I honestly never thought I would ever get interesting news from Chris ever again.

Stop pandering to the wrong people. Your products were meant for innovation, not infantilization.

Refer to the Tower of Babel. You are going against GOD! Sit down and think to yourselves before it's too late! Because we are fed up!

If there is gonna be another COVID lockdown I SWEAR TO FUCKING.......

This is my opinion.

Lack of Cooked Meat means lack of intelligence, Lack of intelligence means the lack of understanding of god, lack of god means lack of order, lack of order means total chaos.

Veganism and Environmentalism is the reason Humans are gonna succumb to extinction like the Anomalocaris.


The Aliens from the moon won't let you visit.

This was before the coronavirus pandemic. Not even 2 years since this video was made and Humanity went from IQ 50 to IQ 0.


You have to try extremely hard to be this stupid enough to think of something this horrible.

You might not even be able to see it. We'd might be wiped off the face of the earth.

One man had the potential and blew it. Who is next?

The sequel to "I fucking hate politics". I explain to you why hating one another is detrimental to your own dependent space when you have only one planet that offers you the resources you need.

Oh shit. The Nazi's found out I was listening to Marilyn Manson.

One of the few Hentai's being honest about it's industry.

This is the sequel to "The Misfortune of being born to late" inspired by the words of Noel Gallagher. I create the scenario of a terrifying dystopian future where society is completely cut off from God, The Truth and History. A nightmare where your descendants are slaves lacking any achievement and forego pure suffering.

In fact, Why can't every BLM protester be arrested. They and Tornadoes have everything in common except tornadoes don't suck.

With Angel Ankaa, Katsuya Akane (Johnny 420/ American Name: John Craig), Mariko Akane and Angel Aspidiske. We're all here as the antidote to globalism.

Please note this video is made in satirical context.

Turns out of be a terrible mistake.

This is most likely the first video where I ever said the famous lines "Ok Guys" at the start of my videos.

Come on, work!

The famous YouTube video where DanTDM actually reacted to and came across.

Nazi punks fuck off!

Bros are getting more meaner and meaner

PewDiePie Fans are infinite times better than Globalists.


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