
Rally in LA + important interviews
Every organization with "World" in it's name is integrated with the fascist NWO.

acculturation:changing of one culture to be more like another. ME:...think about it
David Icke talks about how we are being taken over by inversion of truth.

this film is now banned on Youscrewed

How appropriate. So many are now BAT SHIT CRAZY

ME: Inside traders(banksters, congressters, etc.) set this shit up to profit on shorting markets and then on buying off the stocks of the panic-sellers. This pattern is IDENTICAL on the crypto markets.
Ukraine has been corrupt for years and Soros, the Bidens, Obama and others are just some of the profiteers.
I do not agree with everything Brown says but he has a right to say it.

Take what you find as true .... there is much truth revealed in this video.
Bill Gates said in Feb, 2022 interview that "...sadly, natural immunity to the Omicron variant provides better protection than the vaccines....." SADLY for the evil people behind the massive scam.
My opinion: The Covid Bullshit IS World War Three. Never has there ever been such widespread despotism and violence and most of the violence is inside the jabs, and a little by cops, but more by doctors and hospitals and news media paid propagandists.


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