This is my video from two years ago, nothing has changed. The whole "truth" movement behind exposing 9/11 was controlled from the beginning, designed to cause division and confusion. It worked.
The best way to expose that the official narrative is a lie is to discuss WTC7, the third building that collapsed in its own footprint. Show this video that to people that still believe the lies and let them explain to you how that building collapsed. If that building was controlled demolition, it was, then the whole story falls apart.

The title of this video is the question that's being discussed in the MSM lately, too funny and too evil at the same time. Geoengineering has been going on for at least 75 years and now they start talking about it like something we may have to do in the future. Sad thing is the majority of people don't believe what they see with their own eyes, they believe MSM instead. All media is so controlled, even this platform. While looking for material for this video it became so obvious what the scripted talking points the puppets on TV were making. Nothing but puppets playing their parts for the almighty dollar, selling us out so they can buy that new car and go to Starbucks.

These assholes are every bit as evil as the governments directly involved in poisoning every living thing in the world, and the people that refuse to see what's going on aren't much better.

The meaning of "The Midnight Special" in the song has several variations. The one I prefer is "The Midnight Special" comes from an old southern prison where they would shine a flashlight in your face when you were sleeping and tell you you're being released, the ever-loving light.

They still do that to this day. I'll never forget the day I was released from prison, the flashlight in my face, "you're being released". I was released from one prison and put in the next, government prison. I was never truly set free, I need to do that myself. We all do.

Child abuse comes in many forms, from physical abuse, sexual abuse, physiological abuse, etc. I believe the worst form of child abuse is parents sitting back while the powers that shouldn't be take control of the lives of all children.

Imagine a child born today, what is that child's future? GMO foods, 70 plus "vaccines", complete obedience to the system, police tyranny, 5G, censorship and lack of freedom of speech and thought?

The absolute best thing you can do is to get your children out of the matrix, teach them what true freedom is. Teach your children to be independent, no reliance on the "system".

Keep in mind, the children of today will be "ruling" over you tomorrow.

The government is the absolute biggest child abusing organization ever, bigger than all other abusers combined.

What are you going to do?

I ran into a homeless friend, David, on Saturday. I noticed he didn't have his shopping cart, so I asked him where it was. He said the cops took it. I asked where all his stuff was that was in the cart, the cops took that as well. Everything he owned was instantly gone, sleeping bag, clothes, food, etc.

It was an old out of commission Ralphs shopping cart that he was given permission to use, he's had the same cart for at least the three years I've known him.

David wasn't charged or arrested for stealing the cart, they just took it. Ralphs didn't file a complaint over theft of a shopping cart. These old carts are sold at auction all the time. The cops picked on someone they knew couldn't defend himself.

Tell me how this isn't armed robbery, even worse, deprivation of rights under color of law. They knew they could do it and suffer no consequences, they do it all the time.

We must fight this tyranny and stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves or we'll be next.

"First they came for the homeless human but I'm not homeless, so I didn't care..."

What are you going to do when they come for you and you didn't stand up to help those "beneath" you? Let me know how that works out for you...

The video is a little bit out there and all over the place, but this pissed me off so much I can't think straight.

So, I very close friend of mine needs a little support, trying to get his daughter out of county jail for some bullshit charges. Watch the video, make a phone call. Inmates in county jail, or anywhere else should never be tortured.

No good deed goes unpunished. This guy saved a woman's life and got arrested for not moving his truck when "ordered" to do so. That's not really true, he got arrested for not bowing down and following "orders".

What are you going to do when they come for you?

I have to give this guy so much credit. Not only did he stop the pedophile from molesting an innocent human being, he chased him down, caught him and fought him. He wanted to make sure this piece of shit wouldn't be harming anyone else. The guy could have had a weapon or just been a better fighter, that didn't matter he risked his life to prevent this piece of shit from harming others in the future.

Imagine a world where everyone stood up against evil?

