Kevin J. Johnston

- Kevin J. Johnston

Welcome to a week day in SHUBRA. The Muslim kids are not in school. The Muslim men are not at work.

Illegal Muslim Migrants in Europe are Gross. There are no other words that can be used to describe them. Here is the act and art of washing one's ANUS in a public drinking fountain where the whole world can see.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017. I was denied access to the Peel District School Board.

The peel District School Board banned me from their building. David Menzies From TheRebel.Media came out to film it. Here is the interview on the north side of the road before we ventured over to the house of Treason!

Here it is! The Peel District School Board knows I am coming, so they sicked their lawyer on me.

Peter Goffin, the left-wing nut job that "works" for the Toronto Star lied to the public about the parents of Mississauga and Brampton who simply want to keep religion out of Public Schools.

The Peel District School Board are in trouble. Yes, you heard me, they are breaking the law every day and I am going to deal with them, HARDCORE.

Sandra Solomon has created BURN THE HIJAB DAY on July 1! Since Canada needs a wake up call, we'll celebrate bringing down Islam while we party for Canada!

Motion M103 Iqra Khalid is the most dangerous piece of paper that has ever been read in the House of Commons. Canadians however have chosen to remain ignorant to this by looking at the floor whenever somebody speaks about Islam.

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