Doesn't matter who they are or their position. If they help hide illegals, they must be charged with aiding a fugitive.

We're called racist because we don't think America needs to change.

We have to stop them from winning any power in our Government.

I doubt that President Trump is a pedophile but the looney left will scream he is, to protect those that are!
Link- https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/07/prosecutor-in-2009-epstein-case-said-donald-trump-was-the-only-one-who-helped-him/

This seems like it would be the perfect solution.

With the Ebola drills going on, are they actually working out the clean up strategies?

I have a few questions, that I'd like him to answer

Shot on my kindle fire so, audio is a little windy sounding.

They results say a lot about the NWO plans.

How I think they'll implement their "Agenda 21/30" plan on us.

Like bugs in the garden, we must all die!

Spraying us like bugs in the garden.

The sun sets in the west and south now, apparently? Could just be a light infraction but it's a good 45 degrees from the west and around a mountain range.

Just a quick rundown on what I carry on me at all times and so should you.

Try to make the world a better place.

And they'll take it all! Facebook bans conservatives.

When traveling you should stop every few hours and stretch your legs.

You don't need to spend a fortune, little things can cause the world to change.

A no cost fun day trip. Unless you eat, they a lunch counter and ice-cream or buy some Amish canned goods.
Link- http://www.goats-on-the-roof.com

A beautiful view and nice hike.


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