Kevin in Paradise

Night Flight today because I have been wanting to fly my drone at dusk so I can fly in an open field and not get burnt by the sun. So today I went about 30 minutes before dusk and was able to fly and get some close up views of the Asian Gold Weaver Bird nest. I really enjoyed my time flying so I think I will have to do that again. The skies turned very dark and the winds came very fast so I had to pack up and get home before the rain came. Just as I got home the tropical rains came.

I was thinking of building a tree house in the woods. The idea was that I would put poles in the ground but today I got the idea to build the tree house in the trees and not move them to plant fruit trees. At first I did not think the trees were big enough to support a tree house but now I feel they can do the job. I will have to trim some branches but there will still be lots of shade for the tree house. Then I can sit in the tree house and watch the sun set over the river.

It is always fun to go to the local market and have a look around for some nice fruits and vegetables. Today I found some streamed purple and orange potato so I had to buy some of them. I also found some very sweet and tasty ripe Bananas. One of the things I love the most about the market is finding those deals that you can not live without. Like freshly squeezed fresh Orange juice and warm streamed potatoes. So now I can enjoy the things I found today. All the very best.

Today I drove for about one hour to a village that had a Flower Parade on the River. It was hot and very bright but it was fun and I really enjoyed the day out. For lunch I had some barbecue and it was nice to sit under a tree and watch the boats go by while eating lunch. There was so many boats and they were all decorated with flowers and flags. Overall it was a very nice day and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. I hope you enjoy the video today as much as I enjoyed videoing it for you all. Best wishes to you all.

I started my day trimming the hedge and I found that the strimmer was not working well so I stopped and sharpened the blades. Afterwards I found that the strimmer was better then when I bought it as the teeth are very sharp. I went in and had lunch and then I went for a drive and had a coffee at a new coffee shop. After some coffee I went to a big farm and flew my drone over some wet lands and recorded some big white birds flying. Hope you all had a good day.

Another busy day working in the garden trimming trees and weeding. Today I planted the banana trees I had in pots and the good thing is the soil was very nice so I am hoping that the Banana trees are happy and grow big and strong a gave so very nice Bananas. There were lots of red ants and I seen one big brown scorpion. While it is hard working in the heat I do love to be in the garden and love to see what the Garden looks like after the rain. Hope you all enjoy the garden today.

Is Thai Massage Really MMA? I had a busy and fun day today. Firstly on the way to the DIY shop I seen some very big water pumps lifting water into an Agriculture watering ditch for the farms. Then I went and had a nose about in the DIY and yes I was looking at tools again. They had a small room that was full of Coleman's Camping gear and some very nice knife in there. After some lunch I went and had a Thai Massage because my neck was a little sore. I felt better afterwards. Have a wonder filled day.

There are many things I would not eat here in Thailand but would you eat this? Hard boiled like salted eggs! The first time I ate one, I did because I thought it was a boiled egg. After biting it I stopped and wondered what it was that I had just eaten. There is a strong taste of salt inside the egg. To make it even more interesting there is now a Salted Egg flavored Potato Chip. You lean something new every day. You can put your mind to rest and know I did not and have no need to ever eat that potato crisp. Best wishes to you.

Last night the frogs thought it was going to rain because they were very loud in the rice field. Today I was in the garden and planted a few pineapples. It was not to hot and nice to be in the garden working in the shade. This morning I was woken by a squirrel barking outside my bedroom window. Overall I had a good day and thank you for coming by and being apart of the journey.

Way Back in the Green Clothes days I was sent to be apart of a team to play enemy against a group of young 0fficers from Sandhurst. Over the days I was there we took part in many different attacks but this day a Colour Sergeant from the Infantry and myself were working together to setup and discharge a lot of PE. The idea was that we were defending a jungle type fort in the dark of the woods. The action started when the Helicopter landed. I hope you enjoy my story.

Today is a Celebration because I learnt after returning to the Immigration office that my passport is fine and I do not have to renew it until next year. So instead of having to do some more paper work I was able to relax and go have a nice meal at like. Afterwards I I went to a shop that sold fireworks here in Ayutthaya for a look around. I had a little walk in the temple after lunch and I could feel the stress going. Best wishes.

Where is my Passport and how can I renew it. Today I started by working in the garden for many hours cutting the grass and taking care on the plants. After a shower and a rest I went to town to print off all the forms I need to renew my passport. I have to say it is very confusing. I am hearing many different stories so nothing is very clear. After printing all the forms I went to have lunch / dinner a 6pm. I was a little hungry for sure. The good thing was that the food was very nice and I enjoyed being able to sit down and rest. All the best.

