Song for pissed off children with 40 years of knowledge about things.

Bee Colony flight course ...
You know about the association with bees and the wealthiest people on the planet, don't you?

Day to day; get Stuff , only to eventually over look it "Not deliberately". And which is best?.
"Best". Is there a more evil word ? Oh, Evil.
"Evil" . Is there a more vague word? Oh Vague
" Vague" is there a more pedantic word?
Is there a more prosaic word than pedantic ? is there?
"A prosaic and a pedantic walk into a bar..." the bar tender asks what they want.
The prosaic says "The usual". The Pedantic says " be specific man! I want many things in this life and beyond!"
I understand that you in this place expect me to read your mind and guess what you might mean by the word "What"
But Im not a mind reader and neither is my colleague here.. so could you pour me a pint of guiness and point me to the rest room.
And that, all that, all in a moment in time ..when you and I meet in our day to day..somewhere Deep Inside Civilization !!

The Less Said The Better...
Love is what this song is about..its about love naaa...
it's about trying to make a song that catches everyone's heart..

it's a clip of something....for sure!

Since I load the video clip before I know what it is.....

Experiment with Sound and Familiar Themes..
In this experiment,.tones are chosen then set to music to lul listener into a state of intense joy. of christmas childhood. This allows for subliminal messages to be inserted into the deep ,mind. If the expected goal is attained the
Listener will feel more sure of ones self and want to mate. on the floor next to a christmas tree.

New With A Sword performs there hit song 'Heavy Metal'


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