Why is it that cops hate it so much when someone is filming them with a body cam? They rarely say anything when you're filming with your phone but they almost always harass people with body cams. I was legally filming on the Boardwalk @ Venice Beach and the cop just had to say something to me. Pretending like he doesn't know what a body cam is...

We went back to the homeless encampment the following day and I was able to have a longer conversation with Darlene. It's kind of interesting. Apologies for the video quality, the body cam recorded everything in orange and purple and I did what I could to correct it.

This is footage taken at a homeless encampment in Salem, Oregon. It's absolutely unreal how many of these sites there are around the Salem area.

I used a Twilight Zone episode intermingled with current events to show the demise of our society. Enjoy.

I would say Jethro Bodine is just about as real as Elon Musk. Entertainment for the masses.

If you watch this video very closely you can see behind the mask of Clark Kent and see who the real SuperJoe is. Not my best work, enjoy anyway.

Governor Abbott of Texas is being applauded for opening up the state. Just one problem, he's the one that shut it down. Is this what happens when a tyrant has his boot on your face and you thank him for easing up a bit? By the way, most Big Box stores in Texas are still going to require a face diaper. Abbott could have just as easily dictated that no store can force you to wear a mask. Don't tell me they're private businesses, the average WalMart in this country receives a million dollars a year of your hard earned money in the form of incentives, that would make them a public business. Don't EVER forget the tyrants that have stolen a year of your life, caused massive unemployment, starvation, suicides, business closures and misery in general.

It's looking like the powers that shouldn't be are done with this useful idiot.

I was able to go deep undercover at a prison for deniers of the official pandemic narrative. Not really. I wanted to make a video that wasn't like every other video. Please watch the whole thing.

I was able to obtain some pre-release footage of the new Kill Bill Volume 3 movie. Looks pretty good.

I saw Amanda's stuff by the dumpster yesterday, so I picked up some groceries for her but she wasn't there. I went back today, nothing had moved. I talked to some people who said she passed away.

This is the woman I saw last week, sleeping on the sidewalk next to the dumpster.

My homeless videos get the least amount of views, politics is more important. I tried to make this one more "entertaining".

See Something Do Something

I hate politics, it's all a distraction, a circus sideshow from what's really going on. Having said that, I made a video about the impending recall election of Governor "Gruesome" Newsom. Recall every single politician that imposed any restrictions on your liberties, that's 99% of them. Then, wait for the next one...

We truly are living in an insane asylum..

I've seen some of the propaganda videos being shown to children in school, pro mask, pro vax, etc. Thought I would do a video that should be shown in all virtual classrooms. Note: This video does not condone violence on anybody.

Problem, Reaction, Pre-Planned Solution.

It was a bit noisy by the street, tried to mess with the audio.

He said his name but I couldn't figure out what he was saying.

Ran into Rodney again today, didn't recognize him at first, he's not doing well.

This was a very difficult video to make, difficult on the eyes. I don't make fun of the way people look but I do have an exception for tyrants. Watch the whole thing, the clip at the beginning is kind of long but it does tie in with the rest of the video.

Laws, including the dictates of politicians, are meaningless without enforcement. If people would put aside their differences for a while and come together to fight the tyranny of our governments the world would be a much better place. By this I mean We The People need to stand up for people and businesses that are being fined or arrested. Do it on your local level, if a restaurant is being shut down get everyone together to peacefully protest. Once the police see that the WHOLE community is standing up for what is right they may actually back down against enforcement of clearly unconstitutional orders. No enforcement, no tyrannical rule.

This whole GameStop thing is just another distraction in a long list of distractions. The little guy is not going to take down the big guy, great as that would be. I don't believe this whole story is what most people think it is. Having said that, I made a very short video, not worth spending too much time on it.

I was hoping to have a longer conversation with Julia but I was a bit distracted. I had a slight confrontation at the grocery store for not standing in line properly.

Let's give a big round of applause to the Federal Employee Of The Year!!! Thank you for your service.


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