I know, there was more to the interview than just this quote but this was the thing EVERYONE was crying about. I recorded a reply to it as well, but it was put on the back burner due to other things and what this channel focuses on. BUT, here we are...

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I know, there was more to the interview than just this quote but this was the thing EVERYONE was crying about. I recorded a reply to it as well, but it was put on the back burner due to other things and what this channel focuses on. BUT, here we are...

It sounded In Character for a while... until...

A Role-Play topic.

Yeah, you read that right... evidently, people are STILL confusing MultiVERSE with MultiSHIP and it's just causing a particular RPer a bit of an issue.
So let's have that discussion...

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(Due to YT not auto-uploading here as back-up for me, manually doing it. So Putting this out a day early.)

I couldn't figure out how people got upset about the 'bat sex' bull crap... it's not like there weren't, metaphorically tons of data to foreshadow it.

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Big Sean's "Ass" is used for a gag.
Piemation's "Suction Cup Man" used for a gag.
Killing Joke animated movie (first half) was reviewed.
Naked Gun series used for a gag...

Vid I reference about additional foreshadowing of such:

Character Translation (Original rant):

Character Translation (video clip summarizing it):

Current Channel going over Character Translation:

Re-Upload from my Original Channel (Youtube)

When a role is so bad that you want to just scream, who is at fault?

Let's investigate...
(Didn't auto upload from YT so manual upload here.)

Premise holds many things: Stats, History, etc.

But when it comes to RP, this seems to have become forgotten.
(Scheduled Upload Jan 17, 2020 on YT)

UPDATE! 01-16-2020
Was notified the update didn't hold so I'm putting the BC link for the BC (this) video.

Premise, Development, Evolution...

Now that you have your creation running and story lines flowing, how do you maintain interest and how do you evolve a character?

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The one flaw that can doom a perfectly made character...

#DoubleRversus #CharacterDetachment #RPOC1032

There's a couple technical problems as of late so I have decided to dive into Role-Play Offense Code 10-3.2. (10-32)

So let's get into it...

BC link:

Sorry for delay, evidently the one from YT didn't auto load here this time...

Anyway, remember that Nezuko fan art picture, well... where is the next logical place that stupidity will spread.
Give ya HINT: Halloween costumes have been eating this problem for 3-5 years... MINIMUM!

#DoubleRversus #Multiship #RPMoans

Let the games begin on dealing with the Multi-Ship problems in Role-Play. What is Multi-Ship... is you kiddin' me?! Well, I'll explain that too... though I thought it was simple enough to get.

#DoubleRversus #RPMoans

Oh goodie, this BS again...
Oh, and the AGED UP world war about art... yeah, lemme go ahead and smash both of these...
07:57 starts the Nezuko incident.


A moan that appeared later has reaffirmed the Type 2, RPC 10 line. But the defense that people had... the replies... were... odd.

Like the point was utterly missed or something.

For some reason, this one stopped playing... so the reupload is the current one.

Agendas hurt creations, but there's something more... technical, that can stifle such creation as well...

#DoubleRversus #Flip #RPMoans

I have flipped my account, WHY are you LEAVING!? WHY ARE YOU LEAVING!?

#DoubleRversus #StopBeingStupid #RPMoans

From not understanding what the word Negro means to someone thinking character ships are a time to send nudes... Double R has to engage these two of the DUMBEST RP problems he's yet to face.

It... does not go well...

#DoubleRversus #RPMoans #RPAU

So evidently, Role-Play has taken over Hollywood and the Entertainment industries and anything IN RP commands the canon of all other entertainment.

What? It doesn't? How you mean!?

When you use a Canon character and some folks want a CERTAIN incarnation of that character and instead of looking for that version... they decide that YOU should change YOUR character for THEM!

POCs everywhere, standard story, so... why THIS critic score... curious...

How did certain things STICK to Double R? This is a good example of how it went in general.

Just a clip, not really how things went, but a good indication in general of how it went down.
Not really...

#DoubleRversus #CharacterCreation

Taking the first 3 "Master Class" Episodes I've made, I have done a bare bones summary of them in this under 4 minute video.

Music - Bownsir: Struggle Squad

Nuts VS Guts:

The Stupendium:

Found a moan where there was a pre-requisite to RP with them. Sort've.

Well, their time is a bit important so they want to waste NONE of it seeking RP partners.
Very. Specific. RP. Partners...

So, you just HAVE to have politics in your story and character. You just HAVE to huh? Okay, let's go over how to get THAT out there without being looked at as a crazy person in terms of creating a character.


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