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Marvel Comics' Jane Foster had a great few years of comics. And now, Natalie Portman is coming back to the MCU to play The Mighty Thor. Yet, so many people are angry. Now, I get the frustration with certain characters, but Aaron's source material about her death is just WOW!

DC Comics' Event Leviathan prior to this issue did not really pique my interest in this major-minor event. That is now changed. I'm all in and I can't wait to read the next issue.

There's not much left to say about DC Comics' current Batman run. For some reason, I'm still holding onto hope for 'City of Bane'. That's just who I am.

DC Comics' Teen Titans might be one of the most underrated comics currently out. Lobo is hilarious. Chang's art works perfectly with the story. This books needs to move more copies!

DC Comics' Batman hasn't been on the hottest streak. Add that in with Heroes In Crisis, and it's not the best recipe. But King carries on with a pretty solid issue that could lead to some interesting things. We'll see!

DC Comics' Superman: Year One by Miller and Romita Jr. is downright amazing. Be careful what you say about this book. Chances are it's going to say a lot more about you than Miller. Plus, Miki, kills it as Inker!

Right now, it's hard to argue this. We know that Johns and Affleck worked on the script for awhile, but handed it over to Reeves. Now, DC Comics knows Batman is one of the biggest properties out there, and they'll need a strong start for the first Robert Pattinson movie to garner goodwill. Plus, The Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman all played roles in this run, too.

DC Comics' The Flash #72 is everything I wanted in a Year One story from DC! Barry finally embraces the Speedforce, get lucky, and connects with Iris. Plus, Porter's artwork adds so much to the story. For me, this will go down as one of my favorite comics of 2019!

Marvel Comics' Silver Surfer Black #1 is not a bad comic -- once again -- but at the same time, you better have read Cates' Thanos, Venom and Guardians of the Galaxy to really understand everything. Plus, too many abstract ideas makes this amazing comic almost too tedious to read.

DC Comics' Batman and the Outsiders is done by two talented creators, and is not a bad book by any means. Yet, there's something lacking. I actually appreciate Hill's approach, but we needed more time with the characters before we see...the end.

DC Comics' Superman #12 is a great addition to the Unity Saga. And yes, I love a great family title, but at the same time, there's intriguing drama going on with the destruction of Krypton. Why exactly is there so much hate for this book? Happy Superman Day!

Matt Reeves has been working on 'The Batman' for around two years now. This video takes a look at what makes a successful Batman trilogy, and possible source material. This is another part one of a video that will be out on a later date.Also, which Bat-suit should Reeves choose for the first movie?

If Marvel Comics decided to do their first ever continuity reboot, ahead of Fantastic Four and the X-Men joining the MCU -- would that reignite the fans interest? Would it help with source material for future movies? Would it help with sales? Can it be done? This is part one of looking into such a monumental undertaking.

DC Comics' The Green Lantern by Morrison and Sharp has been on fire. Plus, this issue packs a lot of value for its price. Hal and Ollie are best friends who fight and argue while tripping balls battling demons from other dimensions. Don't ever change, Morrison!

DC Comics' Justice League is telling such an epic story that it is really hard to put in words how much this means to me as a DC fan, plus, a writer of comics. Also, Snyder and Tynion escalate things even further, which means, we're probably going to see the Justice Society and Legion sooner than later. And the artwork is flawless!

DC Comics' Batman under King's pen has been frustrating. Most people do not read comics to see the hero (especially, Batman) humiliated and tortured month after month. Add this with Heroes In Crisis -- at least this issue was a bit more straight forward.

The DC Universe's Swamp Thing just released its pilot episode. The two main actors had great chemistry as it laid down a pretty solid foundation. Let's hope they go more philosophical horror than your average horror movie route.

DC Comics' Doomsday Clock has been a treat. Johns and Frank are on top of their game as they are heading near the conclusion of a story which feels it's been out forever. You can't rush art. In this issue, we spend time with Manhattan as he realizes what makes Clark Kent Superman.

DC Comics' Black Label is on fire with Batman: Last Knight on Earth. Snyder and Capullo are the gold standard for comic book professionals in today's era. And they deliver a contemporary classic that is joyful, mysterious and something the industry desperately needed!

DC Comics' Superman's Unity Saga is starting to unfold in a pretty enjoyable manner as Supes starts becoming Superman. Plus, Rick and...I mean, Jon and Jor-El start an intergalactic war!

DC Comics' Teen Titans does what is needed for great storytelling: It makes you care for each hero. It might seem like a given, but when you're personally invested it makes the hardship, the laughter and even the betrayal hit that much harder!

DC Comics' Justice League brings it! Snyder is a talented storyteller. With a good heart and it shows in this latest issue. My expectations are lowered by having characters act like themselves, and of course, wondering what does Batman have under his sleeve?

DC Comics' Batman latest issue actually has somewhat of an intriguing story. But why can't the story just be told? I'm tired of suspending my disbelief only to be let down, and remember, I pay good money for that disbelief to be suspended.

Bendis and Bagley's Death of Spider-Man is probably my favorite comic ever from Marvel! The way Bendis introduces Miles Morales and what Peter says to Aunt May makes me feel. The question: Is this the route Sony/Marvel Studios will take even though he died in Infinity War?

Young Justice: Outsiders and Doom Patrol have been praised by fans for delivering amazing content. But with the news of Swamp-Thing cutting its episode count -- are they in trouble? If so, The DC Universe should not go into the good night without a fight. Plus, Titans S2 could be epic!

This is part one of a new series about saving the DCU!


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