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RUSH ended up being my favorite band. Initially it sounded like a bunch of noise and Geddy Lee's voice bothered me. It wasn't until I realized that Neil Peart wrote great lyrics that I saw how good the music was too.

In 2112, a young man finds a guitar that was left behind by the "Elder Race of Man". The man quickly learns to play the instrument. Nothing like the guitar exists in the current "Solar Federation" and he excitedly brings his discovery to the leaders of the Federation.

The Solar Federation is ruled over by "The Priests of the Temples of Syrinx" in 2112.
The Priests strongly rebuke the young man for bothering them with his new discovery. The Priests see it as part of what destroyed the Elder Race. The Priests are concerned only with controlling the masses, and what appeals to the average, dumb-downed serf is what they care about as it helps maintain their control. The Priests promote "equality" as a way to keep everyone in line...

Afterwards, In a deep depression, the young man commits suicide. Unfortunately, this is at the time that the Elder Race returns to our Solar System and abruptly ends the authoritarian rule of the Priesthood.

We made a quick stop at an RV dealer to see if we like the Intech Horizon. We ended up looking at both the Horizon and the Terra.

Here's my personal pros/cons by model:

Horizon - Pros: Shorter, Lighter, sewer drain in front of tire, $25k less, bottom seal looks adequate. Cons: The queen bed looks tough for 2 to sleep in, bathroom ceiling seems a little lower.

Terra - Pros: Higher ceilings, bigger fridge, oven, more space, privacy door to bedroom. Cons: $25k more, size - I wanted smaller though still 4' shorter than the Grey Wolf was.

According to the dealer, neither has a walkable roof which makes semi-annual maintenance more difficult. I'm not liking that myself

I think this is about 14.75 miles. Nice and very fast trail, paved and flat.

I usually keep my politics out of this channel however I want to do my part to keep this video available. It's an interesting, and politically incorrect, portrayal of where we may be headed and it's likely to be banned very soon.

Putting a copy here as Bitchute doesn’t Stalinize its content.

I had to return to El Salvador for a week.

The return trip was early on a misty morning. Within ES there was a cool muted effect on some of the mountain peaks. The trip across the Gulf to Miami was clearer but included some interesting cloud formations.

Kinda dull trail and no gators today. I wanted to avoid other people, which I did. However, I'll go to the Shark Valley Loop Trail next time. There's a lot more wildlife there.


This was from one of the first vinyl I owned. As I recall I was in middle school when I got it.

Back then we were into The Lord of the Rings, Science Fiction, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. I and my best friend at the time used to listen to Styx and talk about being abducted by aliens.

My friend died suddenly in 2009 at 46. This was the song I chose to be played at his service.

Now that I'm almost 60 I can really feel my age & the loss of my past physical abilities; but, for myself at least, this is one of the best times of my life.

Casita Fiberglass RVs have a good reputation, for an RV that is. I want something easy to tow now that I can just fall asleep in and cook food.

I put together this to include the Parks, etc we saw on this trip.

We're coming back with an RV and staying a few nights to see everything. Cool place.

Cold, cloudy & windy today. Also, we both have stomach bugs. We decided to skip the hikes and check out the park. We'll return for sites like Mesa Arch and Upheaval Dome in the future.

Today we visited the major sites along the park road.

Today went to the visitors center and hiked to Delicate Arch. 3.24 miles per our app.

The rest of the park tomorrow.

The day kept getting better and better. Great park if you're really into hiking, there's many longer trails to scenic views.

Early settlers felt the rock domes around the area reminded them of the US Capitol. Also, the landscape of Capitol Reef is unique due to the presence of many "Waterpocket Folds". These wrinkles in the landscape formed millions of years ago and caused the rocky landscape that inspired the “reef” part of the park's name.

We were driving to Utah today and passed through this area. It's really beautiful, we'll come back after getting a new RV.

We loved this park. My favorite so far on this trip.

The second national park on our latest trip.

On my second trip here, and my third attempt to get in, we were able to get into the National Park finally.

I'm going to upload some of my favorite music here on Bitchute. This is the first.

I saw Genesis live in concert twice in the 1980s. Once at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY and once at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Around 1980 I ordered the album "Foxtrot" at a record store. Then, the only way to hear this album was to order an import from England as the album didn't get a lot of play time on the corporate radio stations.

I think I listened to this album for 2 days straight.

We're heading back to the Southwest US tomorrow for some new National Parks, etc. Really looking forward to it.

Today around 5:10PM several loud rumbles were heard here in El Salvador. It appears that ash may be coming from a volcano near San Salvador.

Even a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.

Near El Zonte, ES

I finally got the chance to fly across the Yucatan and Central America in daylight/decent weather. Much of the Pacific side of Central America tends to be more arid this time of year allowing for very predictable & beautiful weather.

Centuries of church buildings built on a former fortress site.


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