Kamping with Yogi

Yogi Hank

Getting ready for my 6 month journey starting in early November. I needed some storage and to make the Kamp feel like home.

Filmed at two Vietnamese Buddhist Temples in Syracuse, NY. 9/2/2018.

Vu Lan Ceremony which is a day for people to remember the nurturing, teaching of their parent those who died or still alive. It is a big day of Vietnam in particulaly and East Asia in general. Vu Lan Ceremony is also known as Gratitude Ceremony, it is one of the main days of Buddhism.

All wildlife photos taken at my RV Kamp land in Preston Hollow, NY USA.

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All wildlife photos taken at my RV Kamp land in Preston Hollow, NY USA

I've uploaded this montage 4 days ago but does not appear visible yet. Second attempt. I apologize if it eventually appears twice. :))

The Vischer Ferry area was originally settled in the late 1600s. The area is now home to a historic hamlet, the old Erie Canal and a nice nature preserve.

Takes about 30-45 minutes

Takes about 30-45 minutes

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Nice 1+ mile hike in Gilboa NY

Shot at RV Camp in NY State.

Seed sounds C through B included from a Casio SA-77, listen in a quiet place with sound on high enough. I hope someone enjoys this.

Velcro didn't work, time to try something new before I drill through my roof.

Some video clips from my recent Florida trip.

Dixie Lake

Even the occasional jet or dog barking made me remember nature keeps happening. ;)

Short stop for a purdy view....

Nice caverns, worth a tour...

Short video of a beautiful overlook view on the Skyline Drive

Power for Boondocking. Two 100 Watt Renogy Solar panels.

The Catskill Creek, Preston Hollow, NY. February 2018.

This video is intended to be a contemplation on nature. My first video upload, more to come. :)


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A channel based on RV travel, boondocking, history, Yoga, meditation, nature, and, my dry humor. :) I'll likely have an occasional RV technical video too.

While travelling the US by RV starting in the Fall of 2018, my main drive & passion will be to create videos that can be used as a contemplative look into the natural world. I hope to be able to bring a deeper appreciation for nature to people that can't readily experience it for themselves.