Allopathic medicine murdered my mom. She was the healthiest person I knew when I was growing up. Never sick, never going to the doctor. Anyway, when she got older, someone convinced her to go to the doctor for a "check up". The doctor said she had high blood pressure. She started her long and deadly path on the poison they call medicine. Next thing you know she was on these medication for everything. Keep in mind she was NEVER sick. When she died, me holding her hand and her lifeless eyes staring at me, she was on over 50 meds.

Modern medicine is nothing more than chemical poison. If you get "sick" and go to the doctor and you start taking these poisons the party is over. Once these chemicals are in your body nothing can get them out. Some people take the poison and when they realize it's not working they decide to go with natural medicine. It's too late. All the organics in the world can't get the chemical poison out of you.

You are responsible for your body. Do you want to consume chemicals or healthy organic food, live a good life, get plenty of outdoor exercise?

Sorry, this is another rerun video from last year. I guess that's okay since we still have the same military/industrial complex in place. All wars are bankers' wars.

What would happen if they put on a war and nobody showed up?

Patriotism is xenophobia. You are waiving the flag of your oppressor. You are out "celebrating". What are you celebrating? Death of innocent human beings and destruction of our labor?

Quick story, my wife and I were at the bowling alley on Memorial Day about 5 years ago. Over the loudspeaker someone said "Can all the veterans stand up so we can applaud you". I'm not a vet but I stood up to bowl, walked up to the lane and grabbed my bowling ball. Everyone was applauding me, 2 women next to me came up to me and thanked me for my service and shook my hand. I don't have a multi-billion dollar propaganda machine behind me, yet I unintentionally fooled everyone in the bowling alley. My wife still laughs about this.

Big Brother, George Orwell, what a brilliant and prophetic guy he was. Or, was he? Perhaps, he was just another puppet playing his role, reading from the script. Whenever someone mentions "1984" the first thing they say is Big Brother or surveillance. How come nobody talks about all the other, more important, messages in the novel/movie?

George Orwell may or may not have written the novel, who knows? My guess is that he was a ghost writer at best.

Ask yourself this question, why isn't "1984" banned on any platform and readily presented on MSM?

The older I get the more bitter and pissed off I get, get off my lawn. Government is the master, you are the slave, stop participating and start fighting back. What has government really ever done for you? They've enslaved you, they steal money from your paycheck, they use violent force on you to enforce their dictates. What do most people do? They go to the polls and vote for their next master, this is fuckin' insanity.

Do humans not see where this is headed? Complete 100% control over every aspect of your life, in a very bad way. It's probably too late but we must fight back. If only 10% of the people came together, divide and conquer aside, and stood up to the tyrants there would be victory overnight. That would be 35 million people in the US alone standing up and fighting for true freedom. That's more people than all the people in the military combined, just from one country. If 10% of the people of the world stood up that would be 800 million people. At that point you wouldn't even need 10% of the people, 5% = 400 million people, an unstoppable army.

I was at WalMart today, buying socks for the homeless. The have the tyrant at the exit that has to check your receipt. People lined up to show proof that they're not stealing, everyone standing in line. Not me, the punk said something to me, I didn't say a word and walked right by him. Oh, how I wish he would have laid a hand on me.

Non-compliance is the first step, but you have to move up the ladder and take it to the next level, and all the levels after that.

They can take your money, property, all your possessions, your life and everything else, but it is only you that can give up your free will, you give that away, it can't be taken.

My children and my grandson will never have to question me as to what I did when the psychopaths took over the world. I'm taking this fight to my grave with no regrets. Are you willing to do the same?

People have already forgotten the scamdemic, they have moved on with their lives, embracing the tyrants that caused years of misery. The scamdemic was just a distraction, used to distract people while the tyrants were working behind the scenes, taking over complete control of the world.

The world was shitty before but you haven't seen anything yet. The divide and conquer strategy has worked out brilliantly for the powers that shouldn't be. Not consenting is no longer a viable option, we must be proactive. We must put aside our differences to take on the tyrants. We can kill each other later.

Lately, my videos have become darker and more depressing. I thought I would do something more entertaining. A friend sent me a link to this card trick on "Penn & Teller Fool Us". I've always been fascinated with "magic", I try to figure out how the illusion is done. Really, that's the same as life, figure out how they're tricking you, deceiving you and screwing you over so you can use it against them.

