Start collecting natures free bounty, to build your winter stocks.

Take some time to clear your mind.

This is just a new phase in the game.

Wait, your going to start some noise, where they teach 10 y/o children to snipe a deer at 200 yards, gut, quarter and then cook it for breakfast, while they field strip their rifle? LOL! Goodluck!

I had to kick the door open, breaking the door frame.

I had to kick the door open, breaking the door frame.

Survival garden ideas for you.

I traveled to several stores in several small mountain towns in NH, to see if shelves were empty. They don't expect any deliveries, for another 2 weeks.


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I call myself "Kave Man" because I liked the world and most people, when I thought they were smarter. Social media proved me wrong! I shoot all the videos and will post links to others videos or news stories in the description section. I never use other peoples content or music in my videos, so I avoid any copy right violations.