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Jul 19, 2017 / 202

Questions For Muslims About Muhammad and Animal Cruelty.

I have some questions for Muslims in this video.

I know they won't answer honestly, so I'll answer my own questions on their behalf.

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Jul 19, 2017 / 132

Taqiyya The Fine Art of Lying And Deception. Why To Never Trust A Muslim. Why To Ban Islam

Lies are the only thing that can come out of the mouth of a Muslim. WHY? because their book says so.

Taqiyya is the art of lying to someone who wishes to hurt or kill you for being Muslim. You are..



Jul 19, 2017 / 151

Young Woman Arrested For Miniskirt By Morality Police

Saudi Arabia punishes women for wearing miniskirts, tight pants or bathing suits.

Sharia law is coming to America people and we MUST STOP IT!

I am BACK!

BITCHUTE is my main channel: http://www.Ke..



Jul 18, 2017 / 389

Kevin J. Johnston Is BACK! Long Live Freedom Report

I am back.

Here is the alleged Homosexual Lawyer - Hugh (HUGE) MacKenzie

Hugh "HUGE" MacKenzie
PARTNER in MacLean Kerr Law Firm
Direct Dial: 416•369•6605
Fax: 416•3m66•8571
Email: hmacken..



Jul 16, 2017 / 793

You Tube Killed My Channel - BitChute To The Rescue

You Tube Killed My Channel. WHY? Toronto Lawyer Hugh HUGE MacKenzie.

Hugh "HUGE" MacKenzie
PARTNER in MacLean Kerr Law Firm
Direct Dial: 416•369•6605
Fax: 416•366•8571
Email: [email protected].



Jul 14, 2017 / 511

BBTV - Why You Should Never Sign Up For The BroadbandTV Scam

Two not-so-bright little girls tried to convince me to give control of all my earnings on You Tube to them…!

BBTV is a con, there is no other way to word it.

They will ad their ADSENSE t..



Jul 14, 2017 / 563

Why You Are't Special, The Best University Lecture Ever with Kevin J. Johnston

You have all been told that you are special just for existing. I am here to tell you why you are not special in any way.
I am tired of snowflakes and so is everyone with a brain.
Watch his lecture a..



Jul 14, 2017 / 335

Meet The Child Molesters of Tiny Township & Balm Beach

OF COURSE the police had to escort Ryerson University Professor Bernard McEvoy out of the courthouse!

They escorted Former Mississauga Real Estate Board President HENRY POULIE as well!

Why, becaus..