Anyway, simple video, of course I couldn't stop myself from putting a message in it, couldn't just be a card trick video.

People are concentrating on the distraction of the day, tranny Bud Light, Biden, Trumpf, politics, the fake war, CRT, race baiting, the economy and everything else. Why does any of this matter when every single breath you take is full of toxins from the planes spraying the skies?

You can say "I do not consent". Please explain how you don't consent to breathing the poisons being sprayed in the skies. The Gandhi approach isn't going to work here.

Time to get pro-active, no sympathy for tyrants.

Sorry for the rerun video, this is my 420 video from last year. Been kind of busy but I'm working on a new video I should have out in a day or two.

Marijuana legalization is spreading but it's being done in the usual governmental tyrannical way. Still regulated, taxed, etc. It doesn't need to be legalized, all "laws" involving it need to be immediately removed, along with all the other unlawful "laws". People are still sitting in prison for mere possession of a plant, insane, tyrannical rule.

I don't even smoke pot anymore but I do defend those that are just living their lives without causing harm to others.

Fuck CBDC's, fuck cryptos, fuck all forms of digital currency. Paper fiat currency is money as debt, CBDC is worse. Whenever I go to the store and see the sheeple paying with their phones, watch, credit cards, etc. I just want to smack them upside the head and drop them to the ground. You have sacrificed whatever freedom you had for convenience.

Hey, dumbfucks, when the internet goes down how are you going to pay for your Starbucks? How are you going to pay for that cart full of toxic GMO foods at Costco?

I haven't had a banking account in over 20 years. The few things I have to pay for online I use an anonymous pre-paid GreenDot card.

I don't make predictions but I guarantee you that when CBDC's are fully rolled out you will be restricted as to what you can purchase. You will be limited on certain items depending on the controlled shortage of the day. The wealthy elite pieces of shit will be exempted from all of this while you beg for crumbs. You better have your 10th booster if you want to participate in the new controlled economy.

If you have car loans, home loans, credit cards, etc. you are a big part of the problem. You are participating in the usury system. You are compliant. If you are living paycheck to paycheck you will absolutely comply to the demands of the demonic system.

Escape the matrix, get off grid, become 100% self-reliant. You will not regret it.

I'm certainly no expert on 5G. People talk about 5G being the convid virus, 5G is going to activate the MRNA death jab, etc. I don't know anything about that. All I know is that 5G has no long term health impact effect studies. We're the guinea pigs. I do believe that 5G is key to our enslavement. Digital ID's, CBDC's, health passports, etc. This is technology that we don't need to survive, not even close.

So many people, myself included, make chemtrail videos where we try to show the spraying in the sky. The deniers say it's just contrails, the government isn't controlling the weather. Really? That's not what JFK said in 1963. This is a public admission that the government is investing money to control the weather.

This video is not exactly like my last video. We're at war, the governments of the world have declared war on us. The point of this video is what would be the appropriate punishment for the tyrants spraying us like cockroaches? Killing every living thing in the world, the soil, the water, the insects, the animals, the trees and the humans.

Is there no punishment too harsh for them? No.

Of course, justice will never come, the people don't even know we're at war, they're in deep denial. Seriously, 99% of the people can't see what's going on on in the skies? Wake the fuck up, people.

Alternative media is a controlled distraction. What really matters in life? BitChute? What are we really accomplishing by watching/making these videos? Nothing. Spend your time with your family, get back to nature, go out and do something good. Fight the tyranny. Do good and help those that can't help themselves.

The Harry Chapin song in the video brings tears to my eyes. I tried to avoid going down that path but failed.

Live your life. All media is controlled, back away from it. I'm making a video that is telling you to quit watching these videos.

Don't forget to like, subscribe and share.

Three videos in three days, not bad for an old timer like me. This video is no masterpiece, just my observations driving along on my shopping day.

