A triptych of Composting styles.

STYLE 1: A pile of debris from stores and garden shops that may contain chemicals not suited to grow food in; examples include miracle grow, GE potted plants, yard decorations, etc.

STYLE 2: PERMACULTURE- season to season soil that is never tilled, aerated, or disturbed but ideal for cultivation of fruits and vegetables with little to no weeding.

STYLE 3: A raised compost or dry compost. This method is more or less a black box that you fill with vegetable scraps, leaves, extra soil, mulched wood, and natural materials and clippings.

More of this to come!

Peace & Love

~ Kage

Today's Video is about starting a fire from basic scraps and a Bic lighter. This is the Fundamentals for those unacquainted with "HOW TO" create and set up the 2 easiest fires in the WORLD!

I start with the designs of 2 types, the materials You'll require, and show You in 7 minutes how to start

"Grillen dem steaks when the lights go out!"

Peace & Love


Happy International female day, today's video is NOT about a gender or even women, it's about fishing. Fishing for interesting topics, ideas, crafts, and things YOU the viewers wanna see Me discuss. Allow Me to lull You to sleep with instruments, share Bardic knowledge of Human Antiquity, or Rage with Kage! I am a research scientist by Nature (natural philosopher) and enjoy stir the Pot of Societal Norms: don't be shy and Hater's composite to become the best fan's, so bring on whatever feelings and emotional baggage You want, I will Tolerate and Respect almost* all forms of lifestyle.

*excluding the following, but not limited to: feminazi or NAMBLA

~Kage the Bard

A friend, who shall remain Anonymous, asked how I am in such good condition for my mid 30's. My simple answer of Permaculture and Bushcraft skills didnt seem to suffice.

So, here is a quaint video showing the tools and gardens I use to stay fit & healthy from home!

If You enjoy or wanna know more about the plants, techniques, or better explanations on certain topics You see, comment below!

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A looping video of rain falling on summer leaves and Tin gutters. For stress relief at work, a quick meditation in the car or bathroom, or just for the love of rain! Enjoy this 10 minute video!

A simple tutorial on making natural tools from the natural World around us! Bare with Me as I start this new exciting hobby channel based on personal growth through fun projects, Mens health, and logical application of Wisdom!


A fun backyard or campfire DIY skill that can be done with stone or hardware store tools!


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