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Aug 19, 2017 / 100

How To Advertise on FreedomReport ca

For $99 you can advertise on one of my videos! Just buy the ad here:

I lov..


Aug 19, 2017 / 212

Why Are Feminists So Happy About Islamic Rape of White Women

Where are the feminists complaining about ISLAMIC RAPE world wide?

Where is the outrage? Why are ..


Aug 18, 2017 / 121

METRO Grocery Stores Looking Into Robots Because of 15 Minimum Wage

A $15 per hour minimum wage is going to kill Ontario. Even METRO knows that they'll go bankrupt wi..


Aug 18, 2017 / 144

Mississauga News Article The Public Reacts Negatively To John Stewart

When you write a bad article and show it to half a million people, the ones with brains and balls ..


Aug 18, 2017 / 27

Mississauga News Puts Out Awful Article About Hate That Does Not Exist

John Stewart of the Mississauga News put out a really dumb article. Here is my commentary, and bel..


Aug 18, 2017 / 82

Why Polygamy Is Both Selfish And A Bad Idea

Social Justice Warriors are now stating that Polygamy is a good thing for society.

Will these idi..


Aug 18, 2017 / 85

Swiss Hotel Tells Jews They Must Shower Before Using The Pool Or Be Gone

Swiss Hotel "Paradies Arosa" in the eastern town of Arosa, put up a sign demanding that only Jews ..


Aug 18, 2017 / 72

LA Times Writes Horrible Article About Robert E. Lee Statue

Why Would Charlottesville Racists do so Much to Protect a Robert E. Lee Statue?

That is the title..


Aug 18, 2017 / 69

Don't Take Down Statues of General Robert E. Lee

You don't like history? Make a better future. Sto p0being a bunch of whiney cows and finally a rea..


Aug 17, 2017 / 155

Man Kills His Own Son TO Get Even With His Ex Wife

Article By: Nicole Santa CruzContact Reporter

A South Pasadena man accused of killing his 5-year-..