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The cornerstone was laid in 1920 and the Basilica was completed in 1959. Music in this video was recorded by me live at the Basilica.


Second video from our DC visit.

Visiting friends in MD, Ill have a few videos from DC.

The channel has made it to 100 subscribers. It may appear as a small accomplishment to some but it amazes me!

I originally shot this video in 2018 and I was never happy with it. This is a re-edited version.

This is a shrine to four saints in Upstate NY. Two of the saints were martyred and killed by Native Americans. Interesting history.

Beautiful grounds. Amazing coloseum style church.

I think if I'm going to make videos like this, I need a good video camera. The cellphone has limits.

Videos sped up, 150 - 350%.

These birds fascinate me.

I'm lucky, every nice day here has a nice sunset.

The mountain across the highway puts the land in a shadow about 45 minutes before sunset. The sky transforms quickly over that 45 minutes and is never the same twice.

A few years ago I made a video of this area and I was never really happy with it. Today was a beautiful day and made for a much nicer look.

This a 1975 local documentary about a small rural community in upstate NY. The area has a bad reputation and is the subject of numerous rumors and "rural legends".

This is a very rare documentary and I want to save a copy here. I'm a fan of history.

Coincidentally, we are buying a home 16 miles from here in the Adirondacks of NY State.

Video and pictures are from our friends, or our friend's friends. UPDATE: Apparently some of these videos are third party and sent to us by friends.

Many of these are from San Salvador where I spent most of my time in 2019/2020.

Many people are missing and there is a lot if human suffering. If you pray, my wife asks that you pray for her homeland.

The RV vent cover for the Grey Wolf disintegrated before turning 3 years old. Replacement part: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LBBVPHM/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_GSuZEb219HREF

I failed on the vent screen removal but was able to clean it well. I believe to remove the screen I'd have to remove both vent covers and the fan assembly... not worth it and I'm happy with the cleaning I did.

One of the neighbors. This is a fairly frequent sight here now, finally got to video him.

I sound drunk, only tired.

I found this on the internet. I believe the bird was actually a female due to its larger size:

Size - A female bald eagle's body length varies from 35 to 37 inches; with a wingspan of 79 to 90 inches. The smaller male bald eagle has a body length of 30 to 34 inches; with a wingspan ranging from 72 to 85 inches. An eagle's average weight is ten to fourteen pounds. Northern birds are significantly larger than their southern relatives.

My second annual travel season recap video. These are fun to make.

The prettiest Natchez Trace campground.

Natchez Trace Parkway (U.S. National Park Service)

Link to the Parkway's website:

Natchez Trace Parkway (U.S. National Park Service)

Headed back to NY State soon. It'll be interesting to see how the return trip goes with the pandemic.

Making this video gave me something to do.

A quick escape from quarantine madness. About an hour north of Houston.


If anyone is looking for an Easter mass, this is the parish my wife (and I) attend in Cairo, NY.

Watch "Fr. Steve Matthews" on YouTube

We've had to cancel our 12 National Park trip due to the Coronavirus scare. This was our last stop before returning to Texas for awhile. I'll likely not be making videos until April at least.

The first National Park on our 12 National Park trip. I was last here in 2018 and visited new parts of the park this time.

A small mission near Big Bend NP. Big Bend video uploading soon.

We were able to stay 3 days in another friend's house in the mountains. Waterfalls, hiking, small towns, coffee plantation, etc.

I've often wanted to make a sunset video. The problem with such a thing is that the sun takes a long time to set.

This video is sped up to 200% of original speed, added some ambient style music too. The waves and surf in the foreground make some interesting video at times.


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