I retired from regular employment at age 40 and now receive a disability check. Was this a proper thing to do with my life, or an incorrect decision? I explain.

Who was the greatest United States President? By process of elimination, I count down to one last man standing.

I explain who should have full time employment, and who may be exempt from full time employment.

The race issue is absolutely vital in my country, the United States of America. So I've studied this issue, and come to a fair conclusion.

Can everyone and everything truly be equal? If not, why not? I explain.

My last attempt to upload this video failed, as Bit-Chute uploaded someone else's video in its place. My goal is to upload what I, author "K C Sunbeam", has to say about women's leadership.

Numerous interesting and important facts about dogs.

I present a 15 question quiz about so-called common facts about our world. My point is to expose the error in people's thinking, which is the result of hearsay, misinformation, and brainwashing.

Many people object to certain forms of art, usually for religious or philosophical reasons. So I attempt to settle this.

I respond to a claim by a non-religious fellow that religious people are stupid and so is their belief in God, and that science can and should explain everything.

Are American women victims of sexism and misogyny, is this just a delusion, or is the truth somewhere in the middle? I explain.

Intelligence: What it is; how to cultivate it, and the different kinds of intelligence.

I explain a third dietary option found in various places around the world. It provides a healthy and humane alternative to both traditional meat eating and vegetarianism/Veganism. I explain.

Some people groups scream about mass persecution when it's largely phony, while the truly persecuted have no voice. I give them a voice now.

I explain the significance of men's beards and other hair related to adulthood and authority.

Numerous important facts about narcotic addiction, gathered into one video presentation.

I present a fascinating quiz about amazing facts intended to bamboozle you. However, there's an important lesson to be learned here. Check it out.

Unlike most people, I present a thorough and accurate explanation of how polls, statistics, percentages, and so forth can be used both as a legitimate proof, or be invalid due to internal faults.

Who are the most hated, mistreated, and victimized group of people in the United States? The answer may surprise you.

The truth about the State of Israel explained in detail.

Most people think they understand Christianity but they're actually confused. Take this interesting quiz to discover the full truth.

I believe that a zombie apocalypse is highly likely to occur. However, I believe that the elements of such an apocalypse will be much different from what you'd expect.

Think you follow Christianity? You might want to think again. Reject Christianity? At least know what you're rejecting. A revealing quiz.

I do my best to present a fair and honest evaluation of the points of both Vegans/vegetarians and meat eaters. I present important and interesting information.

I explain the phenomenon of men rejecting the traditional idea of pursuing women, and the MGTOW and MRA movements.


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