Kamping with Yogi

Free 14 day limit. Great place... as usual.

Beautiful views while on Indian Reservation land.

Great park. I had to decrease the video quality to upload to Bitchute.

Link to an old LA TIMES article on the crosses:
For Troops, This Road Is Not a Drill - latimes

$6/nite, beautiful camp

Time to turn right and head toward home....

Great place.

Another great and relaxing campground

Nice park close to Phoenix.

Nice park, not much in the area. Good 1-2 night stay.

Great campground on a 5,000 year old lava flow.

Nice park and Roswell has its charm.

Spent 3 days with my daughter here, nice park.

Picked up my daughter at the El Paso airport today, heading into New Nexico and possibly further west.

Very busy week and I loved it.

My last day in Big Bend. ūüėĘ

Moderate hike of about 4.7 miles round trip.


Just outside of Big Bend, NP

Besides Big Bend, I haven't done a lot....

First day in Big Bend.

Nice place for a few night stop.

I went to a lot of places this week!

Beautiful canyon, love it here!


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While travelling the US by RV starting in the Fall of 2018, my main drive & passion will be to create videos that can be used as a contemplative look into the natural world. I hope to be able to bring a deeper appreciation for nature to people that can't readily experience it for themselves.