+ This video is an introduction to Hebrew & Latin.
+ Holy languages are essential to eternal religions.

+ This vid is about Robin DeAngelo's new book WHITE FRAGILITY.
+ I mentioned Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the video, her picture is on the cover of this video :-)

NEWS ABOUT THE University of Southern California
USC is considered one of America's elite universities

+ the political virus
+ China is on the move
+ We vote for values, not a person

Rona is now 78 days old. She was born on March 28, 2020.

These are the munchkins: Rona, Wuhan, China, and I think I’m calling the smaller one Flash. They are around 5 weeks old.

They were all born in March, when our imbecilic California governor decided to close down the state, the states of Wyoming, Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa, and Missouri never closed down and had relatively no deaths and everything went well.

Correction: I said that Rona was about 6 weeks old. Just checked my calendar, she was born on March 28th so she's only slightly older than 1 month.

+ this is Helga, she was born on October 12, 2019.
+ She will be Erik the Red's mate.

+ It's been one week and 5 days since I introduced Erik the Red. He is getting bigger!

This is Eric the Red, the first member of my meat rabbit project!


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Hello Everybody! This channel is intended to be a variety show: (1) monologues (2) news (3) interviews and so forth. My plan is to discuss political theory and ideology, history, linguistics, and hobby farms. At this writing I am only 3 weeks into this channel so stay tuned as I diversify. ~ NaPi