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Today Mr G was playing and following me around a lot. I was trying to cut some grass for the birds and he wanted to try and bite me. In the end he laid on the table and would not move until it was dinner time. I talked to him but he would not move at all. You could see that Mr G had one thing on his mind. That was, Where is my Dinner is all he was thinking about as I was working in the garden. At his dinner time he managed to get up and come to eat.

I was not feeling like cooking today so I went to see my friend and asked what she could cook for me. I had some coffee and waited to be surprised. What did she cook today? It was a little spicy but the beef basil stir fry was very yummy for sure. Because the food was a little spicy I had to have some coffee ice cream to kill the hot spice in my mouth. As always she cooked some very nice food and I was full again. What did she cook today is something I could enjoy every day. Thank you for watching and subscribing. Please be sure to smash the bell.

I did not feel well for a while but today I had a little energy and I wanted to get out of the house for a while. So I drove over to Annie’s Coffee shop and had a nice black coffee and some Strawberry Cheesecake. Coffee with Annie and her staff was very nice and it was nice to have a chat with Annie and see how she was doing. Afterwards I drove to get some lunch and then a little shopping before I headed off home. Coffee with Annie was some very nice medicine.

It was fun to see an old friend and to learn, she had a surprise for me. I met her new husband and her new baby boy. It was very nice to see every one so happy and have fun at the market. Her son was so cute with his little hat on. Even Grand Ma was happy and laughing and joking with her grandson. Another fun day at the market and meeting my friends there. She had a surprise for me and a fun day at the market.

India Rose Hunting Treasure because she wanted to find the lost treasure in the lost temple. Locally people talk about the lost treasure and there are a few stories that you can hear people talking about in the local shops. India asked me what I thought and I said be careful because I heard there is an angry man near the temple and he does not like people nosing about looking for clues. So she made a plan and said she will find it and bring it to me to look at. India Rose Hunting Treasure is a real beauty.

The Asian Golden Weaver Bird is a very bright small Yellow bird that can weave its own ball like nest. So today I went to where I know they nest and recorded them building their nests. I sat under a tree for a few hours watching them busily going on about their business. Both the male and the female were there but it seemed the male was the one that was busy building the nest. It seems that the Asian Golden Weaver Bird is a very social bird as there are many other birds making their nests in the same place.

Today I went to see my friend to see how he was getting on with his Cantaloupe Plant Garden. It had been raining a lot and he lost a few plants to the water but overall his crop looked very good. When I arrived they were fixing the pump so they could spray the Cantaloupe Plants for caterpillars. I hung out for a while to watch them working and then said good bye and then came on home. It was fun to visit and lean about Cantaloupe Plants and to see the Cantaloupe Plants Update.

I visited this knife shop a while back and I really enjoyed this place. The young lady there is very friendly and can speak in English. She helped me understand about the knives and how they are made and the history behind them. So today I wanted to take you there once more and share Handmade Knives with you all again. I hope you can come along with me and have a look around in Handmade Knives.

After having the flu for a few days today I feel so much better. Normally I do not like to go to town on the weekend but I wanted some fruit and I wanted to show you the Grand Market. So come for a walk with me and I hope you enjoy visiting the Grand Market. I have not been to this market for a few years so I wanted to see if the people could remember me. It was fun to see my old friends and hear their stories. Visiting the Grand Market was so much fun.

Last night was the low point for me with the flu I had. I did not feel good at all last night. After a very good nights sleep, this morning I feel so much better. A Brighter day for sure and in the afternoon I felt I was over the hump and on the mend now. So in a few more days I can say I will have a Brighter day for sure. I just have to rest and drink plenty of water. Then Kevin has to make sure he goes to bed on time and not stay up late and make himself tired.

I had a great sleep last night and felt very good today. The guys came to cut the grass and they did a very good job. They also trimmed up some of the bushes and weeds. After a little rest I drove to the mall for some Hot Food and some Fruit. I did a little food shopping and then bought some salad to bring home for my evening meal. My neighbor was in his boat this evening and doing a little fishing. It was very nice to watching as the sun was going down. Today's Hot Food and some Fruit was very nice.

The beginning of the day was very slow because I did not feel good. Then I went to feed the birds and noticed Paradise has a visitor today. There was a Green Viper in the Avery and it caught a small lizard and it was busy trying to eat it. I opened the door and it went flying though the fence and down the hill. I hope it does not come back and upset the birds. Paradise has a visitor today and it was very happy in the Avery until I went in and it left its food behind.

The other day one of the Yellow budgies started pulling the coconut husk nesting boxes apart. There was not much I could do about that so I throw the two away and made a new Budgie nesting box with 3 nesting areas in one. So now the Budgies have a New Bird House. Today after is it dried I went inside the Avery and secured it to the side post. It will take a few days before they feel comfortable enough to go in to it and then I am sure it will be full and more babies will be on the way. Budgies have a New Bird House.

