Kamping with Yogi

Kamping with Yogi



A National Park at a Volcano outside of San Salvador, El Salvador

Great place to visit, not any resorts to speak of and most other boats were local fisherman. This area is likely to change a lot in coming years.

Leaving for the US soon, this is the last video from El Salvador.

The largest pyramid temple site I will visit. Much of the site has not yet been excavated and remains under the earth.

These were my favorite ruins in El Salvador so far. Highly recommend.

In part of the Casa Blanca Archeological museum you can dye a cloth using the same process as the Mayans. Though I doubt the Mayans had plastic garbage cans, jars of vinegar and fabric softener, this was kind of fun to do. The indigo is collected locally from local plants.

This is a larger archeological park in western El Salvador. It was inhabited by the Mayans on and off for close to 2,000 years.

For audio, I've included a reproduction what is believed to be authentic Mayan music.

This area in El Salvador contains many small sulphur springs. When dtiving, you can see clouds of steam from the springs all around the countryside.

$1 entry fee, very cool park.

For the last few months I've been speaking to my deer whenever we meet outside. I do this by speaking nicely but loudly to them. It seems to put them at ease when I do this. Today I decided to try to introduce myself.

DISCLAIMER: If you try this method it is at your own risk. I haven't tested my water and use it only for topical and bathroom purposes.

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Gregorian chant from the public domain. Half the video shot at Kamp.

I've added video from the American Falls.

If anyone knows how to delete previous Bitchute video uploads, please let me know how.

A short meditative video....

This would make a great 3-4 day stay, we only had one day so this video is of two sights and the campground we stayed in.

Heavy rain this morning became strong winds then gradually sunny skies. State Park site #43. Highly recommend.

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.

Miss my trip but glad to be home. Heading back out early winter. I'll have an occasional video in the meantime.

Some people have let me know the first upload of this isn't viewable. Hope this is. 😃

Some history and lots of great scenery and hiking trails. I didn't check them out but there appears to be 4WD trails too.

Caverns are hard to photo, did my best.

Strange and beautiful place.

Unique place.

Totally awesome place.

A must see, good 1-2 night stay

Great park, great day to be here. Sometimes what seems like bad luck can be the best luck of all. ?


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