"To take an Annamite to bed is like taking a bird; they twitter and sing on your pillow" (Graham Green, "The Quiet American). Well the Annamite on my pillow was talking with her dead grandmother. This is a love story about falling in love with a country, a culture, a woman and curing an Ecstasy overdose.

"If you don't behave, Si Quey's ghost will come and get you" threaten not-so-progressive parents to their mis-behaving children in Thailand. In this video I go looking for the corpse of a famous Thai boogeyman Si Quey, a true story.

I recently discovered my Thai girlfriend's 3 children were the grand children of an American soldier killed in action in the Vietnam War. This is the amazing story of how I came the know the legacy of Joseph T Baker, American hero, father of a Monk, and the grandfather of 3 kids living in my house. What an experience!

The Buddhists have a hell too. Who knew?

I was a happy wandering minimalist. An amused pantheon of giggling Thai goddesses thought otherwise.

Tak, a successful housewife and mother at 24, suddenly becomes a widow. Wanting to maintain her prosperity and status, Tak is drawn to Bangkok as a sex worker. The pandemic offers her redemption. You can read a companion essay to this story at Quora:

Bangkok Noir: A cut up corpse in a freezer and cop shot are just an anecdote. This is the story about Stanley the bookie and Bob the baker.


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I'm a wandering story teller. These days there is not much wandering happening. So I am telling stories from Bangkok. Many of my videos have companion essays on Quora as well. Reading is nice too: