Checking to see what came in the mail with a cyclopean perspective

Some more doodle goofin' just drawing the titular Nomad from my upcoming novella Into the Savage! Check it out, this is the guy my hero has to hunt through the wilderness and wrangle in. Think he can do it?

Music : Exo Skeleton by Fire Face Productions

Getting the hang of this Huion tablet, drawing the protagonist for my book Into the Savage

Just doodle goofin

Music by Fire Face Productions

I take a moment to look at Brutas' success and some other IGG campaigns that might be flying under people's radar!

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I explain my novel premise in the best way possible and detail the finer points of my plot with images that i do not own.

I love comicsgate! I just have some thoughts and concerns, which are strictly my opinions and not empirical evidence. I say these things out of love and concern for the creators I admire.

NOTE: Some things may have actually been addressed as I finished uploading this video

I take a look at the recent events surrounding The Witcher series, and rumors about the DCCU

In this episode I look at why I chose the Bard title for as long as I did (even though i never played a lute)

I peel back the facade and reveal no one you know...

Some clarity to what Vox did with Comicsgate? Also I take a look at how awesome Peter Simeti and Alterna Comics are.

get heat exhaustion for one day, ONE DAY and look what happens! My jumbled thoughts on Vox Day's admittedly sly move

I take a look at the all too common low point in a indie creator and their journey. The low sales number. I do my best to tackle this reflection with empathy and relate my own experiences with it

In this video, i reflect on some of the inner turmoil and growing pains within the burgeoning comicsgate community

I take a moment to reflect on all the madness that's happened in the last week or so involving comics and comicsgate

In this video I take a brief glimpse at Age of Sigmar's new Beastmen line!

In this Video I discuss why I still hold allegiance with Comicsgate

News that Crunchy roll is taking the plunge and creating new original the worst way possible

In my second video, I reflect on my favorite series and one of my favorite writers.


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