It rained here in Paradise last night so it was cool this morning. The Budgies have pulled their nesting boxes apart so I took them out today and then built them and new home. So today I build a new Budgie Bird House for the budgies. Tomorrow I just have to sand it and then give it a few coats of Polyurethane to cover the wood and protect it from the rain. Budgie Bird House is the new Five star bird house in Paradise.

I ordered a pair of Roland 3D sound Microphones and they arrive today. So I gathered up my camera and drove to a National Park. I videoed a lot of the water passing over the rocks and then found a very pretty little water fall. So there I setup my Canon 80D and my Zoom H4N Pro sound recorder. With the Roland 3D mic and the Zoom I think I got my best sound of the day. Learning 3D Sound is so much fun and I feel this will make the sound in my videos so much more professional.

There was no gardening today because rainy season visited Paradise. It rained for a long time and at times very heavy. I was able to record some rain sound with my Zoom H4n Pro. I went to eat some food at the Mall and then stopped off at a Market on the way home. Beauty in the Market was easy to see when I you went to buy some desert. It was even raining when I went home so no need to water the garden today. Even though it was raining today I did have a good day and enjoyed my lunch and my visit to see Beauty in the Market.

I had a wonderful time today visiting a friend I call The Key Man. He works in the mall but he has his own shop making keys for anything. He even runs courses to teach people how to cut a key and advance courses for just about any key you can think of. Of course while I was there I had to have a nice lunch and some ice cream. Before driving back I have a nice coffee and said good bye to The Key Man.

Today I went for a drive to the shops and on the way I seen my friend and his group working with Cantaloupe saplings. On the way back the Cantaloupe Ladies were busy working in the field. I stopped and had a walk around to see what they were doing. It all seemed very interesting and they were all very busy trying to get the plants in ground before dark. In the end I was told they had planted about 4000 Cantaloupes in one day.

I have a passion for mountains and trees so I wanted to go back to Chiang Mai for another visit. My Visit to Chiang Mai was a little short but so much fun. I went to the mountains and loved being in the woods and watching the rivers and waterfalls. There is something so magical about being in the woods and in the mountains. I let my friends that I met there introduce the video and say good bye. Buckets of blessings and rivers of Joy to you all.

Kao Mai Lanna Hotel

Paradise, was very over cast today but no rain. I finished working on my truck window and I feel it will be okay and not leak again. While I was in the garden this afternoon I had a visitor and I got, “A Gift from my Neighbor”. It was very nice of him to come here and give me two big pieces of fruit. He told me that in the market they cost about 120 baht each. So I was very grateful and told him Thank you very much. I am sure they will be very nice. I was very grateful to get, A Gift from my Neighbor.

What a rainy day today in Thailand. I woke this morning to the heavens opening and the rain falling from the sky. I could not work at the house so I went for a drive to buy some lunch in Ang Thong. I had Green Papaya Salad for Lunch today and it was so very nice. I bought some food in Big C and then drove safely home. When I got home it was still raining so I cleaned my truck a little and then it was the end of another day. I really enjoyed my Green Papaya Salad for Lunch.

I was very excited today. I ordered something from Amazon and it came here early. I got a notice from the post office to say it was there and I could come and collect it. So this morning I drove to the post office and I got my Box Today. I wanted to show you all, the fish market area so I stopped off there so you could see that. Then I went from a drive to have a burger near Bangkok. It was there that I opened the box and showed you what was in it. So now I am a proud owner of a Zoom H4n Pro Audio recorder. After a coffee and a good read of the manual I have a better idea how to work my new audio recorder.

Today, at the Animal Hospital, I asked the Vet a few questions about my two dogs. After chatting with her for a while I was relieved to learn the Vet felt there was nothing wrong with my dogs. She did suggest to keep an eye on them and if there were any problems to bring them to see her at the Animal Hospital so she could run some tests to make sure there were no problems. I was very happy after chatting with her and to learn everything was okay. Afterwards I went to Like restaurant and meet some ladies who had studied Thai cooking with the Royal Thai Chiefs in the Palace in Bangkok. It was so much for to hear their stories and to share with them.

Today my goal was to do nothing and to try hard to enjoy that. Normally I have to go out if I want to relax because I will find something to do and I need to rest. So today I stayed home and did nothing and enjoyed that. Well I washed my clothes and potter just a little in the garden but over all I do feel rested. I made a cup of coffee and a bun with jam to have as a break, about 11am. Then I managed to have a nap and a little rest before going to get some lunch. I had this Thai Spicy Beef and Green Papaya Salad few days ago but forgot to show you so I got it again today and I enjoyed it very much. I have to say that this salad is so very nice. I am sure I will have it again. Thank you for being here and sharing. Best wishes to you all.


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I am a British guy living in Thailand. I have been blessed to have traveled a lot and settled here in Thailand. I love the art form of video so that is why I am here telling stories.