P.S.: I just checked Kraut's source for his claims on Watson and it reads like a WSJ hit piece. Not surprisingly proopiomelanocortin is confused with melanin.

Also I just listened again to Kraut"s 4th video at 8:47, and I still hear that Quantitative Genetics is not a field within biology. Thus the data is indeed the data and the conclusion we derive from the experiment (i.e. watching a YouTube video) is still valid within its original context.

I made a mistake at 14:40, Melatonin is not a steroid hormone but an amino acid hormone derivative of tryptophan (which is of a closer size to cholesterol in comparison with your average peptide).

Finally I'd like to add to 3:25 and point out that according to Kraut's logic, if we have an ethnically homogeneous group and find two separate families with differences in height, then we are not allowed to infer that the difference is caused by biology without further experiments with microbiology. This is very strange, it's almost as if Kraut wasn't aware of what a control is, and how scientists factor out environmental variables.

People see bad things happening but they don't believe them and so they don't know how to react. The answer is that you need to make a story and then act it out.

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One electron double slit experiment by Akira Tonomura: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvO0P5-SMxk


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