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This afternoon I got my drone out and had a fly around. No sooner had I landed did I feel some rain on my head. I then picked up my camera and the skies went very dark. I just started talking and then there was a big bang of thunder and Heavy Rain right next to me. I had a big story to share but it was way to noisy with all the rain on the roof. I hope you could hear me and I hope you enjoyed the drone video. Best wishes.

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Today I bought some Cuttlefish for the birds so I made a holder for them to sit in. I tried to secure them to a branch before but they do not last very long because there are a lot of birds. It did not take long to make the holder and I am sure the Birds will enjoy the Cuttlefish. I will try and record them in the early morning because I am sure it will all go quickly. Thank you for watching, For the Birds and please share the video.

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I was going to work in the garden today but I was lazy so I drank some tea and just relaxed. As I got hungry I drove over to the mall to have some nice food. I wanted to stop off at the market on the way home. There are lots of Markets about but today is Market Day because I wanted some fresh Bananas. On the way home I stopped off at the pond because the sun was shinning and the area looked so pretty. All the very best.


I have not been live for awhile so I thought I would go live today to have a chat with you all. It was fun to see you all and have a good chat. It is always fun to see what is happening and share stories. I think we could also say we are making friends as we go. I hope you all are doing well and best wishes to you.

This afternoon I drove to do some Shopping In The Village. While there I went to get some fruit and seen my friend there. She had a friend with her there hand making a beautiful basket. Then I went to buy some banana cake and a ice coffee so I could relax and enjoy. By the time I got home it was raining and the sun was out. So that is the end of another day. Best wishes to everyone.

I have lived here for over four years and today I went in the woods at Paradise and started to tidy it all up. I worked hard and managed to Clear My Woods Out. So today I was playing at Tree Surgery. Tomorrow I want to move some metal and bricks so they are out of sight. The good thing is that the area for the tree house is ready and clean. All the best.

The flooded fields are still very full of water. So today I drove over to see where the water was going and how the fields can drain. I flew my drone and flowed the river along to find the ending. Then flew over the fields to see just how much water was there. Now I can see how Protecting Bangkok from Flooding is done. Best wishes and I hope you enjoy.

Every year at this time there is an event for two weeks where people can eat Vegetation food. Today I wanted to go there so I could show you but it was far to hot. So I went to the mall and showed you the Veggie food display there. I hope to take you there before it finishes on a cooler day. Tasty Thai Food is always tasty and fun to enjoy. Best Wishes.

It is always amazing to see Melania with a big happy Smile on her face. I am sure her life is hard but she still finds the time to smile and show respect to the children that she meets. When she was in Biarritz, France, Melania took the time to high five the children that were learning to surf. They were so happy when she put herself out for them. Best wishes and be safe.

Sugar and I had a chill out day today. I was pottering about in the garden watering and Sugar was following me around. I had to do some weeding and will have to do a lot more soon. Now that I finished editing this video I am going to make a cup of Tea and eat the Moon cake I bought. I hope you all have a great Sunday.

Today I went to visit an old friend and we sat and had a good talk. We shared some fruit and both enjoyed our visit. After that I went to have some food in a noodle shop and I really enjoyed the food and meeting the owner. The Owner is a Basketball player and he shared a very interesting story about his Son. His Son is apart of a group of Young People Being Successful. He is a Rapper and is doing very well for himself. Best Wishes.

Today was a very busy day and I started it with a nice snack at a new cafe. The snack was very tasty and it had a very good price. I also went to buy some nice food and a few things for a friend I want to visit tomorrow. Before going home I stopped in a car show room to check out the new Toyota PreRunner. I really like the six speed transmission and the height of the vehicle. Then went to buy a brand new bright red wheel barrow for me garden. Best wishes to you all.

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of rain and the river is up and moving fast. I always wondered where the water goes with all this rain water. So today I flew my drone up and flew along the river and seen that the water flows along and then pours into a lot of very big fields. It is amazing that all the water can pour into fields. It will take a very long time for the water to return back to normal.

