POCs everywhere, standard story, so... why THIS critic score... curious...

How did certain things STICK to Double R? This is a good example of how it went in general.

Just a clip, not really how things went, but a good indication in general of how it went down.
Not really...

#DoubleRversus #CharacterCreation

Taking the first 3 "Master Class" Episodes I've made, I have done a bare bones summary of them in this under 4 minute video.

Music - Bownsir: Struggle Squad

Nuts VS Guts:

The Stupendium:

Found a moan where there was a pre-requisite to RP with them. Sort've.

Well, their time is a bit important so they want to waste NONE of it seeking RP partners.
Very. Specific. RP. Partners...

Why are you Role-Playing muh dude? And are you RPing or is this just seeking a companion... I.. have questions...

Released a little early so I can focus on keeping ahead of the ball now.

So, you just HAVE to have politics in your story and character. You just HAVE to huh? Okay, let's go over how to get THAT out there without being looked at as a crazy person in terms of creating a character.

#DoubleRversus #RP #MasterClass

A lot of problems come up after the core character is complete. We are going to deal with the dreaded 'Muse' issue NOW as opposed to waiting until later so these concepts will remain within the mind.

Old video of mine that I referenced:

RP Moans Blog Site that covered this topic as well:

A crazed general and his platoon have a traitor that sends a signal for help.

The problem: It attracted Power, but also DREAD!

(Default puts it in gaming due to RP notation. I move it to entertainment when I check in.)
Link to part 1 (bitchute):

When Captain Power and his team destroy another power station, Lord Dread has had enough! It is time, for a new plan of attack.

And this is episode 1!?

Playlist of the show:

In RP, I've overlooked one... major... problem...

Inspiration versus Appropriation.
Which causes Creation?
What can be the use of each?

Find out this time, on Dragon Ball Z- wait, in Double R's "Master Class."

The rest of the master classes on YT will be on main channel, but here on BitChute, I'll put them in as well.

Yes I know, not the right word, but that's alright, it goes with the rest of the Prelude series.

Anyway, this is the intro dissected, sorta, of Captain Power in my type of style of analyzing before we get into the series proper. And yes, there's a little foreshadowing, just depends on how you read the hint.

Will put up PRELUDE: Power Rangers from Youtube before Episode 1 of Captain Power.

The Shorts of Aeon Flux always have messages hidden within them. Not working on the 'political' ones, just the basic and common sense ideas that people have forgotten. Here is the 'entire list' found in what is known as Season 2 of Aeon Flux (The animated shorts).

Last two lessons folks!

Of course, blocked on YT so here's the original version.

In this episode, Aeon takes a mission to stop a guy with glasses and take his briefcase...

It does NOT go well...
Will be on Bit Chute after finding out if this is blocked or not. Link will be added.

#DoubleRversus #AeonFlux
The game is afoot. With other lessons already learned, episode 3 of this series shows how trust can backfire in a near spectacular fashion.
With 'Trevor' giving us the run down of the clip show, we 'see' how things fell into this state...

BitChute will continue with the Pre-Season.
YouTube seems to have Viacom battle with it.
Though I would like to find a way to make things smoother, this rant came up when it got taken down AGAIN and a change in how I had to address it happened.

If there was any way to adjust things, I'd do so, but it seems Viacom has an auto tagger and that makes things... difficult.

So 2 vids a week seems to be the aim: One on YT, one on BC.

As the lessons in WAR were indicated, there is one PRIMARY lesson in this episode... let's bring it up.

Viacom has an auto-flagger so WAR on YouTube is back in the challenged state... again.
And yes, YouTube's set up has once more caused self doxxing.

(Yes, put it up early for BitChute.)

Reviewing the shorts of Aeon Flux (5 of them, this is the first), I had to make sure I cover as many points as I can with as many 'bad gags' as I could. Reasons... of course.

The plans that are set for season 3 and the pre-season...

Already on YT but it seems it didn't update here...

I take on the basics of mere lettering as opposed to the gag against SJW logic that could appear.

#DoubleRversus #CharacterTranslation #RP

Are you, as the writer, getting the image that YOU want about your character out? Perception is one serious factor people never consider and even I overlooked all the while bringing it up in an offhanded way... So what IS character translation...

The ORIGINAL rant about Character Translation:

Several things must be noted when you want to SMOOTHLY get into RP. Note, this is the most EFFICIENT but not REQUIRED at all.

1) Stat sheet from Dungeons and Dragons

2) Older YouTube Videos (AoL and Facebook RP issues)

3) Season 1 of new Series

4) Season 2 of new series.

5) "Red Flags of Introductions" Video


Re-Edited my original video about this topic, but I feel I've covered it years back enough so here it is once more.

An old movie review while I get the END OF SEASON 2 completed. Have Fun!


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Channel goals will be, simply put, to help new players and the intermediate have a firm ground to stand on.
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Taking the common complaints and some loose thread subjects (Followers VS Following, for example), we'll deal with those things. (Season 2)