2021-08-01_Tucker_ Our Country Is Being Run By Neurotic Lunatics

2021-08-01_ Dan Bongino_ Democrats Using 24-Hour Fear Agenda to Protect Themselves in 2022

Hasbro Trying to Indoctrinate Kids With Critical Race Theory_This Is Not New _ From a Couple Weeks Ago.
The People Behind This Are Really Insane! Part Of Destroying The US. Sad People Go Along With It!

No One Has The Right To Inject Me Or ANYONE With Experimental Gene Therapy! Natzi Germany Did That – There The Nuremberg Trials Making That ILLEGAL! A Crime Against Humanity, People Were Put To Death!

I hope people are figuring out the evil of America's so called government! They are threatening an most likely are trying to kill the Inventor of The Technology because he's speaking out!

2021-07-29_ GOP Rep. Declares War With Pelosi Over New Mask Mandate

Mandatory - mandates - that overturns LAW? Are people really that stupid! For God sake! This is all UN bull sheets, I didn't vote for the UN. They tell Everyone that's a member what to do. They're behind the BS with your Doctor, "they" Regulate EVERYTHING I WISH PEOPLE WOULD WAKE THE HELL UP! I also wish some of these satanic pedophile run states like NY an MI would get someone like this to stand up! People must also help push back against this take over!

2021-07-29_ Brazilian President Bolsonaro Call Out Media Covid Nazis

This was from 2021-07-17. The numbers are Much Higher now. They’re trying to hide All death from this poison injection !

Hagmann Report - Stan Deyo on The Hagmann Report (HOUR 2) First a word from biden.

Also, The Real Insurrection At The White House They Won't Talk About!

Trump Finally Had Enough! _This is from last year.

2021-07-27_TRUMP _ ‘Like it or Not, We’re Becoming a Communist Country… We Are Beyond Socialism! We Are In Serious Trouble !

People Are Getting Sick/Hospitalized From The Jab!

2021-07-26_ RINO Senator Literally Booed Off Stage At Trump Rally, Then She Tries to Have Reporter Arrested. This is what America is gonna be run by, they need to keep being exposed!

They Are And Have Been Hiding Known Treatment!
PCR analysts and lab science technicians are complicit in the global covid testing fraud
A Portuguese appeals court has ruled that PCR tests are unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based solely on a PCR test.
The CDC, just like the PCR test, is a complete fraud.

2021-07-23_Donald Trump Jr._The DOJ Refuses To Investigate Democrat Nursing Home Scandals.
Fix The Rigged Voting System An The Rest Will Work Itself Out!

Where was Craig and Soldano for Election Integrity?
Looking to sign the petition to get Ryan on the ballot? Here are a couple ways:
1. Attend one of Ryan’s events.
2. Click the link below to find a signing event near you.
Events Schedule
Find a signing event near you

Biden : “We’ve Put Together, I Think The Most, Extensive And Inclusive, Voter Fraud, Organization In The History Of American Politics!” He Actually Told Everyone What They Did!
I rendered this video again, for those that don’t read lips. Here comes the excuses. Lol. No really, I didn’t check the final render – I’ll make sure the audios encoded right, at least put in sub titles ! Sorry!

2021-07-23_Pennsylvania Decertifies Fulton County's Voting System After Post-Election Audit

2021-07-22_Bongino Report - It;s Looking Like the Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Was The FBIs Own Doing

Why aren't people asking..Demanding to know Where this BS is coming from? I know, the school board ..but, what is it one person puts it in a memo an sends it around to ALL the schools? This is planned, organized, Funded. Who's responsible for this (and other... pervert crap) being taught in Our Schools to Our Children? PEOPLE MUST ALL PUSH BACK and DEMAND ANSWERS!

Rand Paul Grilled Fauci, He Lies Even More about gain-of-function research!

Maya Cummings Shows Dens Voter ID Rhetoric Is Racist Toward Blacks. I Never Heard Of Her-People Like This Are Crazy!


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