Where does Boris the buffoon get his stupid ideas from. The answer is from his Communist adviser in SAGE.

An ordinary woman talks about her huge disappointment with the NHS.

80,000 tp 100.000 people protest against the Covid restrictions in Germany.

Animation explaining how the Plandemic was planned and pulled off.

Dr Vernon Coleman analyses our current situation regarding Covid, our tyrannical government and offers us a little hope.

Doctor challenges Fauci and CNN to take urine test to prove they are not taking HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE.

Another African doctor tells the truth about Gates and the WHO. Thank goodness that Africa is waking up to the evil intentions of Gates and Faucci even if the West hasn't yet taken the "red pill".

Doctor Vernon Coleman does a demolition job on the voracity of the BBC's investigation on face masks.

An old man in an armchair chronicles the biggest crime against humanity in the history of mankind. Vernon should have a nightly spot on the BBC after the news called The Epilogue.

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why ''They' want a second wave and how they'll arrange it.

Proof Covid-19 is a Bio-Weapon.

An old man in an armchair spreads light on the existing darkness that our incompetent and down right evil government has taken us into.

An excellent observation of what the government is doing to our people.

Good insight into the Covid Crisis. Lots of food for thought.

Very alarming analysis of our present situation. Will Trump survive to rescue humanity or will the dark forces of the Evil Globalist triumph?

An American Doctor exposes Bill Gates evil toxic vaccines.

Bill Gates exposes his plans and ambitions.

The contract for Contact Tracing technology was signed months before the Covid-19 virus appeared.

How we will be tracked and controlled Big Brother style.

Revealing the government's hypocritical attitude to the Covid Lock Down.

Italian Member of Parliament says that Bill Gates should go to prison for his crimes against humanity.

The case against Bill Gates the evil eugenicist.


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Here you will find a growing collection of videos from various sources which I think need to be preserved from YouTube removing them because they do not conform to the establishment's narrative.

I hope that this is not seen as me exploiting the excellent work of the original creators on the contrary I simply want to protect and preserve their valuable research and hopefully disseminate it to an even wider audience.