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Gonna need something slippery to get out of this one.

Sunshine - Dr. Motte And WestBam

One of these planes aren't like the others.

War - Outlaw

It's best to practice with something easy, then ramp up to more difficult but more potent bombers.

Stefano Torossi - Running Fast

It's a dog eat dog world out there, late night gaming to catch the sweaty players.

(Another change of pace, not dead, just working on stuff at the moment.)

Picked up DCS, It's difficult but very rewarding. Playing with a mate.

Joy Division - Transmission (live)

27 years apart (ish).
I didn't know how to use an F16, so I fought with a sub-sonic instead.


24 matches, 12 deaths, 39 shot down.

It was a struggle-fest the entire way through (,Damn thing still rips itself apart at 4g and has dead slow 20mm's.) though with enough practice anything can be achieved.

Iggy Pop - Lust for Life

Level 3 crew, poor pilot falls asleep at the slightest sustained turn.

Da Hool - Meet Her at the Love Parade 97 09 (Hooligan Club Mix)

This is a test for native 4k 60hz recording and rendering, as-well as messing around in 4:3 aspect ratio.
So much space to work with, it also makes it very easy (in-game) to scan a wide area without having to look up or down.
(G8N1 on the way, it doesn't move how I want it to (It moves like the B-17 does in the first clip))
フ​ァ​ッ​シ​ョ​ン​犠​牲​者 - P U D E R P O L L I

No armour or self-sealing fuel tanks, the fighters will catch you anyway.
An angry 20mm can fix that.

- oyea this was played with an account with 8 hours of play-time at the time of recording, no premium or GE. Legit anyone could do this.

(btw bigger stuff (than this) in the works, just need a good chunk of time)

STUTS - Pushin'

The injection of dopamine into my brain was pretty nice

just maybe

(Shadow play was acting up, hard encoded stutters and a video de sync are noticeable. soz lol)

I didn't want to shoot him down so quickly, I wanted to play a bit more :'(

(Klaus Veen - Ordinary Days)

except for when it's not.


missile slingas

I am poor, i use this song without license :'(

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Hymn of the Cherubim

This is what happens when your brain gets overrun by adrenaline


rip T2

The music is hard embedded into the recording, I like sea shanties :))))

This is what happens to AF strafers

MLG gamer moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!!!!!!!!1111!!1!11!!

(heartrate = 99999bpm)


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