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Happy Second Birthday to my YouTube Channel, Kevin In Paradise. Tomorrow on the 9th of December I will have been making videos for Kevin in Paradise for two years. I spent a long time mastering my craft and it all came together yesterday when I posted the video, “ Thailand “, of the Light show in Ayutthaya. Many people commented and said how much they enjoyed the video and the presentation of it. So I wanted to say thank you to you all for your support and encouragement to keep going. So what is next! I want to develop more interesting videos for you and me. So thank you once again for all your support.

When I hear the name Thailand, I think of culture, spicy food, hot and spicy weather and loads of fruits with some Traditional Customs and much more. Each year you can travel to Ayutthaya, Thailand and watch the Light Show in the month of December. Not only is there a Light Show but there is also a very big fair with rides and so many different foods to sample and choose from. I would say if you want to see the whole fair then plan a four day stop in Ayutthaya and then you will have time to have a slow and fun noses about around Ayutthaya. I hope you enjoy your visit in Ayutthaya. Best Wishes

When I drive around Ayutthaya I often find western tourist lost and do not know where they are. Also people ask me where to stay when they travel to Ayutthaya. So I decided to make a few videos of good places to stay and make a video about what to see so people will not wonder around in the hot sun and just maybe they will not get so lost. So today I would like to show you Baan Luang Harn Guesthouse. It is a beautiful and quiet place right in the heart of Ayutthaya Island. So you can walk to just about all the best attractions in Ayutthaya and find some good food right on your door step.

Phone: 086 024 1147

International: +66 86 024 1147

I have been asked to show my new Camera Bag and Fluid head Tripod that I got from the Bangkok Photo Fair. Today I put all my camera equipment in my new bag and it all fits very well. I put my Canon 80D with the Canon 100-400 IS Zoom on the Tripod and it is very nice and smooth. I am very happy and believe it will be very easy to be able to pan and tilt the head smoothly to track a bird in flight or to track the next power boat race. Thank you for being here and enjoying the journey together.

Today I went to meet a friend of mine to see how he is getting on with his little house. He has built the whole house himself and spent about 30,000 baht or about $1000. He still has to put the electric in and to bring water to the building. Over all when it is done he will have a nice little place with no rent or mortgage. More and more people are doing this and some are trying to get off the grid so there is no bills at all. To me this is a very interesting subject and there is always so much more to learn.

Today was very busy and an eventful day for sure. I started the day with driving slow to the tire shop and buying some new tires for my truck. I was very happy with what they did for me and the tires look great and the truck seems to handle much better. Then I drove over to Ayutthaya and meet up with Russell and then we went to eat at Like restaurant. Afterwards I took Russell to an old Temple I like and we enjoyed our time there. I can say I had a very enjoyable day. Best wishes to you all.

This time of the year is very nice for a walk as the winter weather is finally coming. So today I went to visit a park that I have not been to for about a year. There are some pretty buildings and flowers to have a look at. So let’s go for a walk around and have a look and see what we can find. When I came home I noticed that my tire had split on the side wall of the tire so tomorrow I will have to go and buy some new tires. Let’s hope it does not pop on the way while I am driving.

Life is a collection of moments. A coffee and a piece of cake alone or with a friend is a time to enjoy and collect one of those moments. On my Birthday I went to Lopburi and collected one on those moments when I watch the older lady gave me some raw honey comb to try. It was so nice to try that. The simple things in life for me are the best. Also to be able to see all the fields full of Sunflowers was another moment for me. I also wanted to say a big heart felt thank you for all your Birthday wishes. Buckets of Blessings.

Between November and January in the Lopburi area you can go and view the Sunflower Fields. I can say it is very pretty to go and see very big fields full of bright yellow Sunflowers. While I was there an elder couple with their daughter came by in their pickup truck and they were going to the market to sell their honey. I feel I was very lucky to see them and asked them to stop so I could buy two liters of raw honey squeezed straight from the honey comb. They just squeezed it though some gaze and poured it in a bottle. So simple and natural.

Let's talk about taking video with a tripod. I have a Canon 80D and a Canon 100-400 IS Zoom lens which is 2.5kg total. Using a normal tripod is okay but I should really buy a more robust one so that the camera is better supported. When I pan from left to right the tripod was a little sticky and now it is nice and smooth. So in the end the tripod can hold the camera but it is a little heavy and I should buy a stronger tripod for better support.

Today I went out to fly the drone and I met a very nice couple from Uruguay. We shared some stories before they were off to go and watch the elephant’s bath in the river. I went across the street to have a coffee and get some lunch. After some food I had a little fly and you can see the view from above. This morning in the mall I was looking at Tripods in Big Camera. My Tripod head was sticky and now it is okay so I have no need to buy a new tripod. Buckets of Blessings.

Elephant goes Bananas and takes his breakfast with him to the river. I woke early and went to the river to watch the Elephants bath in the morning. Watching the Elephants play and bath is to me one of those things you have to put on your bucket list. To watch them is nothing less than magical. I have been there two times now and I think I have to go back to see them again. If you want to see the Architect then go and look at his art work. Have a wonder filled day.

