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Ask the Experts II provides a platform to some of the world's most outspoken and heavily censored medical professionals to express their views on the validity of the global pandemic, the safety & efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, masks and the other precautionary measures that have been so readily integrated into our everyday lives. Watch Ask the Experts Part 1 here: ⁣

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i messaged a company campaining for the right to refuse employment if you do not have a corperate jab for a cold virus i added link to my bitchute video covid and war criminal governments

democracy and freedom of speech do no exist on youtube just the words from war criminal governments and croupt media

are the government and controled media (no longer independent) taking the piss of us when we are all imprisoned by out war criminal government over a cold virus

use pound shop epoxy resin and pound shop PVA broken carbon arrow and some braid fishing line to reapir 55lb bow

any one with half a brain would reprogram it to shorter time with the more infectious versions of covid

i broke the bow tillering, so i just glued the brake back with pound shop epoxy resin, then used broken carbon arrows to splint the bow and bound it with some 20lb fishing braid,then covered it in wood shavings mixed with pound shop PVA then coated it with 50 50 mix of resin and PVA

when i first did this i changed hand posision every time i did it,it built up hand mass in 2 months

if your PPE does not stop asbestos then it will NOT stop a virus

would you want a government guilty of war crimes track your movements ?

would vegans like these organic apples

just a message i sent to my doctors

12 round workout with 2 min rest between rounds,had 2 4lb club hammers in hands for full 3 min first round,but could only do it for 1 min in other 11 rounds so i replaced hammers with 4 tins of food,400 grames (800 in each hand)

war criminal governments will not tell the truth,then people would not want the JAB to protect them

punch bag out of concrete,to strenghten wrists hands and elbows

eating jelly is like balistic jell.feels good punching

4 5in footballs into 4 ball speed ball

just playing with a working plasma globe in a microwave

covid 19 and professor hugh mongomery,we have blood on our hands for not using masks

covid 19 Alan Rusbridger people are not trusting the media,but does not know why

covid and war criminal governments, remember BSE

my 2nd yew self war bow

my first yew tree war bow


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