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Sometimes life deals you a dud and you think you are way off in the left field. Then days like today come along and you know you have your figures on the pulse of life. Today I met up with a couple people that follow my channel and I really had a good time. Sharing stories and wisdom and learning from each other. More days like this please. Hope you all have a wonder filled day.

Kevin Uncovered, way back when I used to do bodybuilding for fun I had a belly and a few times I started walking and lost it all. So today I got my bum in gear and went walking. I hope by about June 1st I can lose the weight I put on and be slim again. I just have to start much earlier so I can be back before the heat of the day starts. Best wishes.

Another day in Paradise and a busy day it was. It has been very dry so I have to water a lot more than normal. So this morning some of the plants looked dry. I put the pump on and watered a little. While watering I noticed that the Pineapples are starting to make more fruits. I love to see the new fruits coming and growing. There is something about growing your own fruits. Busy day in Paradise and loving it.

Today I went to visit an International Meditation Center which I just learned was only 30 minutes from my house. I went there and had a look around and meet some people and they explain what is happening at the center. It was so very hot but I still enjoyed. I met a Monk from Spain and he has been there for 3 years. I will go back and maybe even stay there a few nights. Hope you enjoy.

Paradise Garden is an International Meditation Center called, Rai Chern Tawan, which is located in Chang Rai Thailand. It is a very nice place and well worth the time to go and have a look around. I would suggest to go early in the morning because there is no one there and the weather is cooler. When you are finished looking around you can go and have a nice coffee and cake in their very nice café. Best wishes and hope you enjoy.

Good evening guys, today I went to meet up with Lee. He has traveled from Australia and wanted to meet up so I said sure and let’s go find a coffee. I had a good time and enjoyed the chat but Lee did not want to be on video so you know me I had to get him a little. I took him to see the little electric cars and the river to Bangkok. Afterwards we got some fresh juice and then Lee had to go back. All the very much to you all.

Hello you guys and I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to say sorry for not talking or should I say opening up with you. I was not feeling so good and today I want to explain why. This morning I went food shopping and then came back home. Sugar was barking in the night so I was tired. I have to say I enjoyed the nap. Hope you are all doing well. Buckets to you all.

Today I was given a chance to record some video of a beautiful home at the The Vineyard La Residence. Chonburi, Pattaya, Mabprachan Lake, Thailand. It is a very pretty place and a place you could call home. After watching the video and you find yourself interested in a home like this then you can email Bryan and ask for more details. Be sure to say Kevin in Paradise sent you. We can all dream. Best wishes to you all.

[email protected]

Today I went to visit The Retreat Lawn and Bowling Club near Pattaya, Thailand. I had a very good time meeting all the people there and wanted to say thank you to Bryan for inviting me to come along. I never thought I would be a guy to play bowls but I did enjoy learning and had a few games of Bowls. I was partnered with Mike and although we were on opposite teams we still had a laugh and encouraged each other. A fun day was had for sure.

The Retreat: [email protected]


Today I was invited to go and have a look at a Beautiful house in East Pattaya, Thailand. The House is located on The Plantation Estates about 15km from the ocean. I can say I have never seen such beautiful craftsmanship as I have seen in this home. This home is the show house for what is to come on the estate. In time this area is going to be the place to be.

Today I went to the mall to have some lunch and I was surprised when I seen a big parade for the Chinese New Year going around in the Mall. It was a little noisy but fun to watch. I learned that it is good luck if the Dragon goes in your shop because that means your shop will be prosperous. So I hope you will enjoy the Dragon. Also I hope you enjoy a walk with me in my local town. With the renovations complete it is looking nice there now.

This morning in Paradise was very pretty. I watered the garden for a few hours but while watering I noticed that there were a lot of pretty colourful birds around. Then I cleaned and change the water filters for the house. While it was very warm today it cooled off fast and I drove to the village to get myself an evening meal. I was blessed to meet a young guy in the market who wanted to come and say hi. That finished off my day nicely.

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A look at my local Market.

I had a little drama with my DJI Mavic Pro. I could not find my receipt for my drone and the battery that came with it started to swell up and loose its shape. So I knew it was just a matter of time before it would start to fail and they are not cheap. So I drove to the DJI shop and showed the problem to the young man there and he showed it to the repair man and he just said, change it. So worrying for days was a complete waste of time. I went for a coffee and could relax with a smile.

I was walking around the garden and heard the farmer banging. So I walked over and had a look at what he was doing. He was trying to get the drive pulley off the shaft of the water pump without taking the Woodruff Key out. I tried to explain what he had to do but I think he did not understand me. His friend came and then kept trying. In the end they took the pump away to have it fixed. I tried to help but I did not have the tools that were needed.

Today I went for a drive and found a dairy farm with so many Beautiful Red Flowering Trees. So I had to stop and have a look around. I put the drone up and had a fly around and I wanted to share what I seen with you all. The sun was bright but it was fun and a beautiful day. Hold on tight and let’s go for a fly and look at the long drives with many canopy's of red flowers.

The day started off a little cool and then it warmed to be a lovely day. So Kevin was off to the garden. I worked in the garden most of the day. Trimming, cutting, watering and feeding the plants. I think I really enjoyed my day and got a lot done. One surprise was that the Pineapples have started growing new pineapples. So I wanted to share all this with you.

I said a few days ago I wanted to make a series of short and interesting documentaries and today I was able to make my first one. I heard about the Toyota Ha:Mo here is Ayutthaya so I wanted to go and have a look at the project. With the air quantity going bad something has to be done to clean the air. So this little electric car is a step in the right direction. More of this please.

Today I went for a drive and was able to find a nice place to fly the drone. Beautiful scenery from above is today’s flight of me watching the Monkey’s. They were not happy with the drone and at first as they ran off and then they came back and wanted to know what was going on. The area is very pretty and the flight through the fields was very pleasant. It is the dry season but the area is still very pretty.

Going Bananas in Paradise is what I was doing today. I had two big banana trees to plant so I dug some holes and put them in the ground. The Bananas will be the big one and the trees are small. So I invite you to come along and have a chat as I plant the banana trees. When these trees grow bananas I will have three different type of bananas. I am excited to see them start to grow.

Today I went to the Mall and had some lunch and then found some much needed Socks. I was happy to find the socks as I have been here a while and my older socks were starting to fall apart. When I came home I watered the garden and tidied up. Thank you Andy for my gift you sent. So this year it looks like there will be a lot of Mangoes and Bananas.

Living in the Countryside has its ups and downs if you live in Thailand. This morning I was in the garden and I just wanted to pick a Lemon and I nearly got bite from a snake. Lucky the snake was a Green snake and not dangerous for humans. In the afternoon I was talking to the farmer and helping him load up his farmer equipment in his pickup. I have to say the farmer is a very hard worker. Best wishes and hope you enjoyed.

What an exciting day I had today. I went to many plumbers shops looking for plastic pipe. In the end I found the pipe I wanted and managed to get a deal while I was there. So why did I need the pipe? Well I wanted the pipe so I could make a Hula Hoop. I want to learn to Hoop so I can Poop. As we age many things in our bodies change and for me one of those things was that Pooping has become a problem. I did some Hooping the other day and have been able to, yes you guested it. Hooping for Pooping.


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