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Antigua is a beautiful tourist city. It's very safe with many foreigners on the streets, especially at night. Lots of history and amazing architecture.

Antigua is a beautiful tourist city. It's very safe with many foreigners on the streets, especially at night. Lots of history and amazing architecture.

This is the cover photo Bitchute dropped off my last video upload. The original video file is too large to upload twice.

I had the honor to interview a former Salvadorian Army corporal about his time in the war. He was anxious to share his memories and opinions with us and took us from his childhood to modern day.

Please note that I can provide a decent paraphrasing only of his comments in the subtitles. Complete translation to English would be lengthy and burdensome to the viewer. I've left my wife's verbal translation in the video to help add more meat to the story.

We visited friends at their home on the Pacific Ocean in El Salvador. This area is known for it's high cliffs and usually rocky coastline, we were lucky to be able to visit a predominately sandy area here.

I'm hoping this video has a calming effect, it's a video of nature here at the beach.

The birds at the end are pelicans, which I didn't realize flew in Vees.

Beautiful beach about an hour from San Salvador. It has the warmest ocean I've ever been in. ūüĆ°ūüĒ•

This park is spread out in and around New Orleans, LA:

Here's the coordinates for the:

French Quarter Visitor Center - 29.954832,-90.064624

Barataria Preserve - 29.784084,-90.114863

This is a beautiful park, definitely worth a trip back for an extended stay. A bit pricey, came out to about $48/night FHU with the fees and taxes for us.


It's a nice smaller park in the FL panhandle. Would stay again.

A nice small campground in the Florida panhandle area. Some interesting trails too.

We had a one night stay at the campground. Very pleasant, definitely would come back. The Native land near the campground appears to have plenty to offer as well, shopping and family related things (also a casino I believe). Might make for a nice one week stay. The wild elk were a real surprise for us as we were leaving!

Some of the many sights along the 469 mile parkway. We did this over 4 days, camping along the way. Might be boring....

Some of the overlooks and other sights on our 3 day drive on the parkway.

Gorgeous day for two hikes!

Beautiful waterfall & chapel across from the ranger's station.

We're recently married and on the road again! We plan on going across country with a 3 month trip to El Salvador in-between.

Nice park. Not much to do apparently but that may appeal to you.

A National Park at a Volcano outside of San Salvador, El Salvador

Great place to visit, not any resorts to speak of and most other boats were local fisherman. This area is likely to change a lot in coming years.

Leaving for the US soon, this is the last video from El Salvador.

The largest pyramid temple site I will visit. Much of the site has not yet been excavated and remains under the earth.

These were my favorite ruins in El Salvador so far. Highly recommend.

In part of the Casa Blanca Archeological museum you can dye a cloth using the same process as the Mayans. Though I doubt the Mayans had plastic garbage cans, jars of vinegar and fabric softener, this was kind of fun to do. The indigo is collected locally from local plants.

This is a larger archeological park in western El Salvador. It was inhabited by the Mayans on and off for close to 2,000 years.

For audio, I've included a reproduction what is believed to be authentic Mayan music.


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