Canela close up the up and over my phone. She just shed a couple days ago

An example of rectilinear locomotion with my dumerils boa

This is Leonardo. He's a Black Head, Leopard, Spotnose Ball python. He's eating a rat pup.

I just thought it was neat to see her muscles and how she moves

More of the same

Just a short clip of my cinnamon morph ball python coming towards the camera

She is a thousand Grams. This her first medium rat. This is an attempt at better lighting. It was shot on a GroPro Hero 5 Black

Last week I bought 10, day old male chicks. My ball python wasn't interested in them at all. But the dumerils at a live one. I euthanized the other 9 with CO2 and froze them. This is her second chick but this time frozen thawed. There's no audio because lots of noise in the background.

Just a short video of her exploring


Eating a weaned rat. I could barely get the rat in before she grabbed it. So this is just her swallowing it.




My boa feeding on a small adult mouse. I got a pretty good angle this time.

Feeding on a small rat. Shot with my cell phone

800% speed. Eating a small adult mouse.

My Dumeril's boa eating a small adult mouse. Real time.

I finally named my ball python Canela. This is her first rat pup. She has been on mice since I've gotten her. She had no hesitation eating it.

My dumeril's boa stalking and striking hopper mouse. She pulled it into her hide right after video ends.

720 FPS Ball Python strike and constriction of a mouse


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