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Today was a run around day because I had a lot of things I had to do. First I had to get my oil changed at Goodyear Tires and then I went to Big C and bought some Halogen bulbs for my truck so I can see better at night whilst driving. After that I went to buy some bird seed and then I was able to sit down and have some lunch. It was all go and a lot of shopping. All this shopping would make a lot of people very happy.

The weather was super-hot today and I said no to going outside and working in the Garden. I did not want to go and try and work in that heat as I felt the sky was so clear I knew the sun would be so strong. So I stayed inside and rested and then the delivery man brought me a box from a friend which I opened for all to see during mail time. It was a nice gift and I know I will be happy to use that in my daily life. I know you all will enjoy seeing what I was sent.

I was Shopping in Big Camera today for a new UV filter for my Sony 200mm zoom lens. If you remember the other day I was working with my drone and trying to put everything away at the same time and managed to drop the lens and luckily it fell on the corner of the filter and did not damage the Sony 200mm zoom lens. It was a job to get the filter off but I managed to get it off and today the new one went on very nicely. So now I can breathe again knowing my Sony and lens are all fine. It is still my favorite for making my YouTube videos.

Kevin is always busy fixing something in Paradise. Today I had to fix my Strimmer so I could cut the grass. There was a petrol leak from the fuel bowl valve. So I took the fuel bowl off and removed the seal and then made a new gasket and put the Strimmer all back together. Once the weather started to cool off I cut the grass in the back and the Strimmer did not leak at all. Kevin’s Lawn Care Services in Paradise had a very productive day.

Today I started my day with trimming the hedges. I managed to get over half of the hedge done before it got too hot for me. When it got hot I started to feel dizzy so it was time to stop and have a cool shower. After a rest, I went to have some lunch and bought some food as it is the weekend. After unpacking my shopping I rested some before doing anything else. I want to sleep early tonight because in the morning I want to finish the hedge.

I would like to say a big thank you to Joe for inviting me to Kev in Thailand meet night where I meet many new faces and had a very good time. So many people and a lot of conversation which was a lot of fun. This was my first time to the Meet up and I really enjoyed that. We talked about drones and cameras and how to make video. I even met a couple of people that have already subscribed to my channel. So a very good night was had and thank you to everyone.

Pattaya Droner

Eyes of a Thai


Experiencing Thai Culture is a fascinating subject and today I would like to share some Thai Culture with you. Today is the first day of Vegetarian week. So you will see a lot of vegetarian food on sale in the markets. Also there was a boat race in a nearby village. You will see the boats the men race and they had a Band of Thai Musicians with the Thai traditional instruments. So today was a real Thai Culture treat for me and I would like to share this with you.

They are from Manchester and traveled to Thailand and then Andy and Sue came to Ayutthaya to see me and look around at the local sites. So today I took them to the train station to catch the train to Bangkok. It was fun to meet them and Andy and I had a lot in common. At the park I was able to get some good video of the statue there. The place is very nice and not noisy. It is very pleasant there.

Planning your retirement is not a small or simple task. I know for me I spent years preparing and thinking about everything. I was asked to make this video so here I am with some basic information and ideas to think about on your discovery. Spend the time thinking and preparing so you have all the information you need so you can make the best chooses for you. I hope you have the best retirement possible. Best wishes.

Today I wanted to go and visit the Dragon Temple Thailand in the Province of Suphan Buri. It is located about 200km North of Bangkok and well worth the visit. I learned there is a museum there and it cost 300 million baht. It was a little warm but I went there and had a good visit. I have to say that the Dragon Temple is a paradise for photographers. I hope you enjoy the video.

I was very excited today when I got a notice from the Post Office to say I had a package to collect at the Post Office. I went there and collected a big brown envelope and I had a good idea of what it was. So today I received my Drone Pilot's License Thailand. So now I can fly more around Thailand. I have been waiting for the certificate so I could go off further afield to do some more interesting filming. So to celebrate I had to have a little fly today. Drone Pilot's License Thailand arrived today.

What a Beautiful place is where I ended up today. I had to go and get my truck inspected and then pay my registration and road tax for the year. After that I had some lunch and then drove to Wat Sang Kratai in Angtong, Thailand. This Temple is one of the prettiest Temples I have been to. It is free to go in and is kept so very nice. What I love about the Temple is that it is so clean and peaceful there. I hope you get a chance to visit this beautiful place.

