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- Kevin J. Johnston

Iqra Khalid is Canada's dumbest woman. She enjoys the freedoms that Canada has to offer, but is doing her best to take all the freedoms that women have away from them.

The Huffington Post Brings Back ISLAMIC INDOCTRINATION to Canadian High Schools by handing out large cards and black markers. The markers are used to write down reasons why radical Islam is a good thing for Canda, and they are making children write these things down, then sharing their rediculous ideas with the whole world.

I want you all to pay attention to how the HUFFINGTON POST tells news stories. What you are going to see is a video on the Huffington Post about apparent RAMPANT racist attacks in Calgary.

This video that I discuss is sick and deranged. This is a MUSLIM WOMAN talking about why child marriage and child rape is a good thing.

So, my former business partner gets a phone call from a dad whose daughter was been molested by Muslim boys in Rick Hanson Secondary School. The principal did nothing. The school board did nothing. Mississauga News ignored him.

How about that? If you don't want a Mosque in your CHRISTIAN neighbourhood, then you are a racist - so says Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

So you may have heard that there is an Imam in Peel Region who apparently received death threats.

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