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The Little Thai House has taken my friend a while to build but this guy has made the whole house by hand. He has made the window frames and doors all by hand. If you look close you can see the craftsmanship he has put in to this little house. I have to say I think he has done a very good job. At my home I have taken care of a little Cactus for three years and today I seen a flower for the first time. Thank you for watching.

Today was my friends Birthday so a few of us went out to have a meal together. We went to a Japanese restaurant and had a big selection Sushi and food. I have to say I am getting braver and braver as I tried a lot of different things I normally would not have tried. I really enjoyed the time there and I was full when we all left. There was no need for an evening meal today. Hope you all enjoyed and best wishes.

Everyone loves Barbecued Chicken and today on the way to go food shopping I seen Grand Mum cooking BBQ Chicken. It looked so nice I had to stop and watch her cooking for a little while. I also went to Big Camera to say hi to the ladies in the shop. They are very helpful when I go and ask questions. I got some good bargains today while food shopping. Thank you to you all and hope you have a great weekend.

I Love Watermelon and sitting by the river enjoying a snack with friends. I was told that the monkeys go for a swim in the late afternoon by the river. So today I went to find where they go and found some of them playing in the river with each other. Some even were swimming under the water for a minute or so. It was a lot of fun watching them play today. Come with me to explore the monkeys playing in the river. Best wishes.

Good morning everyone and thank you for dropping by this morning. Always nice to see you and have a chat. The link I talked about is below.

We have to be very smart now days and ready to learn to think for ourselfves. A hundred years ago it was a lot easier to stay healthy. Today we have to educate ourselves on so many topics just to stay healthy. I hope this video can shed a little light for my friends on how to choose the right home for you and your family. Best wishes and be healthy.

This morning I look outside after an evening of rain and the woods looked very nice. Then I went to town and had some lunch and a nose about in a new cell phone spares shop. On the way home I seen what looked like a truck you would find on the Beverly Hillbillies TV show. It was so funny that I had to stop and try to record them going by. I hope you enjoy and best wishes.

Yesterday I found an oil leak on my truck and after looking I could see it was coming from the steering pump. So this morning I took it to a new workshop to me and asked them to look at my truck and see if they could fix it. It took them an hour and they changed the O ring and I was happy and my truck was fixed. They have a nice waiting room and the price was very good. Over all I was very pleased and will go back to see them again.

Today I went to Kantary Café in Kantary Hotel in Ayutthaya for some lunch and a tea. While I was there I met my friend Giffy and she is the General Manager of Kantary Hotel Ayutthaya. I have not seen her since the Christmas party there as she was having a baby. Her lovely Baby Hanna is just two months old. Giffy wanted to say about the Wine Tasting on the 24th of May so I said, tell all you guys. Best wishes to you all.

Kantary Hotel and Serviced Apartments, Ayutthaya
168 Moo1, Rojana Road, Tambol Tanu, Aumphur U-Thai, Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Tel: 66 (0)35 337 177, 66 (0)35 229 955 Fax: 66 (0)35 337 178
email : [email protected]

This is a big world and we are different in little ways but we can still slow down and see the good in each other. Buckets of Blessing to you all. Best wishes.

Kevin bought a New Tamron 90mm Macro Lens for those close ups. Good morning everyone from my little Paradise. Hope you all have a lovely day or good sleep where ever you are. Buckets of Blessings and thank you for being here.

Today I was watering the Garden and the Budgies seemed to be very happy so I thought you all would want to see them eating today. Watching the Budgies Eating is always fun for me to watch. Budgie TV is fun to watch. I do not think they liked the camera but in the end I think they were okay again. Tune in and have a watch and relax and enjoy. Best wishes.

For a few days I had been going out in the Sun to make videos for YouTube. In the end the Sun seemed to have got the better of me and left me with a slight headache. So today I decided to stay out of the Sun and go to the mall for a nose about. For Lunch I had some pizza and I have to say I really enjoyed. I had a look at the Canon 100mm Macro lens and I was thinking of getting it but in the end I think I will just use what I have and save my money. Have a great weekend.

Thai King

I had to get up and get out in the early morning to get over to the early morning local village market. When I got there I went to walk around and video a little and met some very kind and nice people. I stayed and talked with them and then I released the people in the market were leaving. They gave me a little bag of veggies and invited me to attend their sons Monk party. I really enjoyed meeting them. I hope you enjoy the video.

Today I had a few things to sort out and then I went to have a coffee. Saturday I went to the village and got some video in the night. I have a thing about videoing in the dark. I hope you enjoyed the little I shared with you. The garden at the coffee shop is very nice and hope you enjoyed the little tour. I also went to buy a new pot for the big fern. Hope you enjoy and best wishes.

Julia Child and Julie Powell were the stars form the film Julie and Julia. The film was about the making of a cook book and then Julie cooking all the meals. I was in Like today and I was talking to Thong about Thai food. Thong attained a school in Bangkok to learn about Thai food in the Royal Palace. I was thinking it would be cool to make a cook book from the King and I film period and then sampling the meal. Care to join me for the meals? Best wishes.

Happy Birthday Mom, hope you have a great day. On the 20th of April it is my mothers birthday so I thought I would make a video and ask my friends if they would like to wish my mother a happy birthday. It was so much fun and I have to say it was a good laugh watching them decide what they were going to say. I think they enjoyed as much as I did. Best wishes to you.

What is happening in Paradise Today? I was making short video clips today for Black Box. Then I went out to the garden and had a potter about in the garden for a little while. There is a lot of flowers in the garden right now and also a lot of fruits. There is a bird in the shade garden that has made a home in one of my hanging plants. It is very hot and I am looking forward to the rains coming. Best wishes.

Good evening all you beautiful people. I am feeling much better now. I worked in the garden today for a few hours and it is looking tidy again. I hope you enjoy the visit to the puppet show over the Sungkran weekend. The sun set today was very interesting. The sun sets in the west but there was one cloud in the sky in the east and the sun made it look as though it was setting there. Best wishes to you all.

Just dropping to say hi. Sorry no video today as my belly is sore and I did not have it in me to go out and record today. I am feeling a little better and hope to be back to normal in the morning. Hope you all have a great weekend. Best wishes to you all.


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I am a British guy living in Thailand. I have been blessed to have traveled a lot and settled here in Thailand. I love the art form of video so that is why I am here telling stories.