Do YouTubers have a private life? I have been posting videos for nearly two years and yes at times have been asked very private questions or even told something very rude. I was recently told I acted like a recluse and must have a wife and family living with me. I searched the word recluse in the online Urban Dictionary. Surprisingly it does sound like me but no one really knows the reason I want to live this way. I am grateful for my little privacy and thank you for respecting that.

I have been asked by many Gangsters, ( subscribers to Kevin in Paradise ) for me to go to the market and make a video. So today is Sunday and there is a Sunday market in my village. So I went for a walk around and a nose about. The only thing I really wanted was some Bananas. It was fun to see everyone and the smiles they gave me and you. I hope you all enjoy and please share and subscribe to Kevin in Paradise.

I have been trying to film the Budgies bathing for a while and today I was able to get them on camera. I hope you enjoy a peak at the birds swimming and bathing. I spent most of the day weeding and tidying the garden. Then I decided to water the garden and just before I finished, it started raining. When the rain stopped I was able to record a little video for you today. The wind blow down a big fern in a basket so tomorrow I have to fix that. Parakeets in the bath and I hope you enjoy.

When life wants to kick you in the face you have to find a way to say enough and learn to smile again. Remember when you were young and did crazy things but you were happy then! Getting older and playing it safe is okay but it can be a little boring. So let’s find something that makes you want to smile and feel alive again. Do not roll over but smile and flying again. Below is the link to Dana Whites talk.

Today I went for a drive to find a new shop and a big church I wanted to see. The whole area is very pretty. There is a Beautiful Park at the Church and nice place to sit in the shade. So after a slow drive there and finally I found the place and it was very nice. I had a walk around and had a look at the gardens. While it was warm I did enjoy the big church. The local river there is also very nice.

The Boat people in a village near Sena, Thailand are Fascinating. Today I went for a road trip and met a family that lives in a floating house that they built to catch fish. I have to say I was taken and found the whole idea very interesting. I managed to get some Drone shots of the house on the water and the man showed me his catch for the day. The Boat people are Fascinating and the survival side of me loved the idea of living on this boat.

Making a difference in someone’s life is a gift for you and a gift for the person you give it too. We all have to deal with sad times and find a way to stand up and smile again. So today I want to share how I made it work for me and how to smile and laugh again. Sometimes life can seem too much but today I will hold your hand and help you up and help you learn to smile again. Best wishes to you all.

I heard of a Coffee Museum which is a short drive from my home. So today I decided to go for a drive and find the place. I knew before I left that the place did not serve food on the week days which I was fine with. So I was looking forward to a walk around a Coffee Museum. There was coffee and tea there also. The place had a lot of old stuff in different shaded of repair. Overall I enjoyed and then I had a coffee from there which was very nice.

I spent my Sunday with a day in the Garden. It was not so warm at first but it soon become warm while I was cutting the hedge. I managed to finish the hedge and it looks very nice. I had some dead branches to move from when the electric company trimmed the trees on the road. In the afternoon I got the drone out and updated the software and had a little fly about. It was a very quiet Sunday in the Garden.

I had a plan to stay home and do my homework that Nancy gave me of creating a Thumb nail for YouTube. Then I got a phone call from a friend that had a problem with their hot water heater for their shower. It was broken and there was no hot water. So I went there and checked the water heater and found it to be broken. We went to the mall and bought a new one. We took it back and I fit it and in 30 minutes the job was done. Plumbing problems fixed fast and they had hot water again.

Today I finally got a chance to drive over to Saraburi Market and have a look at Backpacks. How big of a Backpack do I need for the basics for one or two nights away? I knew I could buy a nice backpack there and not have to pay throw the roof for that. In the end I found a small shoulder bag and a 62 liter bag for only 800 baht and it is very nice. Overall I saved about $52.00 by waiting and going to Saraburi Market and looking around. So now I am ready for an adventure.

Kevin is High on Life again today. In the early morning the sun came up but it did not get very hot. There was a cool breeze and it was very quiet. That is all it takes to make me very happy. I can say that today Paradise looked and felt beautiful. Paradise just looked so very nice. Being High on Life gave me the buzz to get the hedge trimmed and looking nice again. Sometimes you just want to stop and say thank you and today was one of those days.


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