Do you remember the very peaceful place where the Thai Navy did the re-enactment of the battle to free Thailand? So I went back there today for a look around when no one was there. I can say it is very nice and quiet there. I love places like that. I am sure I will go back there again. Afterwards I went for a drive to The Race Shop to buy some new car seat covers for my truck. The driver’s seat has worn pretty badly so it was time to buy some covers for the seats. After lunch I came on home and had a chat with you all of another funny green clothes story. Best wishes.

Today I was very Busy Spending Money. I did not want to do that but I had to buy a new 2TB external Hard disk to back up my videos. Then I had to buy food and pay my Electric bill. I also went to the post office to collect a parcel I ordered for Mr. G. Now Mr. G, has a nice new light orange necklace. Actually it is a Flea collar that can help to keep Mr. G, free from any pests. At the end of the day I was able to relax and little before sitting down to edit this video. Best wishes.

One thing I have enjoyed all my life is Wildlife. As I got older and could afford a camera I started dreaming of traveling to Yellowstone and Photographing Wildlife there. I can say I have been there a few times and was able to get some very nice pictures. Out of all the pictures I took the best ones for me was the Black Wolf you see in this video. When I lived in Oxford North Carolina I loved Photographing the Deer that would come in the garden. Best wishes and hope you enjoy.

You might have seen in some of my videos while at Paradise a guy in a blue truck. A few of you have asked me to get a picture of The Guy in the Blue Truck. So today on my way home from the market I seen him pumping water from the river to his rice field. So I stopped off and went to see him working. I watched him and asked a few question for you all. He is 79 years old and still farming. He has been a rice farmer since he was 10. Sometimes we have to stop and think and realize just how well off we are.

Making, Ayutthaya from the Sky, was a lot of fun but it was a little hot. I went to a few places to fly the drone to get some very interesting video because you guys had been asking me for that. After the flying I wanted to go and sit and have a coffee. So from the café we viewed the video of the Temple I used to like to visit when I lived in Ayutthaya. So we can share some cake and the video together. I hope you enjoy and best wishes.

I wanted to say thank you to the person who sent the box to me. It arrived yesterday while I was out. I will open it on November 24 which is my Birthday. I am not sure if it is for Mr. G or myself but I will wait and see. Thank you so much for your kindness. I was gardening this morning for a few hours and I really enjoyed myself. I thought it was going to rain but it stopped and now no rain. I watered a little this afternoon so will water the rest tomorrow. Buckets of Blessings.

Today I needed to go to a Mall that is about one hour from Paradise so I could buy a new belt. There are places closer but they are normally twice the price and not as nice. So I went and got a new belt and then drove into the hills and came across Wat Pa Sa Wang Boon and I have to say it is a very beautiful place. I made this video because I wanted you all to see the craftsmanship of the chairs and carving they have there. Then I got the drone out so you could see the Stupa and the surrounding hills. Hope you all enjoy.

I was told that the Mavic Platinum Pro Propeller blades are 30% quieter then the stock Mavic Pro Propeller blades. I wanted to know so I measured the sound from both blades and the results are in and both the propeller blades registered the same sound on a meter. The tone does sound different but the sound measures the same. I do feel though that the Mavic platinum pro blades are stronger and the drone seems to respond just a little better. Thank you for watching.

Catching up with Friends on a rainy day. I had some plans to go out and make a video but the heavens opened up and it rained very hard so I decided to stay home and relax. Resting is good because I have been very busy for a while. So in the end I sat on my bum and rested and then made a video while hanging out with you guys. I enjoyed my day resting and napping. What a great Saturday. Now I am going to cook some food and rest some more. Best wishes to you all.

I woke this morning and it was over cast again so I was happy as I could go out and cut the grass without sweating. While pottering about I noticed an Avocado Tree growing in the garden so in time there will be more fruits. So now I caught up with the garden and it looks nice again. I think I can have a day off tomorrow and relax a little. It is always nice to sit in the garden and enjoy your labors with a cup of tea and chill out a while. Best wishes to you all.

This morning the sky was full of clouds and there was no sun so I went outside to finish trimming the hedge. I managed to finish trimming the hedge before the sun was too strong. So now My Little Bit of Paradise is looking good again. Tomorrow I want to get out there and cut the grass before it gets to warm. Then I can relax for a few days before it all needs doing again. There is a lot of fruit right now and the Roses are looking good.

The Biggest Drone made by DJI is the DJI Agras drone made for spraying crops. The drone is very interesting and the spraying part is very good but the Software is best part. The Drone really comes into its own when you want to spray big areas in the hot sun and the crop in tall. It you wanted to spray big fields of Sunflowers then you would have picked the right tool for the job. I was very impressed with the job the DJI Agras was designed to do. A fun day and it was fun to watch.

The Battle to free Thailand is my video for today and I have to say I really enjoyed making this video. I meet some very nice people and even met the Admiral of the Thai Navy Retired. Many colours and sounds to catch your eye. It was a parade on the water to remember the battle of Ayutthaya, Thailand some 250 years ago. The people were all dressed in many different periods of clothing. So much to see and I hope you all enjoy this one off event.


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I am a British guy living in Thailand. I have been blessed to have traveled a lot and settled here in Thailand. I love the art form of video so that is why I am here telling stories.