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DCU Harley Quinn 1x09 find Harley finally getting the recognition she deserves. Which begs the question: Will she forget about those who really care about her?

I read five pages of Superman #19. That's it. I miss the days when comic book publishers wanted to entertain you. But in all seriousness, having Bendis on Superman is really hurting DC. Who do we need?

Tynion is off to an amazing start to his Batman run.

This is turning out to be something truly special!

Tynion is off to an amazing start to his Batman run.

DC Films has a lot of potential right now. Birds of Prey is trying capture Deadpool's lightning, plus, Wonder Woman 1984 looks solid. And then, there's Reeves' Batman that should make a huge splash! Next: The Flash!

How will your story be worth anything? I mean, a few people will get paid. But what about you?

I love Marvel and DC Comics' character. But, after several years of incompetent management, well, it's hard to have hope right now.

DC Comics' The Flash #86 is enjoyable. They're on the right track!

The Batman's Grave #4 is solid AF. And yet, something feels a little off. Is DC trying to figure out how to do Batman well on The CW? If so, my vote for The Dark Knight is Jensen Ackles!!!

Tomasi and Gleason's 'Batman and Robin (2011)' is an underrated classic. I don't see, Pattinson, being a dad, so, it looks like the animated route we go! Seriously, what other Batman stories are more EPIC?

If it weren't for Hickman and Co.'s X-Men books, then I don't think Marvel Comics would have a pulse right now. Yeah, it's bad. But for Kirby's sake, start making books that will get the people going again! Here's who...

NEW VIDEO: We examine why Batman, Nightwing and Batgirl will run this town in the next five years!

The DC Universe's Harley Quinn just continues to be funny as Harley attempts another try to win the Legion of Doom favor with the help of a friend, Fables.

DC Comics' 'Birds of Prey' Trailer 2 released yesterday to some pretty good results. But at the same time, there are quite a few questions now that we have a better look at what the movie is going to be about.

Marvel Comics' X-Force #5 is violent and full of action. Also, full of Special Ops sneaking around scheming on all sides. I loved every minute of it! It felt like Old Man Logan mixed with the Avengers.

Marvel Comics' Savage Avengers #9 is everything I want in this type of story. Conan, Dr. Doom and Doctor Strange are tough and formidable battling someone their equal. The pacing and escalation are pitch-perfect as well.

DC Comics' Batman #86 is a great start for Tynion. It's pretty solid, which is exactly what DC needed for their premier character.

This brings up how Marvel Studios is quickly running out of viable source material and how Kevin Feige can start to replenish the well. Also, which older Marvel Comics would you like me to review (Pre-2016)?

My gosh, the story is simple and easy to follow. This leads to so many awesome action scenes and epic moments as Hulk takes revenge on Iron Man. Will Marvel Comics ever be this good again?

This is just a fun video talking about a few possibilities, and also, why doing this MEGA-EVENT is probably the smartest thing Marvel and DC can do after, well, bascially killing the comics industry.

This it it. The pros are acting like they know something we don't regarding comics. FINE. But, DC and Marvel Comics, better not go down without a fight. This video examines whether or not this MEGA-EVENT will even help. Tomorrow's video will be my pitch for The DC/Marvel Secret Crisis Event!

It's an interesting time for DC and comic lovers everywhere. In this video, we examine the new reality of Ongoings vs. the Maxi-Series and how Miller's Batman might hold the key.

I wasn't sure about doing this video, but I need to know if I should cut back on my Michigan Meds, or is this show just that funny? And I'm someone who takes Batman way too seriously!

Is this show really this funny? Or should I cut back on the Widow?


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