Rick Wakeman released his "Two Sides of Yes" in 2002, which featured instrumental versions of numerous Yes songs. I particularly enjoyed the arrangement for "Don't Kill the Whale." So I decided to add Jon Anderson's vocals to the track as a fun little project...

I stripped the Jon Anderson vocals from both Yes albums "Tormato" and "Yesshows," as individually, each track was difficult to obtain cleanly.. Then I mixed the two vocal tracks into one. Next, I had to cut the vocals and change the tempo to make them fit, as everything was in the right key, but the time signatures are different.

So, here you go; Rick Wakeman's solo version of "Don't Kill the Whale" with Jon Anderson's vocals. Enjoy!

After Yes disbanded in 1981 following the Drama tour, bassist Chris Squire and drummer Alan White formed a new group with singer-songwriter/guitarist Trevor Rabin and former Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye. This new group was known as "Cinema." Demos were recorded and a debut album began to take shape...

That album was never completed.

As the album was being mixed, Jon Anderson returned to helm the vocals and the band name "Cinema" was jettisoned. Yes had returned!

But what would that album have sounded like without Jon Anderson? Through the years, bits and pieces of the Cinema-era songs have surfaced.

This video represents a "best guess," using the songs that were either completely recorded or contained elements and riffs that would later result in the official 90125 release.

Some of these songs are complete, others a bit rough, but you will get the picture...

Presenting the album that almost was... "Yes: Cinematic"

1) Make it Easy (0:00)
2) Owner of a Lonely Heart (2:50)
3) Moving In (8:20)
4) It Can Happen (13:52)
5) Changes (19:57)
6) Cinema (23:09)
7) It's Over (27:40)
8) Fools (33:18)
9) Hold On (38:47)
10) Promenade (43:48)

Between 1967 and 1972, the Moody Blues released 7 incredible studio albums...

Later albums would lose Pinder's signature Mellotron sound (and Pinder altogether), but a handful of tracks from this early period, along with 5 studio songs on the "Caught Live + 5" album retain the feel of the classic albums.

This project attempts to thematically unify a selection of these tracks into a full-blown early Moody Blues album, adding bits and pieces to round out the feel and flow.

This is NOT an official album, but I hope you enjoy the presentation.

Welcome to "Moody Blues: The Passage."


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I'm not trying to monetize myself off of other people's work; any albums I share that I have assembled are for your enjoyment and NOT for my personal benefit.

I'm a fan of classic rock like Yes, The Moody Blues, Supertramp, Kansas, The Alan Parsons Project, etc.

The first two videos I uploaded to my channel are attempts at assembling albums that do not officially exist using tracks and music created from the time period by the artists I enjoy. I'm a fan of this music and I created it first for myself to be able to listen, then decided to share it.