I wanted to make a video about July 4th and how all the presidents talk about your freedom while taking it away. I got a little sidetracked, didn't quite finish it.

Don't give me the automatic thumbs down because I'm doing a Juneteenth video, it's not really a Juneteenth video at all.

On this day a 155 years ago the last of the slaves were freed. Officially, there were no more slaves. Do you think you're free? Stop paying taxes and see how free you are. Drive without insurance, build a house without a permit, don't wear your seat belt, etc., etc., etc. and see how free you are.

Can't wait for July 4th so I can celebrate my independence.

The Purge, coming to a city near you.

The only people that should give blood to the military are the people that send troops and innocent civilians to die. MASH pretends to be an anti-war program but it's really pro-war propaganda.

My 2022 Memorial Day video.

This monkeypox is so stupid that I though I would make the dumbest video ever about it. I think I succeeded.

Okay, it's not an in depth documentary, I was bored at work today.
I really hate cryptos or any form of digital currency. I don't have a banking account, I pay cash everywhere. All I have is a GreenDot card to pay a few online bills. The coming digital currency is going to be the last link in the chains of our enslavement. Go to a yard sale, transfer some digital currency, and you will instantly be taxed, maybe even service fees. Behind on your property taxes? Your account will be disabled or the money will just automatically be taken.
I see all these popular channels on BitChute, a large percentage of them promote cryptos, take crypto donations or are salesmen for crypto brokers.

I know, I just don't understand blockchain......

We have all been sprayed since before we were born.
Check out my homeless channel if you're bored (nothing for sale):

Fear is used to control you from the cradle to the grave.

I think the higher you are the better this video will be. So, roll a fatty, grab some munchies and watch the whole video.

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Who do you think is going to win?

I don't eat at McDonalds' and haven't been inside one in about 4 years. I was picking up food for a homeless person and when I went inside I couldn't believe what I was seeing. May as well get your "food" out of a vending machine. The next time I go back there won't be any employees...

Just a little scamdemic entertainment for you.

I still haven't figured out why I passed out, not sick, feeling perfectly fine. This video is exploring one possibility. The video is a little weird but so was the whole experience.

All the world is a stage, time for Neil Young to play his part.

The problem with the LBGTQIAXYZABC movement is that it's a completely manipulated movement. Propaganda through the media, politicians, schools, etc. are all pushing this on people that aren't asking for it. They even go beyond propaganda and force this on people through laws, school policies, etc.

LA County, using CAL/OSHA, is requiring all employees to wear N95 style muzzles. Also, the employers must supply them. I noticed about half the stores I was at today were enforcing it for their employees.

I made this video because I'm trying to figure out what happened to me last Saturday at the bank. I was feeling fine, no mask, no testing, no jab, nothing. I don't take any pharmaceutical drugs and don't go to the doctor. Basically, I passed out for about 10 seconds for no apparent reason. This has never happened to me. I'm in good shape and get plenty of exercise outdoors.

I did end up fracturing my tailbone but I am not the least bit sick. I didn't go to the doctor or take any meds at all.

Any similar experiences? Any idea what happened to me?

The OhReally Christmas video. Enjoy.

I was in Walgreens for about 15 seconds when I see this "mom" getting the jab for her very young child, heartbreaking. Listen to the announcement @ 3:48, promoting the FDA "approved" jab, which isn't even available.

I go to all these stores in mask mandated L.A. county without a mask and try to invoke a reaction. Nothing but a few stares, it's not being enforced. Yet, people won't take their diapers off. It's time to stop playing victims to the tyrants and point the blame at mass compliance.

Everyone has been going after the tyrants with their videos, but maybe it's time to start going after the people who are complying to every single "mandate", "order", "dictate", etc. There is an indoor mask mandate in L.A. County but it's not being enforced. I guess the sheeple are waiting for their masters to tell them personally to take their masks off.

When the scamdemic started I thought the Protestant Churches, especially the Evangelicals, would stay open and go against this medical tyranny, I was wrong.

This video is just for entertainment purposes, venting a little after my weekend of maskless shopping. If you've gone to a bank or store and you're the only one not wearing a slave muzzle you can probably relate to this video. You're just waiting for someone to confront you. I use the go in loud and look everybody in the eye approach, don't keep your head down and blend in, be seen.


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