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"If it's f*** me, then you know it's f*** you!" Here we go again! Seriously, I had so much fun reading DK III this weekend!

The DC Universe's Titans is turning out to be a great show. Now, it still has a few flaws, but overall, I can see big things in its future along as they stick with the source material!

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Batman Earth One is an underrated gem. Nonetheless, hiring an indie Co-Writer in the wake of Joker's success to help write The Batman is very interesting. Plus, Johns, was the man behind Shazam and Aquaman. Also, Batman Earth One (both Volumes) villains are Riddler and Penguin. Plus, Catwoman is in it!

Marvel Comics' X-Men #1 is interesting. It's a bit more tone down. But still, there's so much there to analyze. Sadly, I have some deadlines to meet (plus, I changed a few things things in this video). Next issue: I'll be on the lookout.

DC Comics' Superman: Secret Origin by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank is a timeless classic. Wait a minute! So, DC Comics, is deciding to go Marvel Comics' route with 5G, a known failure, instead of looking back at their timeless classics to see what actually works. At least I know why now!

Titans is on a roll right now! This episode delivers us an iteration of Superboy that is pitch-perfect. Which makes the ending hit even harder.

In all honesty, Doctor Doom, really could be Marvel Comics' Joker-esque movie. If only Fox still owned them. Anyways, this comic is a character-driven affair as it evokes quite a bit of sympathy for the man known as, Doom. Also, some really awesome moments!

Marvel Comics' Powers of X #6 is only the beginning. I need to reread all 12 issues again. I have never read a comic book with so much truth in it before.

DC Comics' Superman #16 is...doesn't matter. Why would YT stifle me? Maybe they were just bad titles? Hopefully!

DC Comics' The Batman's Grave #1 is one of the most compelling comics I've read in a minute. It's that good. Hitch's artwork speaks for itself. So, too. does Ellis' writing. Does it have a few dings? Maybe if Sherlock is your favorite show!

Joker just made $247M worldwide. Now, this says a lot about the future of DC Films. But let's take a look at how comic book companies can capitalize on the success of Joker. DC Comics and Marvel Comics are both bogged down by a certain aspect of their universes that Joker didn't have to worry about.

The DC Universe's Titans 'Deathstroke' is far from perfect. But the flaws are easily overlooked due to great characters, and if I'm being honest, my overall love of the source material. They are delivering something truly entertaining!

Marvel Comics' House of X #6 somehow made Professor X talking to the U.N. actually interesting. Also, this book raises several questions that might as well be reasons why Hickman is one of the best writers ever. Great comics = fun!

DC Comics' DCeased #5 is another interesting, fun issue. Sorry, for the teenage joke. I couldn't help myself. One last thing: I feel like I need to reread the prior issues because I feel like I'm missing something. A point.

Hey, I love fun, interesting stories!

DC Comics' Batman #80 delivers...well, an issue! There's not much left to say. Most of us are just waiting for Tynion to take control as we watch Batman punch guys as he takes back Gotham. Those are basically the stakes until the very end. It is what it is!

Right now, The DC Universe's 'Titans' S2 ranks among Wolfman & Perez's New Teen Titans, Johns' Teen Titans and CN's Teen Titans. Basically, if this show keeps going, it could be some of the greatest superhero TV ever! This show needs way more LOVE!

In this book I talk about CW II and how it was essentially the beginning of the end for comics. Also, how did they make a character so unlikeable? I'm talking about Captain Marvel.

I love comics. But it's been over two years now that I started addressing all of the problems in the comic industry. I started as a writer. But due to the lies, I went a different direction. I can't wait to start reviewing and analyzing comics made by the passsionate and independent!

I found Batman: Curse of the White Knight #3 to be extremely enjoyable. Also, right now, I'm working with a few ppl regarding the new comic industry. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. But I have hope. Plus, my book is coming before X-Mas!!!

DC Comics' Batman and Justice League were fun. Batman and Catwoman weren't that annoying while a nice bombshell happens with the Anit-Monitor. I couldn't finish Abrams and Son's Spidey. It still could be good, but...Yeah!

This video was effortless. If The DC Universe keeps heading in this direction with Titans, then this should could blow. I mean, it's a mixture of the classic CN Teen Titans, all the best parts of the Arrowverse and comics lore from legendary source material. WOW!

Marvel Comics' Venom 18 continues Absolute Carnage in a pretty entertaining way. If you're feeling Marvel's current event, then you'll probably feel this, too!

Hickman is one of the best writers ever. His take on the X-Men has been everything a fan of his work would expect. Also, Silva, has proven himself in a major way delivering panels that stick with you.

Right now, DC Comics are in a great place when it comes to cinema. Their pantheon of characters boister the best heroes and antiheroes for big screen adaptations. Especially with Star Wars dropping the ball. Can you just imagine?

The DC Universe's Titans had a lot of ups and downs in its rookie season. You have to give props to creatives for dropping Trigon as he was too impractical for TV. The last quarter introduced us to a new staus quo as the Titans battle Deathstroke


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