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Absolutely CCP does not need to be owning anything in America!


If people argue Trump never mentioned or said "peaceful" in his speech and incited the riot... here you go. Trump said he was going to be with the people he knew that were going to walk, march, down to the capital building "peacefully and patriotically" to make their voices heard. There is nothing wrong with this! You march in a walking uniform way. That's not storming in or being violent.
When later in the speech (found in source link below) he mentions to "fight like hell"... He doesn't mean physically fight, but to do it lawfully. People take his words out of context to put a bad image because they don't like him. I don't like Biden or Trump but that's messed up. But I will give him credit when due.


Not my video, but found it truthful and relevant.


We know elections are rigged. She won the election for Arizona and we know they stole it from her too. Starting around 4minutes-is the audio recording. Elites in DC are threatened by her and she is still standing strong! Jeff should hung for attempting a felony and treason!


At least someone is doing something somewhere and not sitting and complaining. I'm just sharing this guy's video.


A month or so old, but has been and still is happening.
If only people realized how deep this goes between multiple governments, Hollywood and the Vatican. It's deeply disturbing, why else do you think all this LGBTQ and all extra crap is being pushed in schools and in entertainment... They are after the kids, always been after kids. They are trying to make it normal so pedophiles can get away with it. People are forgetting and the law is doing away with statutory rape and indecent exposure. Children are victims, they are prey and are being hunted by these sickos all over the world.


Ferromex temporarily suspended 60 trains running in the northern part of the country as migrants are getting hurt while climbing aboard the freight cars. Half a dozen people died.
Migrants have used trains for a while, known as “The Beast,” to hitch rides to the U.S. border, and a video of a Ferromex train out of Zacatecas, Mexico.

Source https://www.instagram.com/reel/CxYV3fYRwch/?igshid=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng==


Of course it was! The "horse dewormer" Ivermectin is now approved! Because it worked then and now approved, it gives reason they should never have given the vaccines! But if they approved ivermectin first, there'd be no pharmaceutical profit, population control or control over our rights.
Of course the Event 201 from 2019 was a pretrial to the world. Anyone who is in denial I feel sorry for them for not waking up and being they naive to corrupt government


South Africa’s black party singing, EFF leader Julius Malema, “kill the Boer (Whites), kill the White farmer”. What is amazing is they get mad when someone speaks against this song, "from their struggling history", which speaks of killing whites, however here in the United States blacks and others tore down our historical sculptures from our history and are trying to erase it. See the hypocrisy? Non-whites can discriminate against whites but if whites say something back we are the bad guys? BS. Where's the equality after all these years? I don't care of ones skin color, I care of the individuals personality and that's how we all should be. This many people cheering this song during the times we are in... Not a good thing, take heed people.



Can you imagine such a world? Seriously. They already rigg the elections making people believe they have a choice...an illusion of choice because they are bought and paid for by the elites


Few months old, but relevant. Full video below.


I don't care who you like, who you want to pretend to be or what you do in your life in PRIVATE. BUT, do not expect me to play along with your imagination and choices.
Stop shoving these personal preferences down our throats. Stop exposing your personal preferencesnto children who do not understand life nor lived long enough to make their own choices!


I cannot express how frustrated, pissed and insulted I am!
These companies are Emasculating Men, mocking women, desensitizing kids and mocking God while shoving their ideologies down our throats. Boycott these corporations! Enough is Enough!



We hear this over and over, when will action begin? They get away with literally murder and the average person gets pinned for the most minor thing ever. It should not matter your status, if you break the law, you pay the consequences for your actions.



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