When the scamdemic, fake virus, started the cops, paramedics, etc. wouldn't pull over to help you. I saw three pigs sitting in the Target parking lot in the far cornet, scared to protect and serve. They had no intention of helping anybody. I drove 96 miles per hour past a highway patrol pig and waved at him, he was too afraid to pull me over, thinking I might give him the fake virus, I waved at him. These parasite demons paid to "protect" you will do no such thing.

We're on our own, as it should be. Get rid of governments, cops, military and all so called people paid to protect you. You are responsible to protect yourself and your family. Sure, someone has a horrible accident and you call 911. Hang up the phone and do everything you can to save that person, don't wait for your government savior. They always tell you to stay on the line, fuck that, get to work.

Money is debt, printed out of thin air. You borrow some and have to pay back more even though the interest you need to pay back doesn't exist. Print more debt.

The demons that run the world banks aren't satisfied with the current system, they want even more control. The whole system was designed to enslave everyone to the almighty fiat currency, the system worked. The manipulated inflation is simply a tax on you.

If you haven't already you need to do some research and figure out how you are going to escape this system. Use your worthless paper money to get yourself off the grid and be as independent as you can be. I don't know what the timeline is but I do know that we're headed into a whole new era as far as money is concerned, not a good one but one that will have even more control over every aspect of your life.

The reality is that CBDC is headed your way. This will be the last link in the chain of your enslavement, along with your digital ID and social credit score. As horrible as paper money is it's infinitely better than digital money. You will be taxed on EVERYTHING. Buy something on Craigslist, instant digital tax. Go to the yard sale, instant digital tax. You already bought 50 gallons of gasoline this week, sorry no more gas for you until next month. Didn't pay your parking ticket or taxes, they'll just take it right out of your digital "money". Make some alternative videos questioning the system, or even post some comments, you get nothing.

99.9% of the people will comply and voluntarily submit to this new convenient system. Scan your phone, watch or wrist to buy groceries. Or, just walk out of the store and the chip in you will be scanned, how fuckin' convenient.

First, all countries will convert to CBDC, then countries will unite, like the EU, finally all countries will unite to form a one world currency.

Enjoy your enslavement or escape the system, your choice.

While the powers that shouldn't be are carrying out their diabolical plans people sit back and fall for all their distractions. Politics, race baiting, January 6th, train wrecks, LBGTQ, (I think I'm missing a few letters with that one, can't keep up.) gain of function, sports, Hollyweird, you name it. Just like during the Roman Empire, go to the coliseum for free and applaud death and destruction while the world around you is burning.

None of the above matters when every living thing in the world is being poisoned, weather manipulated to extreme degrees, toxic air, toxic water, insects dying, trees dying. I'm witnessing all of this with my eyes that see and understand.

Not pushing fear porn here, but this is a battle that we have already lost, where are you going to run and hide when everything is toxic (pretty much there right now)?

This is the US military doing this, along with other large countries and their "armed forces".

The scamdemic and non-existent "virus" was just a distraction from the worldwide democide spraying. They had everyone masked up and not looking up, standing in line for the jab, paying no attention to what's really going on above them. You didn't see too many chemtrail videos during the coronahoax, I put out a handful, never quit looking up.

Three to four years ago the spraying was isolated to certain areas, much of it where I live in California. Now, it's absolutely everywhere and people still aren't waking up.

If you think anyone is coming to save you that's not going to happen. What's the name of the mainstream politician speaking out against the spraying? How do you fight the industrial military complex? I have no idea. The US has around 800 (probably more) military bases around the world. The US spends more on the military than the next eight countries combined, and growing every single day.

Anyway, take care of yourself, get back to nature, be prepared, fight tyranny, comply to nothing, trust nobody (including me). If you're still of the mindset that you can't align yourself with someone because they are of a different "color" than you then you have already lost and are a victim of the well orchestrated divide and conquer strategy.

I've been monitoring the skies and the weather for the last week. The L.A. blizzard is a completely manufactured event. The chemtrails were insane leading up to this. Anyway, you can't believe ANYTHING you see on the MSM so I thought I would go out and show what is happening in sunny southern California.


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