When does Retirement Happen? Sometimes there is so much work to do just to keep everything tidy and working. Then sometimes I just want to rest or even stop. If I do stop then soon after I am bored and want to be working again. So I guess the secret is to find a happy balance in life. Having a balanced out look on life is the key to a happy mind and a healthy body. Best wishes.

I have an old wheelbarrow that is broken so I decided to fix it so I could practice welding on thin metal. I bought the wheelbarrow new but the tropical weather has taken its toll on the metal. So rather then buying a new one thought I would fix it. Today I went to the mall and had some very nice spicy Thai Food. If the weather is better tomorrow I was to try and finish the the wheelbarrow. DIY and Thai Food

Over the last few days there has been so much rain. Yesterday it rained and it looked like the weather system was not moving so it just stayed and kept raining. There was no rain during the day but at 4pm the heavens opened and the water just fell again. Today I wanted to reflect a little on the video from yesterday. There was so much to see there and hard to fit it all in the short video.

Today I went to visit Ban Hun Lek near Ang thong. I heard of this engineering place a while ago and wanted to visit there. I can say it is much better then I thought it would be. I had a look around and then asked to look inside the engineering area and I was allowed to have a look around and can say I enjoyed it so much to watch the guys there designing and making the Predators. Please allow a few hours for a walk around in the display area and then you can stop off in the coffee shop and have a tea or coffee and have a taste of a rusty old spanner. Hope you all enjoy.

Today was another rainy day in Paradise. The plants in the garden are growing very fast with all the rain. No need to go out in the rain so I stayed inside and spent some time learning Fl Studio. I watched a couple of videos to help me learn and I am really enjoying this. I did go to see some friends cutting down some trees. They use the wood to make charcoal to sell in the market.

Today I was in the garden and my friend across the river was in his boat fishing. He caught a few fish and told me that when he was a child there was a lot of fish in the river. Today there is not so many and not some many bigger fish. River life here in Thailand is normally quite. A beautiful day we all had here.

Thai News. Today I asked a Thai friend to call the Transport office and ask about whether or not I have to register an electric trike. After talking to three different offices it was clear that there is not a clear ruling. If I build the trike I think I would be okay but in time I would have to register and insure it. There are people talking about the same thing with electric bicycles. Be informed and be safe.

Today I cleared my desk and put my new monitor and keyboard out. I loaded FL Studio and started to learn how to make music. In the few hours I played with the software I have a pretty good idea how to start to make a song. I will have to learn a lot more but it is a good way to spend some time on a rainy afternoon. I am excited to start to make some songs. I Finally started Learning Music.

Today was a very beautiful day. I spent a few hours trimming the hedge and it is looking very nice again. Next to my home they are building a platform for two shipping containers to be moved there. They are going to make A Shipping Container Home. When it is all done it should look very nice. When I finished working it started to rain so a good day was had.

I have been looking for bike parts for years and now I can say Let's Build a Bike. Last night I found a shop in Bangkok that sells the electric wheels for bikes. So now I can start drawing the concept of the Trike I want to make. I think it is going to be fun and if it comes out half as nice as the pictures I have in my head then I will be very pleased. I am not in a rush to get it done but excited to enjoy the process. Let's Build a Bike.

I had a drive to a local coffee shop to have a look at an old Rickshaw which is parked outside. I like the style and think I could make the changes I need but I feel it is to old and needs a lot of work to make it serviceable. So in the end I decided to design and make the Trike I want myself. Now that I started I am excited to see want I can design and make.

Today I went to visit the shop where they make trike drifters. High Speed Drifting is a lot of fun on both electric and gas drifters. I like the electric drifter the best as it is very strong and fast with the added benefit of no noise. Also there was a motorcycle with monster tires and a big strong engine. I spoke to the owner and we may be building a electric trike for me.


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