A look in to my life.

The violent fascist left lose what's left of their minds. Are you ready for the looney violent lefts next move? It's going to get crazy!

When the water is to cold, there are other ways to search for gold.

My opinion.

How far back are they willing to go to find "dirt" on someone?

It was a great 2018 season.

Paul Manafort pleads and agrees to cooperate but the info might not be what the Dems want to hear.

This gold hasn't seen the light of day in hundreds of years.

Getting the dirt out in tight areas can be made easier.

It's full of green haired feminists soy boys and zombies.

It's not much but it's a start.

Believe it or not but I think they're scared.

So, this is the road they want to take.

Sex trafficking is big business and there's worse that can happen.

Link- https://youtu.be/24eLwcwy7M0

Did you know? Federal prisoners have more outside rec time than the average kid today.

This time in Annapolis MD, at the Capital newspaper.

Keep and eye out for them.

There's something strange going on in commercials. Is it programming? Most likely.

FBI got handouts from the press for leaked stories and more.

These celebs just don't get it.

The looney left and their PC world.

You can leave anytime.

Hope you're thinking about your judgement day.

The illegal Iran nuclear weapons deal.


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