this is my first time making this build I've been away from eso for a very long time and now its time to come back max out in CP and start running a trials guild i will make the guild tonight and we will move from there with a lot of eso videos and oblivion as well

please let me know in the comments about the build and your opinion on the stam or mag necro

Borderlands 3 part 2 of the gameplay.

Playing Borderlands 3 on the PC. Lets see if this game lives up to the hype.

Mixer will now have ads on microsoft featured stream, and on Ninjas stream. Looks like Mixer might got the way of twitch.

Gamestop co-founder Ben Kusin and esports broadcasting pioneer Ariel Horn are starting a 24 7 gaming news network.

Rockstar now has a game launcher out. GTA San Andres comes free. Not sure its a bad idea, one down side is more launchers. Already have to many.


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What is going on everyone. We are trying to make the move from Youtube over to this platform. So there is a chance you will here us say whats up youtube, we just have to break the habit.

We are going to be a gaming channel, that bring you game news, gameplay, tips, and well all kinds of things about gaming.