+ It's been one week and 5 days since I introduced Erik the Red. He is getting bigger!

+ Yesterday's video cover was changed (how?) it should have been the one you see now "I'm Still Here."
+ There is no WWIII
+ How to fight back against the Democrats

+ What's up with the crowd-sizing photos?
+ Employment as it concerns the Congress
+ Are we farther or close to peace in the Middle East?

+ Recently a Hispanic man - Adolfo Martinez - was sentences to 16 years in prison in Iowa for burning an LGBT flag.
+ It is completely LEGAL - according to the Supreme Court - to burn the American flag. It is considered "symbolic speech" and protected by the 1st Amendment.
+ Iranians are burning the American, Israeli, and British flags again (I don't know when the cover photo was shot but something similar is happening now.)
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This is Eric the Red, the first member of my meat rabbit project!

+ I am proud to be an American
+ Outrage culture
+ Confiscation of guns in Virginia?? Maryland?? Texas, when??
+ Is Texas really a red state? Hm
+ I said that ________ would come back to bite us in the ass, and it has!

+ the inconsistency of socialist utopias
+ the universal "he"
+ Appreciating our past, rather than hating it
+ The Left's intolerance of people saying this or that thing is BETTER
+ racism and antisemitism on the internet

What do you think of flag burning?

+ The non-peachment in the U.S.
+ Why is there no School Choice in America?
+ The $1.4 trillion "mini-bus" spending extravaganza passed by Congress
+ Is everybody a racist?
+ My views on the Muslim Pakistani vs Hindu Indian conflict(s) in London.

* My views on the Half-peachment
* The 1.4 trillion dollar omnibus bill that just passed in the Senate

The joy of Brexit & the Leftist assaults on our representative governments!

Carry on ...

And the drama continues ...

In this vid I locate sexism in America. Leave comments, I am curious to know if you agree with me.


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Hello Everybody! This channel is intended to be a variety show: (1) monologues (2) news (3) interviews and so forth. My plan is to discuss political theory and ideology, history, linguistics, and hobby farms. At this writing I am only 3 weeks into this channel so stay tuned as I diversify. ~ NaPi