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"Run, get to the chopper" - Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Predator

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Time to bring down a house... what's the best way to do it?

I'd never done such a thing, so after a bit of research I discovered placed TNT does 3000 block damage, so that's what I went with. It took over 30 sticks of TNT plus a few ax hits to do the trick.

I've done a lot of work to my Town Hall base, so I wanted to give an updated tour.

In considering the Jussie Smollett case and Trump's homosexuality decriminalization initiative, a bigot is someone who's intolerant toward those holding different opinions, so let's talk about who the true bigots are in these cases.

Doing the Blood Moon Horde from my truck this time around. As well, I wanted to give a base tour to start it off.

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Is blackface racist? If so, why?

I'll say no. In no way shape or form does someone doing blackface imply people of African ancestry are inferior nor is it meant to denigrate black people.

It seems a lot of people, including people we'd consider "educated" such as Jonathan Goldblatt, head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), can't accurately define racism, and conflate bigotry, prejudice and racism as synonymous terms.

Don't tell us proles to do something the elite won't do themselves.

Thoughtcrimes, newspeak, facecrimes… far too many see Orwell's 1984 as a how-to guide instead of a cautionary tale.

Nancy Pelosi tried to push the idea the Secret Service couldn't do security for the State of the Union, and that's why it should be cancelled.

She's a liar according to.... the Secret Service.

I knew it had to happen eventually... I got killed by an irradiated spider zombie.

If you want to join me, it's a dedicated server at the address

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Steve Cortes is right. CNN's Chris Cuomo and Ana Navarro are pushing fake news with the argument illegals break less laws than US citizens.

Today I want to talk about Trump's border wall and the opposition against it.

Doing day 63 of the Blood Moon Horde from the Town Hall again. Things went far better than day 56.

If you want to join me, it's a dedicated server at the address

All the additional music in game...
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As reported in Chinascope, Rear Admiral Luo Yuan thinks sinking a few US aircraft carriers and killing 5,000 to 10,000 sailors is a good idea that will put the US in its place.

It's time to stop working with The Democratic Party, because they are The Evil Party.

Left wing love to claim racism is baked into the constitution. They love to use the 3/5ths Compromise as their evidence, while utterly ignoring why the compromise was made and with whom it was made.

Slave states wanted slaves to count as a whole person for the matter of the census, but didn't want to give them the right to vote. Abolitionist states didn't want slaves counted if slaves didn't have the right to vote, because it would give slave states unfair levels of representation in the House of Representatives.

In order to get the slave states to sign on to the US Constitution, the abolitionist states reached a compromise with the slave states: slaves would count as 3/5ths a person for the purpose of the census. If the compromise hadn't been made, the US Constitution likely wouldn't have been ratified in 1787.

Those slave states would later make up the core of the Democratic Party. For the next 70 plus years the democrats fought tooth and nail, sometimes even in the halls of Congress, to maintain evils of slavery. 70 years of horrendously dehumanizing propaganda. 70 years of torture and murder. 70 years of treating other humans as nothing better than cattle.

The democrats lost the Civil War, of course, but their reign of terror didn't end. Democrats secretly formed their terroristic machine: the KKK. They spent the next 100 years terrorizing black Americans. They prevented them from voting. They burned and looted black owned property. They murdered an untold number of black people.

If you take the Democratic Party at its word, they changed their ways in the 1960s, but even if that were true, that still means from 1787 to 2018, the Democratic Party has been The Evil Party for over 70% of the existence of the United States under the US Constitution. That's over 170 years of slavery, terrorism, and murder... That's all on the Democratic Party.

But did the Democrats really change their ways?


White southerners began their shift to the GOP in the 1950s, not because democrats were moderating. People began to shift parties, because of what democrats were doing. Good people didn't want to be apart of that system. Business people didn't want to deal with the added cost of Jim Crow laws. In the 1950s, business after business began to ignore Jim Crow laws, because they wanted black patrons, and in the 1950s there was only one political party in the United States opposed to those Jim Crow laws: Republicans. During the period from 1950 to 1970 only a handful of "Dixiecrats" changed parties, and not a single one did so for the reasons of maintaining the racist laws democrats had created, and over and over again, when racists tried to make headway in the GOP they're shot down time and time again, yet in that same timeframe, democrats continued to elect known racists like Robert Byrd, and the GOP hasn't ever put someone in congress with such reprehensible bona fides.

Demographers had known since the 1950s a demographic shift in the United States would occur, and I firmly believe that was the reason the Democratic Party chose to "change their ways," but just how did they change?

In the 50 plus years since 1960 the democrats created federal government programs for "civil rights," yet these are programs that quite literally lead to families of all stripes to give up work in favor of a government handout. From Baltimore, to Detroit, to Oakland, and San Francisco, democrats have create "programs", which were more like pogroms, that eviscerated families and destroyed countless numbers of unborn children, many of which were the children of black people. They've jerry-rigged voting systems and college admissions, which allows them to pull needed votes out of thin air and prevent the best and brightest from getting a fair chance getting into college. They push narratives that turn mothers against fathers, children against parents, the poor against the rich, and all other ethnicities against whites. They want to destroy the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" for anyone not of one of their protected classes, and they want to rid or neuter the Bill of Rights so those pesky amendments won't interfere with their agenda.

No, the Democratic Party hasn't been The Evil Party for 70% of the history of this constitutional republic... they've been The Evil Party 100% of that time, and that ideology should have been outlawed after the Civil War. Much like the NAZI Party was criminalized after World War 2.

It's time to put them in their place.


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