Do you really want to Retire to Asia? I have been in Thailand almost seven years and the stress just keeps coming. Would it be easier to go back to England or America? Life could be very simple and I believe it should be but events come in your life and stress you out. I just want to live a simple life, be left alone and Play in my garden. Grow my fruits and be left alone in a little quiet place. All the very best to you all.

A lot of Thai food today because I went to town to buy budgie food. While there I had a nose about in the markets. To tell the truth I had a look at about four different places that sold food. I bought some puff pastry and Jack fruit and went to the river and had my lunch there while watching the boats go by. On the way home I bought some bags of compost for my plants. Today I managed to plant all ten Jack fruit trees seeds I got from the market. Hope you enjoy and all the best.

When it rains it pours here in Thailand. It started raining last night and it rained all day. I am not complaining because it is rare and I am enjoying the coolness the rain brings. Because of the rain there was no gardening today so I stayed inside and I was sorting out my videos. While rearranging the videos I found a lot to do with Mr G so I wanted to share some of those videos with you all. Hope you enjoy and best wishes.

They were Saved by the Bell and sent to a Royal Thai Estate to live out their years in peace. I was asked if I wanted to go along and watch what happened at a small ceremony at a local temple. So I went along and enjoyed the event and got a chance to meet some very nice people. The Buffalo's were purchased and moved by Army truck to a place were they can enjoy their time playing in the water every day. All the very best.

It is always nice to watch the birds in Kevin’s Paradise play and having fun in their big Aviary. If you watch the birds you can see they are always busy doing something. I love to clean their water in the morning and wait for the birds to come and play in the water from the hose. They will play as long as you keep spraying the water. I always feed them Budgie food but you have to watch them when I put the grass in and then watch and see which food they love to eat. All the best.

Today I worked in the garden a while and then got ready and drove to a big Thai DIY Shop to buy some tools. I have bought sockets sets two times before so I did not really want to go and buy yet another socket set. So in the end I decide to see if I could just buy the sockets I actually needed. I was lucky I could find what I needed and did not have to spend a great deal. I wanted to video in the shop because they have a lot of nice tools but there were signs every where saying no cameras. All the best.

Getting my Truck Fixed turned out to be an all day affair. I had to wait to get help to start my truck and then I could go and get the alternator checked. I got the thumbs up so I had to go and buy a battery. Then I got some lunch before I went to get my oil changed and tires rotated. Living in Thailand has its advantages in that it does not cost an arm and a leg to live here. The price I paid to have everything done was at a guest about 50 percent of what I would have had to spend if I lived in the west. Buckets of Blessings.

Today it's all about Food and I had a good time noising about and sampling all the different sights and smells in the mall while I went to find some lunch and buy some food to take home. I did buy a couple of streamed Banana Cupcakes with some dried fruits in them and they were very nice. On the way home it was about five o’clock and the light was very nice on a rice field so I had to stop and fly the drone for a little while. All the very best to you all.

This morning I started my day with having my figures in the soil again. Lets plant something and watch the intelligence of Mother Nature make something that we can wonder in and then eat which will help to keep us healthy. There is magic every where if we simply look and wonder. Fruits and veggies do not come from a factory but come from the mysteries of Mother Nature. Some rain and sun and bingo we have something very tasty to wonder over. Best wishes.

Over the last few days I have been saying that we have not had much rain but today the heavens opened and it poured down. When it rains hard the hedge grows very fast. So I am happy I managed to get the worst of the hedge trimmed back and looking good before it rained today. So this week I will trim the rest of the hedge and then I can cut the grass. It has been very hot and some of the plants are looking worst for wear. Today's rain will help for sure.

The Budgies are Nesting and I can see baby birds in the nests. It is always fun to watch the baby birds hatch and come out and learn to fly. In Thailand people give the Budgies Coconut husk casings to make a nest in and it is so nice to watch them nest in there. If you leave the nest there a long time the birds will start to pull at it and soon they pull the coconut casing apart. What I like about the coconut husk is that is natural and last a long time.

Mystical Mountain is way up in the mountains and is called, Wat Pha Son Kaew. From the main road it does not look much but when you get there it is very nice to walk around. What I enjoyed the most is the materials that they used to make the buildings and arch ways. I had to turn the sound off because there was to much noise and wind. I hope you enjoy the walk around Mystical Mountain. Best wishes.

We Live above the Clouds, is all my best video footage of the rolling clouds I recorded while away in Ban Phu Tub Boek, Thailand. Phu Thap Boek is at 1,768 meters elevation which is over one mile in the Sky. You have to be fast and keep your eye on the clouds as they can change so quickly. I really enjoyed recording the rolling clouds and really enjoyed making this video. I hope you all enjoy and best wishes to you.


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I am a British guy living in Thailand. I have been blessed to have traveled a lot and settled here in Thailand. I love the art form of video so that is why I am here telling stories.