Kamping with Yogi

Yogi Hank

Nice place for a few night stop.

I went to a lot of places this week!

Beautiful canyon, love it here!

My camping neighbors were feeding the wild deer corn. Made for a great show.

Having my morning coffee and suddenly realized how beautiful the view was from my dinette window. This resulted. :))

People will travel thousands of miles to visit someplace like the Louvre. Many times there's something better to see right outside our window. :)

Just completed my second of 5 or 6 weeks in Texas. Really looking forward to the desert.

All video shot between sunrise and 10AM.

70% speed to mitigate shake

Great campground

Miscellaneous photos and clips from week #1 in a kinda chronological order....

Short video of my morning walk on the beach.

Decent place, 3 out 5 in my opinion due to the LNG Terminal.

$132/week, full hookups.

From the Jeff Busby Campground to the southern terminus in Natchez, MS.

The Natchez Trace Parkway from the Meriwether Lewis Campground to the Jeff Busby Campground in Mississippi.

From the Northern Terminus in Pasquo, TN to the Meriwether Lewis Campground and Historic Site.

Great place. $10 for 3 passes.

....and my repair. :))

A small section on.the Golden Pond Visitors Center too. Nice place.

I'm in southeastern Ohio, just started on my 6 month Yatra.

I leave in 2 days for a 6 month trip across the U.S.

Getting ready for my 6 month journey starting in early November. I needed some storage and to make the Kamp feel like home.


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A channel based on RV travel, boondocking, history, Yoga, meditation, nature, and, my dry humor. :) I'll likely have an occasional RV technical video too.

While travelling the US by RV starting in the Fall of 2018, my main drive & passion will be to create videos that can be used as a contemplative look into the natural world. I hope to be able to bring a deeper appreciation for nature to people that can't readily experience it for themselves.