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15 month old Taiga running her first course to check her aptitude for the lure. It was a long course for a baby, but she nailed it.

Clip of the Boyz first trial together. The heat was kryptonKnight for Knight and Hoo, but they did their best.

What goes up, must come down!

Fun memories from a lure coursing trial hosted by MAHA. Reidsville, NC.


A guardian angel never leaves your side, even when they have to leave a body. Though a sword pierces your heart, the journey together continues - it's simply different.

He was a little confused as to why one would chase plastic, but was a good sport (and the setting was beautiful).

Filmed at Oatlands Plantation -- Leesburg, VA.

The best friends bring out the most fun!

Knight and Hoo do their best to run, on a hot Thanksgiving Day in NC. They would definitely prefer snow! Hosted by MAHA.

Karalevsky Borzoi

Knight and Sonny Hoo testing to make sure they would run true to the lure, and not be silly and play together. Fun run hosted by Dr. R. Scott and Cecelia Dove, Amissville, VA.

Karalevsky Borzoi

Taiga wins a 5-point Major lure coursing trial at Lima Kennel Club.


Lure coursing practice run by Knight. Reidsville, NC.

Karalevsky Borzoi


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Karalevsky Borzoi. Virginia, USA.