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The Pride intercepts a message to Saw Boss declaring the Planet Kyros deadly to Monster Minds. A weapon there turns everything to crystal.

Saw Boss blackmails King Phineas into luring Jayce with an image of his father to a planet where Saw Boss is ready to destroy him.

The keepers of the great library of Hevron are under attack by Saw Boss who is after the Purple Tome, a powerful book of knowledge and spells.

While everyone is sleeping, Herc lands on a planet in search of a buried treasure.

On the ice planet, Auriga, revolutionary leader, Cyrilla, makes a deal with Saw Boss - she delivers Jayce in return for Saw Boss deposing the gangster casino owner, Marduk, who's made slaves of everyone on the planet.

Audric's image is being projected from a body of water on a planet. Jayce goes down to investigate even though Monster Minds are busy draining the water off.

Gillian leads the ship and Jayce to where all time meets and one can see into the future. After passing several secret tests that show his goodness and courage, Jayce is allowed to see his future.

Following Audric's signal, the Lightning League enters the Pirates Guild zone, commanded by the pirate queen, Morgana, an old love of Herc's.

To lure Jayce to his death, Saw Boss puts a marker in the shape of the root on an ice planet that is about to be destroyed by a volcano.

Monster Minds are planted aboard the Pride to contaminate the water supply. The water is jettisoned, forcing Herc to land the Pride in search of water and a Cobalt-49 crystal to repair the guidance system damaged by the vines.

Jayce is led to an abandoned ship by a signal from his father. Jayce finds his father has left a message for him but he needs more power from the Pride to receive the coordinates of his father's destination.

Jayce and Herc land the barge on a planet with incredibly huge plants. Saw Boss is sending vines to grow there and Jayce must stop them.

Gillian tells the story of Valroth, a powerful weapons maker who made living armor to protect his people many years ago. But the armor became too powerful and it was all destroyed except for the helmet.

The root, which only responds to Audric or something belonging to him, reacts to the Planet Xiang, which leads Jayce and Herc there even though it is a planet controlled by Saw Boss.

When a experiment to create a plant that would put a end to starvation once and for all goes wrong, the scientist Audric accidentally creates mutated plants called "The Monsters Mind". Setting out to find his father, Audric's son Jayce, joined by 1000-year old wizard Gillian, Jayce's sister Flora, Oon, Audric's loyal robot and cocky hired mercenary Herc Stormsailor. Jayce begins the search for Audric and begin the battle against The Monster Minds led by Sawboss, Jayce and his companions become a team of fighters known as "The Lightnining League".


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